On this site you will find some characters you can use as PCs or NPCs.
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Lani is a mutant orphan who grew up on a trading post between Janus and Kimera. A very open, intelligent and perceptive person she managed to make people comfortable, no matter from what background and thus managed to secure some good deals for the post.
Unable to pronounce human speech, Lani uses sign language to communicate. She understands well. At the post, she used to have an interpreter, but he is dead now. While Lani cannot learn human languages, she can speak to animals and can speak some very obscure alien languages.
A few moons ago, the trading post became the victim of a Scavenger raid of unknown proportions and left Lani orphaned once again. She was rescued by mercenaries in the desert trying to make her way to the 'safety' of Janus. On the way to the former space port, the mercenaries noticed some extraordinary skills that Lani possessed and offered her a place amongst them.

How to use Lani:
  • Lani makes a fantastic scout due to her ability to communicate with animals and to sense danger.
  • Lani makes a good diplomat as she knows the customs of a multitude of waste world inhabitants.
  • Lani might get into trouble due to misunderstandings.
  • Lani has a kind-of robin hood sense of justice that sometimes gets her in trouble.

  • <
    Occupation trader/merc
    Metrozone -
    Physical Description furry skin, alert eyes, ...
    ST 0
    DX 2
    IN 2
    PW 0
    LF 18
    MR 4
    Advantages Beast Speech, Charismatic, Psi Sniffer
    Special Powers Big Ears, Red Eyes. Dormant Powers:
    Claws, Mutarch Transformation
    Equipment Rebreather Mask, Biohazard Sensor, Backpack,
    Filtration Bottle, Symbsuit, Portable Radio,
    Bubble Tent, Portastove, Food Tabs.
    Disadvantages Mute, Exotic Appearance, Code of Honour,
    Prejudiced Against, Dark Secret

    Lord Xhal Meleus

    Assassinated by one of his rivals, Xhal Meleus was revived through drastic measures by his secret allies of House Stein. This process made him a giant centaur. Xhal took to his new form with great enthusiasm. But the collaboration with House Stein did not last long. Xhal felt himself betrayed after a short while and fled to Janus to follow his research and his plans for vengeance.

    How to use Xhal:

  • The PCs could suddently find themselves as part of Xhal Meleus' plans for revenge, as part of his research team or as part of his either experimental of vengeance victims.
  • The PCs could be hired by Xhal as mercenaries to protect his work. Or he could hire them to perform a task for him, e.g. in Hydra.

  • <
    Occupation Scientist/Ex-Fleshlord
    Metrozone Janus/Ex-Hydran
    Physical Description Huge, towering centaur with dark skin.
    Often wears hooded fur cloak over his body armour and a headcap/mask
    that inserts stimulants into his head at his command.
    ST 4
    DX 4
    IN 4
    PW 0
    LF 24
    MR 16
    Advantages Charismatic, Gift of Meleus
    Special Powers Giant Centauroid
    Equipment Biolab, Ecstasy Glands, Stimulants, Symbsuit,
    Universal Translator
    Disadvantages Megalomania, Obsession, Exotic Appearance,
    Dark Secret, Prejudiced Against, Hallucinations, Allergy,
    Lust, Addiction, Hunted, Vengeance Seeker.


    Karl had it all: born into a wealthy family in Prometheus, Karl not only had the perfect family but also the perfect anatomy, intelligence and ideas. He grew up to be a mean, arrogant, supremacist being utterly in love with himself and his own supremacy. Until that fatal last year where his world got turned upside down and left him at the other end of the stick… First he noticed the sensitivity, then he discovered the mutation. What made him totally lose faith was the moment he discovered that his family was a farce. Once engineered to be a superior race they covered up the secret and killed everyone outside the family who could know anything. They even erased the notion within the family that they are post-human - they are in fact 'more human that human'…
    Karl was disgusted by his family and thought of the mutation as a punishment he deserved for the incredible blasphemy of his family. Shortly after the discovery of his change he got the opportunity to volunteer for an experiment to test some new top secret military technology. Karl saw this as his chance to escape from Prometheus. Indeed, as soon as the test was over he used the gear to disappear into the wastes. This made him one of the most hunted people of Prometheus. But all he worries about at the moment is his discoveries. Karl has undergone a drastic personality change and lost nearly all of his arrogance and is involved in a severe identity crisis from which nobody knows how he is going to emerge from.

    How to use Karl:
  • Karl has signed up with some mercs. He is especially vicious in combat against other Prometheans.
  • Karl might defend mutants from other Prometheans and acts arrogantly towards those Prometheans while normally not being arrogant at all and rather quiet.
  • Karl is slowly approaching people asking them about their world views.
  • Karl is seeking help to deal with his new found powers.

  • Occupation deserter...
    Metrozone Prometheus
    Physical Description Tall, muscular, shaved light blond hair, unsettling blue-grey eyes...
    Special Powers


    Soraya is a trained assassin of House Spydra. She had some major differences in outlook with the rest of her clan and still being quite young she did not dare to leave her clan and be hunted by hundreds of better trained and equipped Spydrians. Instead she decided to fake her death.
    Soraya is believed dead by her clan and has tried to erase all marks bearing witness that she is of House Spydra. She disguises as a Hydran commoner and has signed up with some mercs until she knows what she wants to do with her life.

    How to use Soraya:
  • Somebody from Hydra recognises Soraya (e.g. her body language, her voice or something in her anatomy) and she is in trouble.
  • Soraya contradicts herself in several points making people suspicious.
  • Soraya displays some uncanny abilities that make people wonder about her real past...

  • Occupation assassin/merc
    Metrozone Hydra
    Physical Description Soraya is a tall, gaunt, but muscular woman with light grey skin, dark eyes and long shiny black hair. She dresses in dark, dusty, figurehugging clothes in several layers in which she hides lots of useful and often deadly things...
    Special Powers


    Eran won't forget the day he woke up in the dust in a grey, half-demolished building somewhere near the shore. He won't forget the stench surrounding him - or the feeling that his body was that of stranger. What had happened? Eran does not know. What he does know that from time to time he gets strange spasms in his muscles - it's like an epileptic fit but not quite - and a strange feeling that something is going to emerge from inside of him that is connected to these spasms - a power? A change of body? They must have experimented on him. he remembers surgeons. Or was he a mutant already who was of use to them? no answers - yet…
    They are hunting him. he has to hide for some time. Make money, change his appearance - then go back and ask some questions…

    How to use Eran:
  • Eran was originally designed as a 'quick PC'. To be used when a friend pops round and you quickly need a character. You can make up any background you like for him. He could be an escaped commoner that was experimented on, he could have been freed by someone who took pity with him, he could be an aristocrat who experimented on himself, he could have been a prisoner from another metrozone etc.
  • Eran can be the hunted or the hunter.
  • Develop any mutations and strange behaviour you like.

  • Occupation Survivor
    Metrozone Hydra?
    Physical Description Eran is a tall, muscular, broad-shouldered man with strange blue, almost translucent eyes and short white hair. He is dressed in a stolen Hydran survival suit.
    Special Powers


    Ysaar is schizophren. During the day the mutant is quiet and depressed about his fate as an expelled Ikarian. At night Ysaar can be found in the "Meltdown" performing erotic dances in sparkling body decoration on dance podests. It is not just a mood swing, but Ysaar actually is not aware of his other life during the other half of the day. He just knows he's pretty tired...

    Occupation guild hunter
    Metrozone Ikarus (now Janus)
    Physical Description tall, short copper hair, red eyes, very light skin, strange red marks down his back
    ST +1
    DX +2
    IN 0
    PW 0
    LF 12
    MR 5
    Advantages Handsome, Sense Enemy
    Special Powers Psionic Wall(only during the day), Psisense(only during the day), Red Eye
    Skills Aerobatics (+1), Courtier, Awareness(only during the day), Seduction (only at night)
    Equipment Autopistol (only during the day), Medium ceramic armour (only during the day)
    Disadvantages Exotic Appearance, Prejudiced against, Schizophrenia


    Calipha is a travelling seer. Nobody quite knows where she comes from and what she is up to.
    Calipha's services are sought out by people of different metrozones.
    Calipha appears as a tall, slim, woman in her thirties. She has immaculate dark skin, long black hair, mysterious dark brown eyes and a deep voice. She usually dresses in floating green garments (wide trouser, skirts, dresses or trouser-skirts with short wide tops) accompanied by a thin veil or a golden tiara. Calipha wears flat sandals and lots of jewellery. Altogether highly impractical stuff considering her environment, but then she hardly ever has to walk. She travels around in a sedan chair carried by a strange kind of heavily armoured guards. Nobody knows what race they are. As far as rumours go they might even be animated suits of armour.
    Calipha is accompanied by a beautiful mute servant who also performs the duties of a lover. Her servant, like Calipha herself, is immune to any kind of mental attacks and manipulation.

    Occupation Seer
    Metrozone -
    Physical Description tall, slim, woman in her thirties,
    dark skin, long black hair,
    dark brown eyes, deep voice.
    dresses in floating green garments
    (wide trouser, skirts, dresses or
    trouser-skirts with short wide tops)
    accompanied by a thin veil or a
    golden tiara.
    Calipha wears flat sandals and
    lots of jewellery.
    ST 2
    DX 3
    IN 5
    PW 5
    LF 14
    MR 6
    Special Powers Calipha is much older than she
    appears. She is an extremely powerful
    being and can be treated as a
    "demonic form". She has a soul-link
    with her servant.
    Calipha can use most psi powers
    and can make oracle-like predictions.
    Equipment Calipha travels with a lot of
    security equipment. She herself
    wears no armour or weapons.
    Disadvantages Dark Secret

    The Count

    The Count is a schemer. The Count is a fat bald man with a dark-purple tinted monocle. The Count is decadent. The Count likes to dress in shiny shark-grey leather. The Count is smelly. The Count is rich. Richer than most people can imagine. The Count has servants. The Count has implants. The Count has a sick sexual appetite. The Count lives on Janus - but he could be living in any other place on Waste World. The Count has plans. The Count want YOU to do him a favour...

    How to use the Count:
  • If the players are in trouble, e.g. they have not money or a bad reputation and nobody wants to hire them, or if they are looking for information that is hard to get, the players will be approached by to strange figures - servants of the count. They will escort the players under promises to the Count. The Count will them ask, blackmail or threaten them into doing something for him in return for a cleaning up of their reputation, information, etc. Rarely does he pay money. There is always something else he knows that people need...
  • The PCs are working against the Count (not knowing they are) and he tries to bribe them into working for him instead. There is always something that people want...

  • Occupation Schemer, Megalomaniac
    Metrozone Janus or any other
    Physical Description fat, bald, dresses in tacky shiny
    dark-grey leather or synthetics.
    does not like to wash himself.
    wears dark purple tinted monocle.
    speaks very slowly.
    ST +1
    DX +1
    IN +3
    PW 0
    LF 12
    MR 5
    Advantages charismatic, sixth sense
    Special Powers blue eye (in left eye,
    covered by monocle)
    Equipment anything you can think of!
    Disadvantages megalomania, overconfidence