Thamasku - and the rhul-thaun part of the world in general, is extremely well suited for an intrigue-themed campaign. This section is drawing on the book 'Windriders of the Jagged Cliffs' p.50-69.

The Lifeshapers
So far, the master of all life-shapers is Loi Far-oneth. He is a typical researcher, involved in advancing knowledge in his field. While the population of Thamasku has benefited from his invention and has brought the life-shaper guild economic and political power, this has led him to overlook the schemings of his chief adjutant. In our campaign he does not only lust for dominion over the rhul-thaun lands, but also for forbidden knowledge - the dark side of life-shaping. Gil-ogres is the leader of a group of discontent life-shapers (which included Rel-anir of Sahr-tosh) who are experimenting with parasites, intelligent armour, fire-resistant and fire-wielding weapons, deadly grafts, stimulants and strange body modifications - they have gone so far as to transfer their life-shaping processes onto people themselves. First using the newer races as their guinea pigs, then feral halflings - and most recently they have started to abduct actual rhul-thaun. This group is also responsible for the annihilation of Bav-rem.
Dehm-acov and Wem-osun are lifeshapers who have discovered that Gil-ogres has darker plans, but they have not yet realised the full reach of the conspiracy. So far, they are busy with Gil-Ogres' allies in Sahr-tosh.

The Water Priests
In our campaign, the water-priestess Hiv-anad is neutral evil and answers to Gil-ogres rather than to Loi Far-oneth. She is interested in increasing her personal power, however she is unaware of Gil-ogres' fire-experiments...

The Birdmaster
The Birdmaster is a druid who, through his birds and through transforming into a bird, knows a lot about what is going on in the city. He has learnt of Gil-Ogres' intrigues and is very concerned. He is trying to get the air temple involved in the protection of the city and its regent, Vher-asach and is looking for other people who can help (the PCs?).

The Ban-ghesh and the Chahn
The Ban-ghesh guild are what the Shadows and the Dark Moons are to the desert of Athas. Gil-orges currently is their main employer. The Ban-ghesh worship fire and Gil-ogres has converted to this faith, hoping that it would boost his powers. He is not a fire priest, however, as this would show too visibly. After taking control over the city he is thinking of becoming a 'person of fire'.
The Chahn are a terrorist organisation that wants to overthrown the conservative rhul-thaun society. They are another factor in this game. Gil-ogres wants to support and mobilise them for his own goals. It will be too late until they notice they have been fighting for something worse than they originally wanted to get rid of.

Sahn-abish (see also NPCs)
Sahn-abish is a rogue life-shaper chased by the shapers' assasins (the ghav-nosh) and the Chahn (who would like to force her to work for them).

She is the daughter of the rebel Wem-osun and a fire-cleric who was murdered because of her feared profession, although she she practised the healing path of her element rather than the destructive one.
Sahn-abid assists her father in fighting the life-shapers. She has never learned the life-shaping arts at the guild, as her fiery red hair and her black eyes clearly mark her as a 'fire child'. Sahn-abish was taught in secrecy by her father and also tries to unite the fire's energy with life-shaping. For her, life-shaping should unite all elements. Also, she is concerned about the one-dimensional use of fire for warfare. She wonders if one day she would have to research into ways of fighting Gil-ogres' weapons.