Night Journey Encounters

To determine encounters, roll a d100, then use the dice stated.

1 - Draj Preachers. The PCs encounter a group of draj preachers.

2 - Camp. The PCs notice a camp near them. It is a camp of (1d6) 1 - refugees, 2 - templars, 3 - marauderers, 4 - elves, 5 - people who got lost, 6 - adventurers.

3 - Bards. The PCs encounter a group of bards. The offer entertainment and some more delicate goods (poisons are DMs choice). The bards are (1d4) 1 - joyful and of good or neutral alignment offering music, news and comedy, 2 - a cynical lot offering poetry, news and assassin weapons, 3 - imposters who deliver an appalling performance, 4 - spies who deliver a masterful tale but also try to spy on the PCs.

4 - Lone traveller.The PCs encounter a lone traveller. (1d4) 1 - It is a mad exterminator chasing his current enemy. 2 - It is an ex-gladiator who prefers to travel at night. He does not seem to mind the cold. 3 - It is a survivor of a group of travellers who were attacked by undead. 4 - It is a victim of something or other who has lost his/her memory.

5 - Fight. The PCs hear or see a fight near their camp or near where they are travelling. (1d4) 1 - It is a blood feud between elves. 2 - It is a fight between templars and undead. 3 - It is a fight between two different groups of raiders. 4 - It is a fight between thri-kreen and halflings.

6 - Battle. The PCs hear the noises of a proper battle. It is (1d4) 1 - templars against marauderers, 2 - undead against undead, 3 - slave tribe against slave tribe, 4 - templars against a strange group of magic or psionics users

7 - Fire. The PCs see a large fire at the horizon. It is (1d4) a fight between a fire cleric who has summoned a fire elemental and a defiler, 2 - a burning wood or field, 3 - a fire cleric who has lost control over a fire elemental or who has died and now the fire elemental is on the loose raging against his/her opponent 4 - a non-natural fire.

8 - Duel. The PC witness a duel. Roll 1d20 for approx. level of duelists. It is (1d8) 1 - a preserver against a defiler, 2 - a templar against a preserver, 3 - defiler against defiler, 4 - cleric against undead, 5 - elf against elf (bloodfeud), 6 - templar against templar, 7 - psionicist against psionicist, 8 - fighter against fighter.

9 - Surge of Energy. The PCs feel a surge of energy. It is from (1d6) a fight between powerful psionicists, 2 - a fight between powerful magic users, 3 - it is a fight involving a spirit of the land, 4 - is it a gate opened, 5 - it is a field of wild magic, 6 - it is a lightning bolt coming towards them...

10 - Messenger. The PCs receive a druid messenger. It is (1d4) 1 - a cry for help: the druid's lands which the PCs are on are being attacked by a defiler, 2 - a warning of something or someone on the land of the druid, 3 - a message from a friend who is in trouble who asked a druid to send this message for him/her, 4 - a warning not to cross certain protected areas.

11 - Strange intelligent creature. The PCs encounter (1d4) 1 - a mutated... (1d8 1 - thri-kreen, 2 - halfelf, 3 - human, 4 - elf, 5 - halfling, 6 - giant, 7 - dwarf, 8 - other) 2 - a new race being, 3 - unnaturally intelligent animal, 4 - an unnaturally intelligent gith :P

12 - Templars. (1d6) 1 - The PCs find themselves chased by templars who mistake them for someone else. 2 - The PCs find a bunch of badly wounded templars. They have not enough protection from the cold and no waterskins. 3 - The PCs meet a single templar, the only survivor of an attack. 4 - The PCs come across some templar who are behaving strangely (1d4: 1 - overly jolly, 2 - poisoned, 3 - hiding something, 4 - they are not real templars). 5 - the templar's are abusing their powers and inflict stuff on the PCs for no reason 6 - the PCs witness a bunch of templars being punished by their master...

13 - Elf tribe. (1d4) 1 - The PCs see an elf tribe at the horizon running through the night. 2 - The PCs see an elf tribe camping somewhere near their location. 3 - Members of an elf tribe come running towards the PCs. They are asking the PCs for help (1d4: 1- their tribe is being attacked by something strange, 2 - their oasis is burning, 3 - they need a healer, 4 - they are not telling the truth and have evil motives) 4 - The PCs are being attacked by elven raiders.

14 - Strange appearance in sky. (1d4) 1 - There is some strange constellation of stars in the sky. 2 - A large part of the sky is covered by a huge shadow. 3 - The PCs see a hail of shooting stars. 4 - One of the moons is covered.

15 - Ritual. (1d4) 1 - The PCs burst into the ritual of an evil cult worshipping ancient and forbidden gods. 2 - the PCs are trapped by members of a strange cult to serve them as victims in a blood ritual. 3 - The PCs witness a ritual involving several (1d6: 1- druids, 2 - preservers, 3 - defilers, 4 - templars, 5 - necromancers, 6 - clerics), 4 - the PCs see traces of a ritual that can't have taken place long ago.

16 - The PCs stumble across (1d4) 1 - an opening to the caverns beneath Athas, 2 - a cave bearing a small lake, 3 - a building buried underneath the sand, 4 - the dungeon of an insane architect from the blue age

17 - One of the PCs is hit by an object out of nowhere.

18 - Outsider. The PCs meet a humanoid creature not usually seen in the area they are travelling. E.g. a rhul-thaun in the tablelands.

19 - Intelligent undead. The PCs are approached by an intelligent undead creature. It is of (1d6) 1-2 good, 3-4 neutral, 5-6 evil alignment and a (1d4) 1-2 male, 3-4 female (1d8) 1: dwarf, 2: elf, 3:half-elf, 4: human, 5: mul, 6: half-giant, 7: giant, 8: other

20 - Orphan. The PCs find an abandoned baby in the cold Athasian night. It is a (1d4) 1-2 male, 3-4 female
1. Aarakocra
2. Anakore
3. Belgoi
4. B'rohg
5. Dwarf
6. Elf
7. Giant
8. Gith
9. Half-elf
10. Half-giant
11. Human (roll again, on a 1 and 20 it is a Villichi child)
12. Jozhal
13. Mul
14. Nikaal
15. Pterran
16. Slig
17. Ssurran
18. Tarek
19. Tari
20. Tul'k

21 - The PCs find person chained up and left to die. It is a (1d4) 1-2 male, 3-4 female (1d8)
1. Dwarf
2. Elf
3. Half-elf
4. Half-giant
5. Human
6. Mul
7. Tarek
8. Other
He/she is of (1d6) 1-2 good, 3-4 neutral, 5-6 evil alignment and was left to die by (1d4) 1-2 members of his/her own race, 3-4 members of another race/other races.

22 - Gate/wormhole. The PCs (1d4) 1: are sucked into a wormhole, 2: see somebody being "spat out" by a gate, 3: see somebody going through a gate, 4: see somebody create a gate in order to get an army of some kind to where he/she is.

23 - Travelling party. The PC meet another party travelling through the same area. It is a (1d4) 1 - group of people who were employed by traders to scout out a new area for trading possibilities, 2 - party of escaped slaves lookig for somewhere to stay and something to do, 3 - bunch of cursed people looking for a treasure that doesn't exist, 4 - a group of adventurers who have come back from a treasure hunt. They've got loads of treasure but are hunted by undead...

24 - Pile of stuff. A pile of ... (1d20) is in the PCs' way.
1. ash
2. bodies (dead, alive, drugged, unconscious? dead templars? executed people?)
3. rocks or rubble
4. stuff that turns out to be an antloid warren...
5. stuff that used to be some kind of makeshift building
6. clay plates
7. fruits (kind donation from a druid or illusion with trap?)
8. bones & skulls
9. weapons
10. animal skins
11. rotting organs
12. firewood
13. shedded scaly skin
14. statues
15. templar medallions
16. animals shot for their meat
17. cursed treasure
18. obsidian shards
19. giant scalps
20. stinking excrements from a ridiculously large monster

25 - Parasite. (1d4) 1 - The PCs find a dead person with a strange-looking necklace or piece of armour. It is in fact a life-shaped item containing a parasite. 2 - One of the PCs is bitten by an insect carrying a psionic parasite. 3 - The PCs encounter a man or woman who is driven to inhuman deeds by a psionic parasite. 4 - A PC is contacted by another mind which needs a host. The parasite explains its benefits to the PC and politely asks for co-existence. If not it will go and find a 'worthy' host! :D

26 - Run-away. (1d8) 1 - The PCs meet a run-away girl or boy in the desert (1d3: 1- slave, 2 -poor, 3-noble). 2- The PCs meet a girl who has fled from an arranged marriage (maybe to the Shadowking?) 3 - The PCs meet a girl and a boy who ran away because they were not allowed to be together due to their different status. 4 - The PCs meet a runaway boy or girl who is hiding away from people who are out to kill him/her as he/she is the only heir to the estate of a wealthy family. 5 - The PCs meet a girl/boy who has run away from people trying to do experiments with him/her because he/she possesses an extraordinary psionic gift. 6 - The PCs run into a young male or female thief who fled from templars & ended up outside the city. He/she was afraid to go back and headed into the other direction... 7 -The PCs find an exhausted young runaway from a slave caravan. 8 - The PCs are watched by a hungry runaway when they make camp.

27 - Druid. (1d4) 1 - The PCs witness a meeting of druids. 2 - The party is contacted by a druid for help. 3 - The PCs find a patch of land or an orchard where a druid experiments with new potion fruits 4 - The PCs find a heavily wounded young druid who is hoping to survive until he/she gets new spells. He/she has had to sacrifice when a defiler cast a spell.

28 - Warning. The PCs receive a warning (1d6) 1 - not to cross a certain area, 2 - not to stay too long or make camp in a certain area, 3 - not to drink any water in a the area they are crossing, 4 - not to shoot any animals in the area they are crossing, 5 - about nasty individuals the PCs shouldn't run into, 6 - not to harm any of the plants in the area.

29 - Remnants. The PCs find the remnants of an attack on a caravan.

30 - The PCs are crossing a heavily tainted area.

31 - The PCs encounter a creature not natural to this area.

32 - Important person. The PCs encounter a (1d12) 1 - famous gladiator, 2 - high ranking templar, 3 - high ranking cleric, 4 - head of one of the psionics academies, 5 - famous bard/entertainer, 6 - famous/notorious eleganta, 7 - infamous criminal, 8 - famous noble, 9 - high-ranking druid, 10 - legendary wizard (roll 1d4 : 1-necromancer, 2-defiler, 3-preserver,4-other), 11 - important trader, 12 - son/daughter of a dragonking/-queen.

33 - Watched. The PCs are being watched by a (1d4) 1 - druid in animal form, 2 - powerful undead, 3 - patrol of either templars or people from a settlement/slave tribe, 4 - elven scouts.

34 - Building. The PCs find one or more buildings in their way. (1d8) 1 - a half-buried temple or shrine, 2 - a half-buried settlement, 3 - a large elemental shrine, 4 - a shelter a druid built against sandstorms, 5 - a druid's home, 6 - a cleric's home, 7 - an insane hermit's home, 8 - a monk's home.

35 - Army. The PCs encounter one of the armies of Athas. (1d4) 1 - Part of the army of one of the Sorcerermonarchs, 2 - Sortar's Army (see Slave Tribes) 3 - Part of Tyr's Army 4 - Part of the legendary Druid Army.

36 - Weather. The PCs are experiencing strange weather on their travels. (1d4) 1 - The temperature drops more drastically than normal, 2 - it doesn't get as cold as usual that night, more on the contrary... 3 - there is a strange glow in the nightsky and the area the PCs are travelling in, 4 - it rains for a few minutes!

37 - Strange congregation. The PCs (1d6) 1 - run into a groups of people lynching somebody, 2 - a council of some sort, 3 - a conspiracy of psionicists, 4 - a conspiracy of hivemasters, 5 - a mad party in the middle of nowhere, 6 - elders of a bard guild discussing the fate of a rogue member.

38 - Vision. One of the PCs receives a vision: (1d6) 1 - of something that happened in this area a long time ago, 2 - of something that happened in this area a short while ago, 3 - of something personal, 4 - of something regarding a fellow party member or other person in their life, 5 - of something politically important, 6 - of something that is going to happen to the party shortly.

39 - Omen. The PCs witness a strange event that could be interpreted as an omen. (1d4) 1 - A strange constellation, behaviour or flight pattern of a certain type of birds. 2 - Animals hunt each other that normally don't hunt each other. 3 - The PCs find a dead litter of a certain animal. It looks as if the mother killed them. 4 - There is a shadow over one of the moons.

40 - Illness. (1d6) 1 - The PCs meet another party of which most or all members are infected by some strange illness. 2 - The PCs see a lot of sick or dead animals in the area they are travelling through. 3 - The PCs notice a lot of dead and sick plants in an area. 4 - The PCs find contaminated water. 5 - The PCs hear of a settlement near them where people have suddenly fallen ill. 6 - The PCs are asked by somebody from an isolated village for help in combating a strange illness.

41 - Unnatural environment. The PCs travel through an area where a lot things don't seem natural. (1d4) 1 - Things are turned into obsidian, 2 - plants are growing in strange shapes, 3 - Plantlife appears unnaturally orderly, 4 - rocks appear in unnatural formations.

42 - Strange attackers. The PCs are attacked by (1d4) 1 - beetles, scorpions or small spiders, 2 - animated wooden, bone or obsidian things, 3 - some lunatic throwing sand and mouldy food at them, 4 - a strange group of people using extremely weird improvised weapons - if you can call these things weapons...

43 - Strange sounds. The PCs are hearing something very strange... (1d8) 1 - A deep humming noise comes from underneath them, 2 - A loud creaking sound from underneath, 3 - a loud shriek 4 - a melody sung by somebody, 5 - a terrible cacophony of some sort of orchestra, 6 - dozens of animals (or druids) howling and growling in all sorts of directions, 7 - an explosion, 8 - loud twisted laughter.

44 - Strange smell. (1d4) 1 - A sulphorous gas is coming out of the ground. 2 - a rotting smell is in the air, 3 - a very sweet smell like of flowers or perfume can be smelled, 4 - It smells like somebody is baking cake.

45 - The ground is suddenly shaking.

46 - Elemental. (1d4) 1 - The PCs are attacked by an elemental but they cannot detect a summoner, 2 - the PCs meet a genasi or witness the creation of a genasi, 3 - the PCs witness the summoning of a powerful elemental, 4 - the PCs encounter a strange intelligent elemental being that is investigating something.

47 - Illusion. (1d8) 1 - an illusion is covering a trap, 2 - an illusion is hiding a protected area, 3 - an illusion is concealing a dangerous creature, 4 - an illusion is hiding an entrance to a ruin or tunnel system, 5 - an illusion is covering VA headquarters or the meeting place of a secret organisation, 6 - an illusion is hiding a water hole, 7 - an illusion is misguiding the PCs, 8 - an illusion is hiding a field of hallucinogenic plants...

48 - Herd. The PCs run into a herd of animals which is (1d4) 1 - sleeping, 2 - awake and doing nothing in particular, 3 - panicking and running into the PCs direction (please pick suitable creature ;P), 4 - carrying a strange disease...

49 - Pain. The PCs are afflicted with a sudden intense pain. It is (1d4) 1-2: mental, 3-4 physical and is caused by (1d4) 1 - a psionic technique, 2 - defiler spell, 3 - the area the PCs travel through, 4 - undead.

50 - mutated plant

51 - Graveyard. The PCs travel through a graveyard. The graveyard is (1d4) 1-2: still in use, 3-4 a forgotten graveyard. When they cross it... (1d4) 1 - undead try to communicate with them in a friendly manner, 2 - the dead rise and try to attack them, 3 - the PCs find strange artefacts e.g. burial masks from an unknown culture, 4 - the PCs encounter a necromancer studying the place.

52 - Trap. Somebody has set a trap. Give the PCs a chance to discover it... (1d8) The trap 1 - is underneath the PCs, 2 - is in front of the PCs, 3 - is above the PCs, 4 - is somewhere else around the PCs, 5 - involves another person or creature as a bait, 6 - has to do with an illusion, 7 - serves a tribe for food supply, 8 - is old and has been forgotten...

53 - Noble. (1d4) 1 - The PCs come across a noble who is behaving rather weirdly. This might be because he/she is a very bad impersonator... 2 - The PCs run into a rather arrogant noble who is making enquiries about some people who are supposed to have gone this way... 3 - The PCs find a noble abandoned in the desert. He/she was left there to die. 4 - A couple of people run into the direction of the PCs. They are chased by a noble and his people. They are slave hunting.

54 - Psionicist. (1d4) 1 - The PCs run into a man/woman with very strange psionic gifts. 2 - The PCs run into a psionicist who is wanted for a crime in one of the city states. 3 - The PCs get a psionic message they are to deliver to somebody 4 - The PCs are asked a favour in exchange for a strange psionic item. Alternatively the PCs find a strange psionic item after their next fight.

55 - Druid. (1d4) 1 - The PCs meet a physically very strange druid. 2 - The PCs bump into a small congregation of druids. It is one elder druid and a few initiates... 3 - A druid blocks the PCs way. He/she is offering some healing potions (in fruit or vegetable form) in exchange for help or information. 4 - The PCs have a creepy encounter with a hivemaster.

56 - Settlement. (1d4) 1 - The PCs come across a strange settlement that is not to be found on any map. 2 - The settlement where the PCs are supposed to stop has a problem with (1d4: 1 - undead creature, 2 - water supply, 3 - somebody missing, 4 - vicious predator). 3 - The PCs come across a new settlement of ex-slaves. They are not really ex-slaves though but a dangerous cult. 4 - The PCs hear music coming from a small new settlement. There seems to be a feast going on...

57 - Body parts. A couple of humanoid body parts are in the PCs way.

58 - Gladiator. The PCs encounter a gladiator. (1d6) 1 - It is an unusual kind of humanoid who wants to become a gladiator and asks the PCs for advice once he/she comes to the big city to apply! 2 - The gladiator is the only survivor of a caravan raid. 3 - The gladiator is an escaped slave gladiator. He/she does not have enough food and water. 4 - The gladiator is a very famous eccentric. He/she is travelling alone to her next performance and has collected several trophies on the way... 5 - He/she is looking for a new mentor or is on the way to a specific one. 6 - He/she is looking for a friend/companion he/she believes in trouble.

59 - Sign. The PCs find or receive some kind of sign about something that is about to happen in that area.

60 - Ruins. The PCs find themselves near some ruins or suddenly find themselves in the middle of some. The ruins are from (1d4) 1 - The Blue Age, 2 - the Green Age, 3 - after the Cleansing Wars, 4 - the very recent past. The ruins are (1d6) 1 - in good condition so you can enter them, 2 - mostly buried under sand or rubble, 3 - from an unknown culture (unknown to you average Athasian...), 4 - an illusion and a trap! 5 - full of nasty hungry creatures, 6 - the residence of a slave tribe.

61 - Elements. The PCs are involved in an incident with something to do with the element (1d8) 1 - silt, 2 - magma, 3 - earth, 4 - air, 5 - fire, 6 - water, 7 - sun, 8 - rain.

62 - Preserver. The PCs encounter a preserver. He/she (1d12) 1 - is hiding that he/she is a preserver, 2 - is shockingly open about being a preserver, 3 - is looking for students, 4 - is looking for a mentor, 5 - is looking for spell components, 6 - is hunting a defiler, 7 - lives in this area, 8 - is studying a phenomenon in this area, 9 - got lost, 10 - is in the middle of conducting a complicated ritual, 11- is subject to the rage of a powerful defiler, 12 - has been forced to spy on the PCs.

63 - Defiler. The PCs encounter a defiler. He/she (1d12) 1 - is more or less successfully hiding that he/she is a defiler, 2 - is shockingly open about being a defiler, 3 - is looking for students, 4 - is looking for a mentor, 5 - is looking for spell components, 6 - is hunting an enemy, 7 - lives in this area (wondered where all this unhealthy grey colour came from?), 8 - is studying a phenomenon in this area, 9 - got lost, 10 - is in the middle of conducting a complicated ritual, 11- is subject to the rage of a powerful defiler or preserver, 12 - has orders or personal interest to spy on the PCs.

64 - Vision or dream. The PCs or one of the PCs is receiving a vision, if possible to do with the adventure the PCs are currently involved in.
The PCs receive a vision from an event (1d3) 1 - from the past, 2 - from the future, 3 - happening parallel to what they are doing in this very moment.
It is (1d6) 1 - concerning the PCs, 2 - concerning somebody else, 3 - concerning one of the PCs, 4 - concerning somebody close to them/somebody they know, 5 - concerning somebody they don't know at all. 6 - concerning some ancestor or offspring of one of the PCs.
The event is (1d8) 1 - happy, 2 - violent, 3 - giving hope, 4 - depressing, 5 - provocative, 6 - sick/twisted, 7 - scary, 8 - obscure/confusing.

65 - Light. The PCs see a strange light. (1d4) 1 - The light is a natural phenonmenon and in the distance. 2 - The light is focusing on the PCs. Somebody is pointing a lightbeam at the PCs... 3 - The light is coming from a magical battle near them, 4 - the light comes from some noncorporeal creature.

66 - Veiled Alliance. (1d4) 1 - The PCs witness a raid on a travelling party containing a defiler. 2 - The PCs spoil a test conducted by the Veiled Alliance for a new member. 3 - The PCs encounter Veiled Alliance people guarding an artifact or VIP (as in: very important preserver...), 4 - The PCs bump into Veiled Alliance messengers.

67 - Victim. The PCs come across the victim/victims of a 1 - duel/battle, 2 - magical experiment, 3 - psionic experiment, 4 - cross breeding attempt, 5 - bardic drug experiment, 6 - self-experiment, 7 - parasite, 8 - life-shaping attachment that has weird effects, 9 - maddening intelligent weapon, 10 - torture.

68 - Strange Item. The PCs find a strange item in their way. It is (1d4) 1 - magical, 2 - non-magical, 3 - psionic, 4 - life-shaped.
It (1d4) 1 - has a strange shape, 2 - has no apparent purpose, 3 - is very colourful, 4 - is an unknow type of weapon, 5 - is a toy of the child of an unusual race, 6 - is a ritual weapon or artefact, 7 - is a piece of exotic jewellery, 8 - is a part of something bigger.

69 - Curse. The PCs enter a cursed area. The curse consists of (1d10) 1 - a skin disease, 2 - the reduction of an attribute (e.g. intelligence), 3 - hallucinations, 4 - undirected rage, 5 - intoxication, 6 - hysteria, 7 - amnesia, 8 - incredible thirst, 9 - incredible fear, 10 - mind-swapping.

70 - Swarm. (1d4) 1 - The PCs are attacked by a swarm of (see swarm table from summon swarm spell). 2 - The PCs disturb the initiation of a hive master... 3 - A controlled swarm is directed at the PCs... 4 - Something the PCs have on them attracts a swarm of see swarm table from summon swarm spell or choose specific animal).

71 - Trader. The PCs meet a trader or traders. He/she/the group (1d12) 1 - wants to trade, 2 - is resting, 3 - is carrying unusual goods, 4 - is carrying dangerous goods, 5 - is carrying illegal goods such as spell components, drugs or books, 6 - is trading with slaves, 7 - is exploring new areas, 8 - is lost, 9 - has just done an amazing deal and is extremely pleased & invites the PCs to celebrate, 10 - is in a sorry state after an attack, 11 - is only disguising as a trader/traders, 12 - is a complete novice and very clumsy.

72 - Wraith(s). (1d4) 1 - The PCs enter an area that is protected by a wraith or a group of wraiths. The objects or beings they possess depend on the area. 2 - The PCs encounter a group of travelling wraiths on some kind of mission. If the PCs spot what they are they do not like it very much... 3 - The PCs meet a very eccentric wraith on the way to destroy an enemy. 4 - The PCs meet a wraith working against its master.

73 - Magic/psionic Item. The PCs find a magic item. It was made for a (1d20) 1 - necromancer, 2 - defiler, 3 - preserver, 4 - Druid, 5 - Psion, 6 - Psychic Warrior, 7 - Lifeshaper/Psionicist, 8 - member of a rare race, 9 - Life-shaper/preserver, 10 - shadow mage, 11 - cerulean, 12 - eleganta, 13 - bard/assassin, 14 - trader, 14 - fighter orgladiator, 15 - cleric (determine element with d4), 16 - paraelemental cleric (determine element with d4), 17 - thief or rogue, 18 - ranger, 19 - templar, 20 - Sorcerermonarch.

74 - Corrupted creature. The PCs encounter a corrupted creature.

75 - Primitive tribe. The PCs come across a tribe of either nomads or settled people living in primitive condition such as the Ka'ardani. The tribe is (1d10) 1 - friendly, 2 - hospitable, 3 - not bothered, 4 - hostile, 5 - sick, 6 - cursed, 7 - hunted, 8 - under the effects of a spell, 9 - racist, 10 - trying to capture the PCs as either slaves, meat or breeding stock...

76 - Hermit. The PCs encounter a man/woman/creature living as a hermit. (1d6) 1 - He/she does not speak to the PCs. Can he/she speak at all or is that some strange hermit thing? 2 - He/she is horribly deformed. 3 - He/she is a strange crossbreed of races that usually don't mix. 4 - He/she is an outcast. 5 - He/she is really a necromancer doing 'field research'. 6 - He/she is hiding away from somebody powerful.

77 - Food source. (1d4) 1 - The PCs find a few plants that provide fruit or veg as a fresh & nutritious snack. 2 - The PCs find a few plants that provide fruit or veg that seem a fresh & nutritious snack but are really poisonous. 3 - The PCs find a few plants that provide fruit or veg that seem a fresh & nutritious snack but are really potion fruits with different effects. 4 - The PCs bump into a herd of animals such as kanks that provide some sort of food source.

78 - Treasure. The PCs come across some valuable stuff. (1d6) 1 - It is cursed. 2 - It is a saddle and saddle pockets that were spat out by some large creature that ate the animal and its rider. Inside the saddle pockets is some treasure... 3 - The PCs find a secret entrace to a cave or underground place where a druid grows his/her potion fruits. 4 - The PCs stumble across some dead people who killed each other over some treasure. 5 - The treasure is an illusion and a bait. 6 - The treasure is an intelligent weapon/necklace or other artefact (please determine alignment...)

79 - Chase. The PCs see something coming into their direction. It is (1d8) 1 - a group of people fleeing from a group of templars. 2 - a person fleeing from a group of gith. 3 - a herd of animals (e.g. goraks) fleeing from a storm or something large & evil... 4 - a screaming person chased by nothing (just their own nightmares...) 5 - a person running from an insect swarm, 6 - a person running from a golem, 7 - a person running from a flying creature or flying creatures such as razorwings or a roc, 8 - a person running from a nightmare beast...

80 - Anomality. The PCs are in an area where spells don't work the normal way.

81 - Useful information. By accident the PCs stumble across some information that is either very valuable to them or somebody else.

82 - Dwarwen Banshee. The PCs encounter a dwarven banshee. The dwarf (1d6 1-3 male, 4-6 female) (1d6) 1 - mistakes the PCs for the people he/she is after, 2 - is after the PCs for some reason or other, 3 - more or less politely asks the PCs about the whereabouts of the person he/she is after, 4 - is chasing a person near the PCs. 5 - has failed in a ridiculously stupid task in his/her life that he/she now has to fulfil to be released, 6 - is somebody the PCs know!

83 - Vehicle. The PCs find a vehicle on their way. 1 - It is some strange kind of flying device of a strange material. 2 - It is a glider or skimmer. 3 - it is a lavishly decorated waggon with a broken wheel, 4 - it is the remnant of a ship from the blue age.

84 - Artwork. The PCs come across (1d6) 1 - strange looking sculptures turning out to be golems, 2 - a strange mural from the recent past, 3 - a destroyed statue, 4 - a field of statues, 5 - a elaborately crafted & decorated tomb, 6 - a figure carved in stone or a face appearing in the sand.

85 - Strange profession. The PCs meet a man/woman/creature/group of people with an unusual profession or at least an unusual profession for that particular area. This might be a (1d6) 1- self-employed scribe, 2 - a travelling soup kitchen, 3 - a human monk studying thri-kreen, 4 - a giant juggler, 5 - a thri-kreen juggler, 6 - a brewer or distiller...

86 - Strange substance. The PCs find a strange substance.(1d4) 1 - It is a strange turquoise powder in a strange pattern on the ground. 2 - It is a strange liquid in a vial, 3 - it is powder in a small box, 4 - it is some gooey stuff in a jar looking like chutney (hey, what about mixed potion fruit chutney?!)

87 - Ranger. The PCs encounter a ranger. (1d6) 1 - He/she is very sinister and has a scary animal companion. 2 - He/she is tracking down some enemy. 3 - He/she is warning the PCs about something on their way, 4 - He/she is advising the PCs to get off his/her land, 5 - one of the PCs or the PC's animals is the ranger's favoured enemy, 6 - the PCs and the ranger have a common enemy.

88 - Destruction. The PCs arrive at a place that looks like it fell victim to a So-ut. There might be people who need help. (1d10) 1 - It was a So-ut! Oh nooo! 2 - It was a defiler, 3 - it was a strange storm, 4 - it was an unnatural earthquake, 5 - it was a Sorcererking/-queen or the Dragon, 6 - it was the PCs - only they can't remember... 7 - it is an illusion (somebody wants to make the PCs believe they can not travel through here or the place they want to go to doesn't exist any more) 8 - it was an elemental that got out of control. where is it by the way?! 9 - it was people going insane for some reason or other, 10 - It was a Lost Druid.

89 - Taming attempt gone wrong. Somebody tries to tame an animal but fails. (1d4) 1 - the PCs come too late and find a wild animal feasting on its 'tamer', 2 - the PCs see a tamer being overwhelmed by the animal, 3 - the PCs see a man/woman running away from a dangerous creature, 4 - a dangerous creature is manically running towards the PCs chased by a man/woman/group of people trying to capture the beast for the arena.

90 - Spell gone wrong. The PCs are close when somebody's spell goes wrong, e.g. because the person is in an area where this occurs frequently or occasionally. (1d4) 1 - It is a combat spell such as a fire ball which suddenly has a much more extreme effect, 2 - it is a healing spell which suddenly pulls life energy from the PCs, 3 - it is an animal messenger which starts behaving very strangely e.g becomes more talkative than it should or delivers obscure/wrong messages, 4 - select spell at random or make up something that fits into your adventure.

91 - Blue Age. The PC are coming across some relics from the Blue Age. It is a (1d10) 1 - mural, 2 - sculpture, 3 - weapon, 4 - piece of preserved life-shaping, 5 - an undead halfling, 6 - a mummified halfling, 7 - a tunnel, 8 - the tope of a building sticking out from the sand, 9 - a scroll, 10 - a vision of what was before triggered by some psionic imprint.

92 - Green Age. The PC are coming across some relics from the Green Age. It is a (1d10) 1 - mural, 2 - sculpture, 3 - weapon, 4 - some random artefact, 5 - an undead, 6 - a mummified humanoid, 7 - a tunnel, 8 - the tope of a building sticking out from the sand, 9 - a scroll, 10 - a vision of what was before triggered by some psionic imprint.

93 - Dark Secret. The PCs discover a dark secret e.g. through a vision or psionic imprint. (1d4) 1 - a massacre conducted by one of the Sorcerermonarchs, 2 - the dark past of a Veiled Alliance member (e.g. using defiling to kill an arch-enemy), 3 - misconduct during a psionic duel resulting in the death of the opponent and all witnesses, the victims leaving this imprint, 4 - a dark secret of one of the party members.

94 - Vilewight. The PCs encounter a vilewight (see Book of Vile Darkness).

95 - Mutation. The PCs cross an area where spontaneous mutations are likely to occur.

96 - Rare monster. The PCs are coming across a monster that they believed to be a myth.

97 - Raaig. The PC enter an area or pass a place that is protected by a raaig. The raaig is (1d4) 1 - male/bad-tempered, 2 - male/good-natured, 3 - female/bad-tempered, 4 - female/good-natured.

98 - T'liz. (1d4) 1 - The PCs have a rather unpleasant encounter with a raging t'liz. Luckily they are not the subject of the t'lizes rage! 2 - The PCs are used as a distraction in the plan of a scheming t'liz. 3 - a t'liz tries to hire the PCs while they are camping. 4 - a t'liz tries to steal magic items from the PCs.

99 - Mass spell. The PC are in an area where a (1d4) 1 - mass heal spell, 2 - deathfield, 3 - mass hypnosis, 4 - mass charm spell is cast.

100 - Sorcererking/-queen (1d4) 1 - The PCs are persuaded to perform a mission for a sorcererking/-queen, 2 - The PCs or one of the PCs are/is manipulated by a sorcererking/-queen to do a certain thing or to behave a certain way. 3 - One of the PCs is seduced by a sorcererking/-queen who is not revealing his/her true identity, 4 - the PCs witness a sorcererking/-queen 'passing judgment' onto a person running away from him/her.