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For our Shadowdawn campaign, we have kept most of the official Earthdawn history, apart from Alachia's backstory. The new events and characters did not work for us, so we altered the Shadowrun timeline.

  • >> The Hestaby-Lofwyr feud is not taking place, since the runners managed to expose Alamais behind the set-up. Alamais was tried by the Dragon Council and sentenced to death for various other schemes against dragonkind that were exposed during "research".

  • >> Aina does not die, but is visited by a Passion who heals her. Due to the complete healing she 'accidentally' becomes pregnant with Harlequin's child (not intended by Aina, but by the Passion) and gives birth to a girl called Maebh (pronounced 'Maeve'), who has some kind of future purpose.

  • >> Yuichotol, Ghostwalker's mate, returns with Aina's help. She and Aina are very close from the time Aina lived with Dunkelzahn/Mountainshadow. Yuichotol helped Aina over her trauma from the torment through Ysrthgarthe. She and Dunkelzahn are Thais' godparents, and he is very close with them. Since both have reappeared, Thais is in a better mood. Yuichotol and Ghostwalker suspect one of their horror possessed children behind Aztechnology, because Aztlan is occupying both Ghostwalker's and Yuichotol's territories.

  • >> We integrated elements from Cybergeneration, Cyperpunk, Planescape and World of Darkness. For instance, Alachia is an eladrin (an immortal elven race from the Planescape setting). Jenna Ni Fairra is Alachia's clone who also has some horror DNA embedded to boost her abilities - which later lead to her physical and mental transformation.

  • Everything else you will notice from the character, location and organisation descriptions. Feel free to adapt any of this for your own campaign, whether Shadowrun or Cyberpunk/Cybergeneration. Not stats are given, as we use a different system.