The Spirits

The Rangers

The Seattle Rangers

The Phoenix Foundation

The Meta Angels

>> The Spirits (Spiritual Tea Club)

The Spiritual Tea Club started after a meeting of spiritual leaders from different, mostly poorer communities in Seattle who were frustrated about the state of the city and its inhabitants. The meeting was initated by Taoist priestess Huo Xiuying and the Native American shaman Coyote and took place in a private room in a restaurant in Chinatown. The two of them hoped to get different spiritual leaders to support one another. They also wanted to see who might be up for more active interventions. Over the years, a smaller circle developed and met on a regular basis for tea, cake, discussions, board games from different cultures and a little benevolent sabotage. Most meetings now take place in Xiuying's flat in Chinatown.

>> The Rangers

The Rangers are a secret native American organisation currently run by the shaman known only as 'Bison' (his full name is not known, but what is known is that he is an avid Marvel Comics reader). The Rangers consist mostly of paranormally active 'agents': ki-adepts, mages, shamans and Native Americans with beneficial physical mutations. Non-'changed' may join if they meet the high demands of the organisation. These currently include exceptional riggers, deckers, fighters, thieves and people with 'exceptional social or intellectual skills (e.g. 'Bond babes'). The idea behind the organisation is NOT to be the secret service for the NAN (North American Nations), but to build an independent task-force that follows a strict ethical code. The Rangers are basically an idealistic bunch of talented people who are trying to change the land and society for the better. As Bison appears to be quite wealthy (ties to Gaeatronics are suspected), the Rangers can draw on a neat bunch of equipment. Silent motorbikes that do not leave traces off-road are the most notorious example. The Rangers try not to kill people, but they are not shy to badly hurt people, manipulate them or sabotage their affairs if they think they 'corrupt' the land or take advantage of innocent people. Rangers on a mission can be identified by their black motorbike-style suits bearing an abstraction of the wearer's main totem animal(s).

>> The Seattle Rangers

The Seattle Rangers are a form of scout group. Yes, kids! They get together to explore and restore the former National Parks near Seattle. Most of the kids have a fascination with the volcanoes, especially Mount Rainier and Mount St Helens.

>> The Phoenix Foundation

The Phoenix Foundation was founded by four friends who met through university. The Phoenix Foundation is a cross between a charity and a runner team who tries to raise money through other means in order to provide assistance to people who need runners to sort our problems but who cannot afford them. The Phoenix Foundations fund-raising methods include: illegal motorbike races, gambling, stealing, stock market speculation, paid runs and fund raising galas.

Its current members are the law student and Ranger Raven Mae Gordon, the geophysics student and environmental activist Jiran Jayachin, the marine biology student and Cousteau Society member Tara Pau-ahi Kasaiyama and the medical student and vampire Chastity 'Chas' Altmann. (Think Charlies Angels...). Raven and Jiran know each other through the Meta-Human Rights Society at their university, Jiran knows Tara through her volcanology research in Hawaii and Chas knows Jiran, Raven and Tara through illegal motorbike races.

>> Meta Angels

The Meta Angels is a charity founded to support meta-humans in society and is founded and directed by four vampires. The main spokesperson for the charity is Dr. Natasha 'Love' Altmann. The Meta Angels operate as a 'hotline' in the Matrix as well as in the 'real world' where meta-humans in need can speak to a team of advisors. The team consists of a mixture of psychologists and lawyers. The charity is almost exclusively financed through donations, mostly from wealthy philantrophist meta-humans, some of the ex 'cases'.