To determine what happens in the Wastes, roll a d100, then use the dice stated.

1 - The PCs encounter a waste worm (p. 270 of the manual).
2 - The PCs come across a field of mutated carnivorous plants that have some sort of hive mind and the psionic ability to make victims believe they are approaching mere sand/a lush meadow/etc.
3 - Monsters
Who? 1d10 1: huge rats 2:demon cat 3:panzer 4:waste hound 5:bio hound 6:skavenger condor 7:raptors 8:mutant snake 9:reptor bats 10:sand kraken

4 - trader fleet
the PCs see a trader fleet approaching

5 - The PCs find a dead body/dead bodies. This can be (1w20) 1:a rare or dangerous animal 2:a mutant man/woman 3:a psycher 4:a cyborg 5:a skavenger 6:a sandhunter 7:a man/woman from Hydra 8: a man/woman from Prometheus 9:an Ikarian 10:an alien 11:a man/woman from the Shogunate(!) 12: a child 13:a family 14:a tribe or settlement 15:a party like themselves 16:a group of slaves 17:a group of women 18:a group of people not fit for desert travel, for whichever reason 19:people with signs of a strange disease 20:cultists

7 - The characters catch a nasty disease. It affects 1: the internal organs 2: the stomach 3: the skin 4:the scalp (hairloss) 5:their sanity/behaviour 6:their feet 7: their hands 8:their body construction/appearance (mutation)

8 - PCS bump into
1d6 1:drunken 2:friendly 3:already angry 4:mad 5:frightened 6:wounded 7:naked 8: hallucinating 9:confused 10:starving
1d12 1:Ikarian 2:trader from Janus 3:alien 4:skavenger 5:headhunter 6:cultist 7:demon 8:mutant 9:human 10:strong psycher 11:posh looking guy who never seems to have been to the wastes 12:child Sex:1d6: 1-2:male 3-4:female 5-6:other

9 - Pcs encounter headhunters and are questioned about 1d8: 1: a friend 2: an enemy 3:a person they have worked or associated with 4:person they know 5:somebody they don't know at all, but the headhunters don't believe them 6:a crime they haven't committed but are thought to have committed 7: weapons/food/shelter/map/etc. 8:something.let the characters sweat then it turns out at the end that one of the headhunter is a friend who is having fun doing a FAKE interrogation!!!

10 - the PCs find a type of plant which can be made into an expensive society drug.

11 - Pcs are provoked by 1:skavengers 2: Ikarians 3: mutants 4:aliens to
1d8: 1:fight 2:say something insulting 3:use psionics 4:accept a duel 5:accept to go on a raid with them 6:to go to a pleasure house with them 7:to drink with them 8:to accept a bet to get out alive of a dangerous territory in which they have to stay for a day/5 hours/that they have to cross

12 - People are looking for an escaped convict. He/she has information about
1d10 1: an attempt on someone's life 2:political intrigues 3:experiments on (1d4 1:humans 2:mutants 3:AI 4:aliens) 4:spies 5:what an important enemy knows 6:dark secrets of a state (e.g. an overmind infected by the apocalypse virus) 7: proles rebellion 8:terrorist attack 9:a strange disease 10:a dangerous robot/cyborg/assassin

13 - The characters come across a broken down wastecrawler.
(1d4) 1: it was the object of an attack 2: it has a fuel problem 3: the people inside have fallen prey to a disease 4: the people inside have fallen prey to a demon 5: it is stuck in some strange matter 6:it is just taking a break

15 - The characters come across a mass graveyard. It is (1d4) 1-2 new, 3-4 old.

16 - The PCs come across a robot graveyard.

17 - The PCs run into a trap set by mutants.

18 - The PCs find a mysterious riddle on the ground or written on a piece of rock.

19 - Something strange flies over the PCs. It is (1d8) 1: an animal or cybernetically enhanced animal 2: an Ikarian 3: an aircraft 4:an ancient aircraft 5: a kite 6: a balloon 7:an alien 8:a spirit

20 - the PCs come across a tiny pocket of land untouched by fallout etc. It is (1d4) 1-2 inhabited, 3-4 uninhabited.

21 - The party encounters an expedition looking for
1d8: 1:a robot 2:drakonium 3:ancient technology 4:a crashed aircraft 5:alien technology 6:a rare monster for the arena in prometheus 7:a rare plant 8:ancient data

22 - The characters come across an area of toxic sludge that is difficult to cross or circumvene.
23 - The PCs suddenly stand before a radzone marking. (1d4) 1:they are in the radzone 2:they find out it's fake because soembody wants to protect something in this area 3:they know there is something special in this zone 4:it is a trap

24 - The characters notice objects flying in the air around them and they have no explanation why this happens.

25 - PCs watch a headhunter kill somebody in a gruesome way.

26 - The characters come across traders. After a while the PCs are convinced that these people are not traders but are just trying to pass as such. In fact they are (1d6) 1:mutant or psycher refugees from Prometheus 2:trying to raid the PCs at night 3:cultists 4:from the Universal Trading Bank 5:really traders! 6:controlled by somebody

27 - The PCs get infected by an alien parasite.

28 - The PCs come across an area of quicksand

29 - PCs mistake a group of people for (1d4) 1:headhunters 2:skavengers 3:evil mutants 4:traders

30 - The PCs encounter a strange moving substance that follows them around for a while. It seems to be in some stage of development.

31 - PCs come across a field of hot wells and geysirs. the area is hot and foggy and there are people and creatures in this fog more adapted to it than the PCs...

32 - the PCs find tar pits

33 - The PCs meet (1d6) 1:former lover 2:friend 3:major enemy 4:somebody who owes them something 5:a famous gladiator 6:a widely known criminal 7:a known politician 8:a famous gambler 9:a famous story-teller 10:a very obscure mutant who turns out to be a friend of them who had overseen markings of an entropic zone 11:a family member 12:somebody to who they have caused trouble in the past

34 - An Ikarian arrives out of nowhere and begs the PCs to protect him/her from persecutors. He/she has (1d4) 1:had an affair with the wrong person 2:stolen a large amount of drugs 3:gossipped to much about the wrong person 4:taken too many different drugs and is hallucinating

35 - A 1d6 1:naive 2:mysterious 3:dubious 4:crazy 5:psionically gifted 6:desperate
7:horribly deformed 8:strangely attractive mutant
is looking for a
1d10 1:adventure group to join 2:company 3:contact 4:place to hide 5:information about Kimera 6:food 7:a way of getting rid of his/her defomities 8:the quickest way to Janus 9:family 10:people to trade with

36 - Over night the PCs receive unexpected present. They don't know where/who it is from. It is a (1d6) 1:metal weapon 2:bioweapon 3:piece of armour (1d20: 1-2 it is normal 3-4 it contains a dangerous parasite 5-6 it transmits a disease 7-20:it is contaminated) 4:food (1d6 1-2:luxurious 3-6:contaminated) 5:an animal 6:jewellery 7:a mutant baby 8:a strange cyberanimal...

37 - The PCs see a fire.
1d6: 1: burning person 2: a plant (tree, bush, cactus...) 3:a settlement 4: campfire 5: people with primitive torches running towards the group 6: non-natural fire (in the air, fire script on the wall, swirling fire balls)

38 - The PCs come across a parcel that has fallen out of a waste crawler. It contains (1d12) 1:water 2:clothes 3:rations 4:delicacies 5:tools and maintenance stuff 6:torches and other survival stuff 7:survival suits 8:blankets 9:books or other media 10:maps 11:records/logs/diaries 12:towels

40 - The PCs get between the lines of two rivalling mutant gangs.

41 - The characters encounter a person who has strange (1-2:true/3-4:false) information about 1d4 1:a place of which it is not certain that it exists 2:a famous person 3:an important event 4:the PCs themselves

42 - The PCs become the victim of a party of scavengers

43 - As the day gets darker the PCs notice that all the animals are starting to glow around them in a yellowish-green light.

44 - The PCs find a vehicle. (1d6) 1:it is burnt out and there is nothing inside it 2:it could be used but needs maintenance 3:it can be used but it is contaminated 4:it has dead people in them and no petrol, but a couple of valuables 5:it is a trap 6:it is a hallucination

45 - PCs come across a strange troupe of mutants who seem to be bards. they want to give them an extract of their latest theatre play they are doing. It is a
1d4: 1:a bizarre drama 2:a sick comedy that actually makes one laugh 3:a weird type of mucial 4:famous opera 5:play that makes no sense 6:trashy performance that can hardly be called a play
(d100 to determine quality of the play.)

46 - Aliens are looking for a missing family/clan/pack member.

47 - The PCs meet a self-proclaimed prophet.

48 - PCs meet a ninja in disguise
1d6 1:as a lone traveller 2:as a scout 3:on a caravan 4:attacking them

49 - The PCs encounter shapeshifting mutants

50 - The PCs noticed they are followed by a drone

51 - The PCs enter a zone in which the weather changes very quickly.

52 - The PCs suddenly feel sick and very disoriented. They have to get out of this zone otherwise they are getting near poisonous wells against which they have no protection.

53 - The PCs come across a nasty type of mutant beetle.

54 - PCs spot
1d4 1:a huge sculpture protruding from the sand 2:a huge tank 3:the remains of a beautiful building 4:the remains of a crashed space vessel

55 - PCs see a
1d6 1:mutant building some sort of house 2:mutant trying to tame a wild animal 3:mutant practising with a primitive crossbow 4:mutant teaching other mutants combat 5:mutant herding some mutated cattle 6:mutant making some strange artwork

56 - The PCs witness an battle between rivalling sandcrawlers

57 - The PCs come across a small amount of drakonium. They should know it is dangerous to handle...

58 - A cultist festival takes place in the middle of nowhere.

59 - Pcs are used as diversion by raiders.

60 - The PCs notice the sand underneath their feet is suddenly getting hotter.

61 - The PCs notice strange things happening around them. They wonder if they are in an entropic zone...

62 - The PCs come across some robots going berserk

63 - meet some mutants who are dependend on a drug a demon has made them addicted to.

64 - The PCs meet a victim of an experiment of 1d6 1:Prometheus (cyberwear) 2:Hydra (biotech) 3:the Shogunate (cloning) 4:the Shogunate (anti-aging drugs gone wrong) 5:Ikarus (drugs) 6:Hydra (psionics)

65 - A Merchant desperately needs money/water/food and sells items for very little money.

66 - A traveller tries to buy something (e.g. a weapon, a drug, a map) off the PCs

67 - The PCs meet a strangely cultured bunch of mutants.

68 - The PCs encounter somebody chased by 1d6 1:birds 2:bugs 3:skavengers 4:a tribe of mutant pycher women 5:aliens 6:headhunters 7:a strange dark cloud 8:a cyber-cat.

69 - The PCs notice hidden (secret) entrance to some type of bunker. It is (1d8) 1:inhabited by people who never go to the surface 2:inhabited by mutants 3:uninhabited 4:leads to some other bunkers 5:is still in use by the military 6:contains a bunch of aliens 7:is infested by a demon who has killed everybody in the bunker and is now seeking to play with the PCs 8:full of vermin

70 - The PCs meet a group of doomsayers (nothing new, hey?)

71 - The PCs meet adventurer showing off his knowledge of
1d4 1:unknown areas 2:women 3:a place that the Pcs are interested in 4:basically nothing... 5:a gate which could get people off the planet 6:weapons (yawn!)

72 - The PCs find a (1d4) 1-2 dead, 3-4 live (1d4) 1-2 man, 3-4 woman bearing a strange tattoo. The tattoo (1d10) 1:is psionic 2:is the marking of a demon 3:is tribal 4:causes hallucinations 5:marks a criminal 6:marks a medical experiment 7:hides important information 8:shows pornographic scenes 9:marks a noble 10:is pathetically done.

73 - The PCs witness a rebellion/the escape of slaves.

74 - The PCs feel
1d8: 1:some form of energy being summoned 2:they are approaching an entropic zone 3:extremely depressed 4:unnaturally moody 5:paranoid 6:they are approaching a radzone 7:something bad is going to happen in a moment 8:bullets in the air

75 - A PC notices a
1d4 1-2:friend 3-4:relative among people trying to raid them.

76 - The PCs meet group of adventurers who
1d6 1:have lost 1d4 companions on their last mission 2:have discovered something and are very reluctant to talk about it 3:are possessed by an evil entity 4:behave very strangely 5:seem to hide some object 6:have just passed through an entropic zone by accident

77 - The PCs watch people transporting something in a very secretive manner

78 - The PCs find a dead body with a citizen chip on them.

79 - The PCs discover a secret entrance to
1d10 1:a (1d4 1:non-toxic 2:glowing 3:mutating 4:almost dried up) underground lake 2:an ancient underground tunnel 3:a former underground car park 4:caverns 5:a lair of skavengers 6:the tunnel of a dangerous sandcreature 7:a strange laboratory 8:a tank 9: an ancient theatre 10:a submarine

80 - The PCs are asked about news from a megacity they know well.

81 - The PCs smell a strange gas coming out of the ground

82 - Teh PCs come across an ancient waste dump. They find interesting things from our time...

83 - The PCs come across a few animals with very interesting multicoloured fur. They remember that this fur is very popular by Ikarians and they can already spot some winged creatures in the far distance. A hunting party is approaching...

84 - The PCs are hearing strange sounds in the air. They might or might not find out that they are coming from (1d4) 1:strange mutants communicating with each others 2: mutant insects 3:a strange contruct 4:a certain type of alarm that warns of a mined zone zone...

85 - The PCs come across a recently established trade post with plenty of gambling, bartering and other pleasurable opportunities...including an outdoor cinema with remains of old cars as seating...

86 - The PCs come across a couple of wounded left-behind cyborg soldiers

87 - The PCs hear detonations in the direction they are going.

88 - The PCs notice somebody wants to make them avoid a certain area. They might find out this is a place where very sick experiments are conducted on people by a mad scientist...

90 - The PCs are wanted as offers to a demon in a ritual...

91 - The PCs come across a party of mutant raiders on bicycles and other strange primitive wheeled things...

92 - The PCs are followed by a swarm of nanites...

93 - The PCs have taken something from a certain place and now something keeps track of them... for instance, if they are in Prometheus, the entity manipulates data etc so that strange things happen to the PCs that make them return the item to the place.

94 - A sudden mutation occurs in the PCs/a PC. 1d20 (feel free to change or add...) 1:they get psychic abilities 2:they get premonitions 3:their eyes change 4:their hair changes 5:their finger and toenails change 6:their skincolour changes 7:their anatomy changes 8:they start to resemble another species (1d12 1:additional gills, 2:feathers, 3:chitinous arms, 4:horns, 5:long forked tongue, 6:furry skin 7:leathery skin 8:scales, 9:ears change 10:alien features 11:tail 12:other) 9:their visual perception changes 10:their teeth change 11:their feet change 12:their hands change 13:their sex and perception of gender starts to change 14:they become impotent 15:they become schizophrene 16:their whole face changes 17:they start to exude a strange smell 18:their intelligence is reduced 19:they grow more muscular 20:roll again three times

95 - The PCs see a missile approaching them...

96 - The PCs are victims to a sick bunch of Ikarians who have established a special kind of obstacle course in the wastes in which they place the PCs. The PCs don't know that they serve as entertainment for the Ikarians, but they do know the situation is artificial and that they are being tested and watched as things are adjusting to their capabilities...

97 - The PCs run into a tribe of mutant cannibals...

98 - The PCs are "bugged" by virtually indestructible insects...

99 - The PCs are attacked by Ikarians from the air.

100 - The PCs mutate into beings with superpowers. These can be temporarily though...