Life-shapers and Other Classes

  • Fighter/Lifeshaper
  • Seer
  • Shapeshifter

  • Sahn-abish (female fighter/life-shaper)
    AL: chaotic good
    (from "Windriders of the Jagged Cliffs", but altered):

    Sahn-abish is a rogue life-shaper chased by the shapers' assasins (the ghav-nosh) and the Chahn (who would like to force her to work for them).

    Alterations: The rhul-thaun halfling is the secret daughter of the underground fighter Wem-osun and a fire-cleric who was murdered because of her feared profession (although she she worked as a healer). Wem-osun loves his daughter as much as he loved her mother, but at the same time gives her a lot of freedom.

    At the moment Sahn-abish is on her way to (Glerran) to secretly meet him. Sahn-abid had to flee because she discovered some nasty life-shaper secrets (biological weapons, intrigues of power-hungry high-ups). The girl wants to join her father and his friends and start on some life-shaper research herself to create objects that benefit the people (like organ replacements, message deliverers or alarms).

    Sahn-abish has not only inherited her mother's fire-red hair, the freckles and the coal-black eyes, but also her temperament. Everything Sahn-abish does she does with passion. Luckily she also possesses enough patience and the persistence for her research and to maybe become one of the most powerful life-shapers of the Rhul-thaun.

    How the PCs could meet Sahn-abish:

  • Sahn-abish has found her father. Now she is leaving the Jagged Cliffs to find scrolls/a substance/a sage/a person she has seen in a vision/a fire-cleric/... to help her with her research.
  • The PCs have to help the girl against the Chahn and escort her to her father.
  • People in a village want to kill Sahn-abish, because she looks like a fire-cleric.
  • Sahn-abish was randomly teleported into "safety" while the Life-shapers' assassins were attacking her. She is now lost in the Swamp/Athasian Desert/ the Mountains...
  • The PCs simply meet her on her journey. If they decide to travel together the PCs may wonder why they are attacked all the time. Sahn-abish, however, keeps very quiet about that matter.

  • STR 8
    DEX 20
    CON 15
    INT 19
    WIS 17
    CHA 19
    WEAPONS life-shaped paralytic venom whip,
    knife and self-styled gagdets
    ARMOUR life-shaped torso platon (AC 3)
    NOTES Sahn-abish always carries a number of
    vital life-shaped items with her such as
    healing tissue etc.

    The Oracle (female seer)
    AL: (lawful) neutral

    In her life-time, the Oracle was a seer in the service of a powerful wizard clan. At the time of the Great War, one of the Champions abducted the Oracle and used truth serums and torture to make her betray the locations and weaknesses of the wizards of her clan (who had formed an opposition against the Champions with druids). This way, the Champions could exterminate most of the clan. The Oracle, however, sometimes managed to resist the drugs and tell false information, so that a few members could be rescued.
    Attempts to free the Oracle failed, and attempts of the Oracle to kill herself failed likewise. Eventually, the wizards and the druids managed to assassinate her with her consent. The Oracle's spirit then became a protector of the remaining opposition, which she is until this day.

    The Oracle can be played either as a living person or as a ghost. In either incarnations she would be a woman around 60, either human, half-elven, elven or 'undefineable'. In our campaign, she is a human 'guardian' ghost, a bit like a raaig. As a living person she would be associated with a tribe (human, elven or mixed) or hidden settlement, trying not to attract the attention of the Sorcerers.

    How the PCs could come across the Oracle:
  • They stumble upon the hidden settlement. They have the strange feeling that the people living there know quite a bit more about them than they should and/or know what they are going to do.
  • The PCs were sent to abduct the Oracle or discover plans to abduct her (e.g. an agent of a Sorcereking/-queen).
  • The PCs encounter the ghost of the Oracle when they are trying to take treasure from a ruined wizard clan fortress.
  • The ghost of the Oracle tries to scare PCs away from something/people she is protecting.
  • The PCs encounter a caravan and wonder why a certain carriage is well-protected (they may guess or see that it contains a person).

  • STR 10
    DEX 14
    CON 15
    INT 17
    WIS 22
    CHA 19
    WEAPONS dagger, poison claw ring
    ARMOUR -
    NOTES If played as a living person, the Oracle is
    usually accompanied by a number of bodyguards.

    Khori (female shapeshifter/farmer)

    AL: chaotic good (or neutral)

    Khori grew up in a small village in the vicinity of Nibenay. The villagers were extemely superstitous and prejudiced against magic, psionics and anything that was 'supernatural'. One day, when Khori was about 12 years old, she suddenly tranformed into a rasclinn in the middle of the village. Both the villagers and Khori were shocked. Unfortunately, the reaction of the villagers was to kill Khori/the rasclinn. Khori fled the village in rasclinn shape, and eventually collapsed from exhaustion. When she woke up, she was human again. Not being able to return to her village, Khori had to find ways of surviving on her own - and, if possible, to find a way of removing her 'curse' (she does not know what a shapeshifter is, she thinks, it is a spell or curse).

    How the PCs could meet Khori:
  • The PCs could come across Khori when she has just escaped - she is either in a sort of coma human shape or in a stage between human and rasclinn.
  • Khori approaches the PCs about her 'curse'.
  • The PCs could be in a caravan when Khori is trying to get a job there. Depending on the caravan leader's alignment, he/she might try to enslave her, take her on or drive her away.
  • The PCs could meet Khori in an oasis where she is trying to survive on what she finds and what she knows about agriculture.
  • The PCs could meet Khori when she tries to pass as a young mercenary with some armour and weapons she found in the desert.
  • The PCs could witness how Khori escapes from a slave caravan in rasclinn form.
  • The PCs meet Khori when she gets taken in (or is forced to join) a thief or assassin guild who is looking for shapeshifters.

  • STR 11
    DEX 16
    CON 14
    INT 13
    WIS 8
    CHA 14
    WEAPONS (depending on when the PCs meet her)
    ARMOUR (depending on when the PCs meet her)
    NOTES Khori is stronger than the average child as
    she used to work on fields and with animals.
    She knows a lot about animals and plants.