This website is dedicated to Dark Sun, the formerly abandoned, but now reborn world of Athas. This site offers bits and pieces to add to your Dark Sun Campaign. There is also the occasional hosted stuff from other websites and mailing lists. Feel free to alter anything to fit any edition or system you are playing.

Other material can be found through the 'Links' section. The main Dark Sun information hubs at the moment are Dark Sun on the Wizards of the Coast site and athas.org, which kept Dark Sun alive and released official supplements when the system was out of print, and continues to host and produce material and discussions.

Latest update (23 October 2015):

Updated the Adventures section. Edited the adventure hooks, and edited and uploaded the first ever Freedom! adventure, 'The Hunt', in which the PCs discover a secret psionic breeding programme that has even gone under the radar of the Sorcerermonarchs. Of course, they discover it the painful way! You can download a pdf of it here.

Here is part of a review of this website from 'Knights of the Dinner Table' no. 68:

'Freedom... is brimming with the sort of minutia that's so important to running a good campaign. (...) The campaign write-ups about people, places and monsters should provide plenty of inspiration for Dark Sun fans, as well as those looking for something stange and brutal to throw at their player characters.'

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