The Draco Foundation (London Chapter)

The Spirits

>> The Draco Foundation (London Chapter)

The London chapter of the Draco Foundation is rather unusual. At first sight, their Soho office looks rather normal. There is a company plaque, receptionist, company limousine, a well-known wealthy woman in charge etc. However, this is only the surface. The London Draco Foundation is more of a runner team combined with a games company that functions as a source of income (together with the investment skills of chapter director Ceclia Wee). In fact, the games company has their office just above, and also has their testing ground, the revamped Trocadero Centre, nearby.

The London Draco team are united by their exceptional skills as well as their dry humour and their extreme love of food. They have regular lunch, dinner and afternoon outings in nearby Chinatown and beyond. At these 'meetings', the team frequently comes up with the next games plot - often based on their latest encounters.

The current team is composed of:

Cecilia Wee (director/decker): Cecilia Wee is the daughter of Hong Kong billionnaires, but has lived in London for most of her life. She always refused to just become a society person with business skills, and instead preferred to 'slum it out' and learn about the life she was meant to ignore or merely use. While she did this with the safe cushion of her family's wealth, she nevertheless gained respect for her investment in the runner and local community.

Rashida Royce (deputy director/adept, human): Rashida Royce is a formidable adept who is also known for her love of motorised wheels of all shapes and sizes. Many find the contrast between her ascetic and intellectural lifestyle, and her love for racing amusing. She generally goes by the name of 'Royce'.

Vandana Desai (director of research/mage, troll): Vandana is a mage specialising in divination. This makes her best-placed for her current research, which is on the Tarot of the Sixth World.

Ffion Agyeman (security/rigger, elf): Ffion is a the most overtly cheeky member of the team. The others joke that she makes their missions a success as much through her rigging skills as her stunning looks that often come as a handy distraction.

Rhiannon 'Rhee' Anderson (intel/street samurai, ork): Anderson, as most people call her, knows the city like no one else, having worked as a cab driver for a good few years. She is also a member of the underground avant-garde scene and also runs a club above a garage in the East End together with her partner Dee. Together, they are known as 'Rhee and Dee'.

Ameer Khan (legal/shaman, troll) Ameer is an older shaman who used to teach law at nearby Birkbeck University. He succeeded in his career despite constant discrimination in academia and the legal world. Intimidating in the courtroom, but gentle to his friends, Ameer has become a hero to many trolls and non-trolls. He usually wears t-shirts bearing with radical slogans.

Eloise 'Lou' Smith (apprentice/mage, human) This character was taken out of 'The Least of Three' story from the 'Drawing Destiny' story collection. Lou is a former street kid who has been taken on as an apprentice by Vandana. Lou's parents disappeard on the way to a 'holiday in France', and she lived underground for a few years with a band of other kids. One day she witness the violent ending of a run and ended up in the possession of a potent magical artefact. She was rescued by Royce just in time, after being pursued by agents of the Black Lodge. Lou is an extremely talented mage and still takes care of her friends on the street (who are now off the street). She adores the Draco and XTC crew and has started going for haircuts with with Bibi C. In our campaign, her parents turn out to be members the Romanov Clan who were working undercover against the Black Lodge.

XTC Games developers/deckers:

Adeola X (decker, elf) started off as a vet but dropped out of her studies when she discovered that she was much better at computer art. Her renderings of animals are stunning, as are the movements of her creatures.

Richard 'Rich T' Turner (decker, human) got his name from his obsession with tea and biscuits, of which he consumes inhuman amounts while programming. He is also a total gear freak, which leads to constant experiments with new or home-made devices or codes, leading to moments of genius as much as utter havoc. As both outcomes tend to be entertaining, he is appreciated for them.

Barbara "Bibi C" Cielinska (decker, ork) has always had a fascination with strange sounds. She can spend hours in online and offline libraries and archives looking for old sonic experiments, or she can be found synthesising her own creations. Bibi has a friend in Soho who is responsible for her super hot punk hair styles and piercings.

The team have various interns/trainees, mostly recruited through conventions, the Trocadero and the Draco Foundation's community programmes.

>> The Spirits (Spiritual Tea Club)

The Spiritual Tea Club started after a meeting of spiritual leaders from different, mostly poorer communities in Seattle who were frustrated about the state of the city and its inhabitants. The meeting was initated by Taoist priestess Huo Xiuying and the Native American shaman Coyote and took place in a private room in a restaurant in Chinatown. The two of them hoped to get different spiritual leaders to support one another. They also wanted to see who might be up for more active interventions. Over the years, a smaller circle developed and met on a regular basis for tea, cake, discussions, board games from different cultures and a little benevolent sabotage. Most meetings now take place in Xiuying's flat in Chinatown.