Day Journey Encounters

To determine encounters, roll a d100, then use the dice stated.

1 - The PCs come across some ruins or a cave. The place is protected by a raaig. The place was a former
1- convent of the Villichi from a time where there was more than one convent
2 - a monastry of rebel monks wiped out by the Champions,
3 - a temple of (1d4 - 1:earth, 2:air, 3:fire, 4:water),
4 - a palace,
5 - a settlement of (1d8) 1:trolls, 2:gnomes 3:goblins; 4:orcs, 5:wemics, 6:pixies, 7:ogres, 8:kobolds,
6 - rebel fort which is now a monument to the dead heroes
and the raaig has the task to (1d4) 1- protect it and tell passers-by the story of the place 2 - attack trespassers, 3 - ask people to take revenge on the people who destroyed the place, 4 - to ask people to offer something to the people who died here as a sign of respect

2 - The PCs run into a field of wild teleport magic. The following happens
1 - the PC/s find themselves on the beach in the Last Sea region and are suddenly teleported back after a few seconds,
2 - the PC/s are teleported underground into the tunnel system beneath Athas,
3 - the PCs find themselves in an arena in the middle of gladiatorial games. there are a couple of prisoners and a dangerous monsters is just approaching them as the PCs are teleported out again,
4 - one PC is teleported into a bog in the area below the Jagged Cliffs and is teleported back to where he was,
5 - a PC is teleported above a volcano and is about to fall into it when he/she is suddenly teleported back,
6 - the PC/s are teleported into the sand beneath them and after a few seconds back out again.

3 - The PCs are surprised by a dwarven banshee (1d4: 1-2 male 3-4 female). He/she is forever doomed to attempt to complete the task of
1 - protecting its dead companions
2 - trying to become an acclaimed psionics mentor. It is jealous of any living psionicists.
3 - killing wizards (or other PC character class)
4 - protecting a garden (now withered)
5 - restore a building
6 - find his girlfriend.

4 - A PCs is attacked by an agony beetle
1- it is a real beetle,
2- the PCs is just dreaming that he/she is attacked,
3 - it is a mental attack from outside,
4 - it is more than one beetle and the others are out for the other PCs...

5 - The PCs get near a field of bloodgrass. The bloodgrass
1 - is real,
2- is an illusion to protect a pool of water hidden underneath,
3 - is a mutant species more lethal than the normal variant,
4 - is a mutant species bread by a necromancer who lives nearby. the species utters banshee screams!

6 - The PCs come across a marked graveyard.
1 - It is an old wemic graveyard and protected by a guardian in ghost form,
2 - it is full of ghosts,
3 - it is full of human undead,
4 - it is full of gith

7 - a strange gas is coming out of the ground.
1 - it is a natural occurence and makes the PCs feel incredibly sick,
2 - it is a trap and the PCs are starting to feel very tired...,
3 - it is an animal living underground and farting,
4 - the sand the Pcs are walking on is just an illusion and they are about to fall into a tar pit,
5 - there are corpses from a caravan raid hastily buried underground,
6 - there are hot wells nearby containing sulphur

8 - the PCs see a caravan in the distance. the caravan
1 - is an elf tribe (1d4 1:they are very very racist, 2:they just want to have a good time and invite the PCs, 3:they are offering stuff, 4: they rush past),
2 - is a merchant caravan from one of the city states(1d4 1:they are making enquiries about what the PCs are up to, 2:they want to know if the PCs have noticed any possible dangerous things on their way, 3:they report that there are raiders on the way the PCs are heading, 4: they rush past),
3 - consists of traders from a slave tribe (1d4 1:they are intent on raiding the PCs, 2:they just want to have a good time and invite the PCs, 3:they are offering stuff, 4: they rush past),
4 - consists of nikaal (1d4 1:they behave strangely and don't talk a lot, 2:they are curious and invite the PCs, 3:they are offering stuff, 4: they rush past).

9 - The PCs are confronted with a trap depending on the terrain they are in. The trap is set by
1 - gith,
2 - marauderers,
3 - people defending their area from marauderers
4 - the trap is very old and nobody really makes use of it

10 - The PCs stumble across (use 1d4 to dertermine the dice for the number of people: 1 - 1d4, 2 - 1d12, 3 - 1d20, 4 - 1d100) dead bodies. There was a fight/battle between
1 - different templars,
2 - travellers/caravan and marauderers,
3 - a hunting party and a beast they underestimated,
4 - villichi and abductors of a villichi,
5 - a mad druid or tribe and templars or defilers,
6 - people and undead

11 - Mutant monster. Roll on the monster table suitable for the terrain the party is travelling in. Then pick a mutation for the monster in question... you may have to re-roll if you got a plant ;)
1 - monster is much larger than usual,
2 - monster has unusual psionic powers,
3 - monster has a different colour and/or pattern,
4 - monster has the ability to speak or has aquired more/less intelligence,
5 - monster is acting strangely cause it has accidentally eaten a drugged person/drugged food/drugs
6 - monster has developed wings or other extra limbs or attachments,
7 - the monster is teleported by somebody amongst the Pcs,
8 - the monster was the victim of an experiment and splits itself into 1d4 monsters
9 - the monster is a corrupted creature (See D&D Book of Vile Darkness),
10 - monster is diseased

12 - The PCs encounter members of a tribe native to the area. The people they meet are
1 - angry at the party for crossing their territory,
2 - curious about who the PCs are and about news from other parts of Athas,
3 - the people are looking for people to help them with something (1d10 1: complicated birth, 2: dry period, 3: the tribe's cleric/healer showing signs of a strange mental illness or possession, 4: moving something large e.g. a huge stone or so, 5: the tribe is threatened by undead/monsters/templars/magical beast... 6:wedding ceremony, 7: burial, 8: brewing large quantities of alcohol 9: disease 10: magical disease),
4 - behaving strangely. They are (1d6 1:possessed by a symbiot, 2:cursed, 3:have witnessed the gruesome death of tribemembers, 4: are under the influence of a hallucinogenic substance, 5: are undead, are trying to trick the PCs)

13 - The PCs cross a former battlefield. They come across
1 - weapons buried deep in the sand,
2 - fresh battle tracks, although the battle field is ancient,
3 - strange messages in the sand written by desperate or angry undead,
4 - a wraith-like guardian of the dead
5- whispers calling them (saving throw against magic. otherwise they try to fight the other PCs in the party),
6 - wild magic

14 - The PCs cross an area of quicksand. The quicksand is
1 - natural origin,
2 - leading to a shaft into the caverns beneath Athas,
3 - the quicksand is an illusion and the PCs who have failed their saving throw just think they are suffocating. it is a "greeting" from an undead underneath the sand
4 - the quicksand goes the other way round... in fact a carnivorous monster underneath the sand is spitting out bones and other indigestible stuff it does not want anymore...

15 - The PCs come across a lone kank.
1- there is a saddle on it, some rations, water and some other equipment. The rider fell prey to something nasty...
2 - the kank is following the PCs
3 - the kank is carrying a message from a druid
4 - the kank got separated from its herd
5 - the kank shapeshifts into something worse...
6 - the kank is a shapeshifter druid who got trapped in this shape and seeking help

16 - The PCs encounter Villichi.
1 - the villichi are on the way to collect Villichi children,
2 - the villichi look battered and have just been in combat (1d4 1: with ignorant raiders who set a trap for them, 2:with monsters, 3:there was a quarrel in a village because of the villichi child they wanted to take, 4:they came to the aid of people who were attacked),
3 - they aid people who are attacked,
4 - one of the villichi had a vision about something a PC has/the PCs have done or is going to do. if it is something evil, like the murder of a villichi, she will attack, if it was something else she will ask to speak to the PC or PCs in question,
5 - the villichi are pursuing somebody who has kidnapped a villichi. they ask the PCs if they have come across the kidnappers
6 - the villichi just pass
7 - the villichi are taking a break
8 - the villichi warn the PCs about something in their direction

17 - The PCs encounter gith.
1 - the gith are attacking as usual, but then turn away and run. somebody has projected an illusion of a nightmare beast behind the PCs!
2 - the gith got lost and are very insecure. they try to hide from the PCs or try to hide the fact that they are lost. they secretly follow them hoping to find their way back...
3 - the gith are diseased,
4 - the PCs see gith quarrelling with each other.

18 - An unknown species of plant or animal draws the PCs attention.
1 - It is a magical variant of an animal/plant,
2 - it is a mutant variety of a plant,
3 - it is a plant not native to Athas,
4 - it is an extremely precious and rare plant.

19 - The PCs are approached by people in need of help.
1 - Travellers got lost or were attacked and are now left with not enough water.
2 - The people are messengers from a village where a dangerous disease broke out
3 - the people are disguised evil creatures (DM's choice),
4 - the people are (slaves?) pursued by slave hunters,
5 - the people are chased by templars,
6 - the people are templars chased by a dangerous monster,
7 - a caravan is attacked by a tribe of halflings/giants/ex-slaves,
8 - the people were on an expedition when a friend got lost in some ruins... if they could please have a look...

20 - The PCs see a stranger on a kank on the horizon. It is
1- a strange bard,
2 - a travelling trader in "stuff I pick up on the way",
3 - a scout,
4 - an escaped slave

21- Sunbleached bones of skeletons are in the PCs way. They have the following on them
1 - bizarre armour
2 - magic potions (protection from undeath?)
3 - scrolls with an important task
4 - bizarre jewellery (1d4 1:tribal, 2:noble, 3: non-Athasian, 4: life-shaped)

22 - A wrecked sand skimmer/silt skimmer/glider lies half-buried in the sand.
1 - A wheel or wing is broken. It was abandoned. There is an undead creature living in there.
2 - The vehicle was destroyed because it was "evil". Anything from the vehicle bears a curse.
3 - The vehicle was subject to an attack. It was looted and the crew sold as slaves.
4 - It got stuck and was attacked by a huge creature. The crew had to flee. Somebody might come to claim it back.

23 - The ground starts shaking.
1 - It is a minor earthquake
2 - It a horde of giant animals or giants stomping across the ground.
3 - It is an explosion. Maybe involving a defiler and an exploding spider cactus, eh?
4 - It is a sandworm.

24 - The PCs witness a strange storm.
1 - It is like a tornado but deep black and humanoid shadows seem to dive in and out of it. It is cold to the touch, but has no other effect.
2 - There is lightning in the storm and the PCs' hair is standing up. There is a danger to be struck by lighning.
3 - The storm is a greater elemental whose conjurer was killed. Now it is angry and out of control.
4 - The storm carries a lot of moisture in it. The PCs are getting covered in mud.

25 - Water source:
1 - everything is fine,
2 - it is poisoned (determine poison),
3 - it is very very muddy and salty,
4 - it is fiercely protected by halflings,
5 - the water has a strange colour, but is fine otherwise,
6 - the water has a strange flavour (DM's choice), the water has magical properties (regernerates, ...) ,
7 - the water has strange things swimming in it (Dm's choice...)
8 - the water is an illusion to cover a nasty trap (creature, hole in the ground, fighting pit...)

26 - A theatre/music group is crossing paths with the PCs.
1 - The entertainers would like something in exchange for entertainment.
2 - The entertainers also provide other services. They sell poisons/drugs/medicine/magic potions, "useful" jewellery and assassin weapons.
3 - The entertainers perform for the PCs and try to get them drunk/asleep so they can run off with their possessions,
4 - The entertainers are on the run from templars.
5 - The entertainers are on the run from a slave tribe they have stolen from.
6 - The group are on the run from a noble man. One of the entertainers was involved in a scandal with his wife...

27 - The PCs come across a herd.
1 - It's goraks! The goraks are currently being attacked by hunters and the goraks are performing their hypnotic dance to protect themselves.
2- a kip herd is in the way. it is protected by a bad-tempered dwarf.
3 - A Z'tal herd is frightened by a boneclaw baazrag. The young half-elf protecting them has not yet spotted the creature and has a hard time keeping them in check. He is not sure whether it is the PCs presence that causes the commotion. He does not know whether to ask the PCs for help or whether to flee from them.
4 - A pack of baazrag has managed to escape from a caravan when it was attacked. They are running towards the PCs and might appear scarier than they are... Once they notice the PCs they might become irritated and change direction.

28 - The PCs encounter Nikaal.
1 - It is a small party of Nikaal. The tribe was decimated during an attack by raiders. They look badly wounded.
2 - It is a tribe travelling to the nearest fort or city to trade hides.
3 - The Nikaal are very secretive. They won't tell the PCs they are on the way to free a captured Nikaal.
4 - The Nikaal are possessed by life-shaped parasites. They attack the PCs.

29 - The PCs come across a (still living) victim/victims of
1 - dehydration,
2 - agony beetle,
3 - an assassination,
4 - a random teleport through wild magic,
5 - shapechanging magic of the Pristine Tower,
6 - an attack,
7 - fever induced hallucinations,
8 - suicide (the person in question has started to change into an undead creature and tries to kill him-/herself with sunlight.

30 - The PCs have a strange flashback/vision.
1 - It is induced by a kaisharga who likes to torture people with things they would rather forget...
2 - The PC thinks of a bizarre occurrence in his past. Later he/she finds out that his/her food has partly gone bad...
3 - a psionic entity, similar to the Caller in Darkness (see Mindlords of the Last Sea) wants the PC to remember something that is important to what the PC is doing/trying to find out at the moment.
4 - The PCs receive a coded vision about the future. This might just be the image of a place or person.

31 - The PCs meet a bizarre stranger who is taking a break.
1 - The stranger is a headhunter payed by a noble to kill an enemy.
2 - The stranger is an assassin sent out by a kaisharga to kill the person who caused his/her undeath.
3 - The stranger is a young noble who ran away from home because he/she walked in on her father/mother conjuring a demonic creature. She is afraid alone with hardly any survival skills, but is even more afraid to go back home.
4 - The stranger is an eccentric Brown Elf.
5 - The stranger is a bad-tempered paraelemental cleric,
6 - the stranger is a meditating sun-cleric,
7 - the stranger is a blind hermit. He once used to be a famous gladiator or templar but then a lot of things happened to him and he suddenly felt disgusted by the way he had lived so far. He went to live outside the cities.
8 - The stranger is New Race who has just come from the Pristine Tower. The PCs are the first people she encounters.

32 - If the PCs have failed spot checks they hear the cries of dehydrated people.
1 - The are raiders who were defeated and left to die in the desert without water,
2 - they are nobles who have committed a sin in the eyes of a water cleric.
3 - they are templars of the nearest city,
4 - it is a trap set by raiders,
5 - it is a test by people living in the area to see if the PCs are of good alignment
6 - the people got lost and simply ran out of water.

33 - The PCs encounter a patrol.
1 - It is a templar patrol. They got lost while chasing a preserver or druid of the Veiled Alliance.
2 - A patrol of templars is guarding a site outside the city which is of importance to the Sorcerermonarch in question. It might be a recently discovered vault containing ancient life-shaped devices...
3 - It is a patrol from a nearby tribe who are guarding their territory.
4 - It's scouts from a caravan.

34 - The PCs come across and antloid heap. Wait a moment... isn't there a storm coming up? ;P

35 - Gigantic
1 - The PCs come across bellingerent b'rohgs or giants. This particular tribe is usually friendly to trespassers, but they have recently faced a number of attacks by slavers...
2 - The PCs find a badly injured b'rohg or giant. He/she was part of a hunting party that fell prey to slavers. He/she was left here to die.
3 - A hunting party of b'rohgs or giants is coming in the direction of the PCs.
4 - The PCs witness a fight between b'rohgs or giants and slavers.

36 - Elemental cleric.
1 - The PCs witness a fight between an elemental and a paraelemental cleric.
2 - The PCs are tested by a water cleric if they are worthy of drinking from the water source they intend to drink from.
3 - The PCs witness an impressive fight between a high-level elemental cleric and a krag.
4 - The PCs are asked by an elemental cleric to help him/her protect an area from a defiler. If the PCs have a defiler among them the cleric will attempt to kill him/her.

37 - The PCs meet a strange trader.
1 - It is a strange scarred man trading in live-shaped items.
2 - It is a disguised undead trading in cursed items/water,
3 - It is an adventurer trying to get rid of stuff s/he stole from a ruins. S/he is hunted by an obsidian retriever and is trying to quickly make some money before s/he really has to dump the stuff...
4 - It is a dodgy old elf selling meat of undetectable origin...

38 - The PCs are asked for help by a freshly created zombie plant slave.

39 - Golem
1 - The PCs see an adventuring party chased by golems
2 - The PCs trigger a golem which was buried beneath the sand.
3 - A golem has been chasing the PCs/a PC for a very long time for some kind of theft they have committed. It has finally found them...
4 - The PCs find a dead crushed person with a manual how to make a certain type of golem...

40 - The PCs stumble across a badly wounded hej kin priest. He/she had ventured to the surface the night before to examine a disturbance and was attacked before having a chance to make his/her way back before dawn. Without spells and vision the priest is pretty helpless...

41 - A fael tries to talk the PCs into giving it some of their provisions... Its tactics will get more aggressive if it is refused what is craves...

42 - Pterrans.
1 - It is a pterran outcast. He/she has failed to succeed in his/her chosen path and has decided to quit the pterran way of life.
2 - It is a trading party who has never really ventured outside their home territory.
3 - It is a party of pterrans looking for information about the earthquake or generally looking for information on something.
4 - It is a hunting party.
5 - It is a wounded pterran who failed to catch a pterrax.
6 - It is a pterran who was outcast for committing a crime/aspiring power/being possessed.

43 - The PCs meet aarakocra.
1 - The PCs notice they are observed by aarakocras
2 - The aarakocra want a toll from the PCs for passing their territory. They are a nomadic neutral evil tribe.
3 - The PCs find a young wounded aarakocra who barely escaped the appetite of a cloudray...
4 - The PCs are warned by a party of aarakocras of dangers ahead.

44 - A druid (1d4 1-2 male, 3-4 female)
1-2 - observes the PCs in animal form to see how they are behaving on his/her guarded lands,
3 - is very aggressive and shoots out of the ground and tells the PCs to get off his guarded lands (especially if they have been misbehaving, but he/she might just be a little bellingerent...),
4 - shows up in animal form, then shapeshifts into human form and welcomes the PCs to his/her guarded lands. the druid wants a favour from the PCs (this can be (1d4) 1: information, 2: to rescue a fellow druid who is held captive by a slave tribe nearby, 3: that the PCs carry a message for him to a person who lives in the place the PCs are heading to, 4: to assist with the difficult birth of a gigantic animal),
5 - warns the PC of (1d8) 1: other people in the area, 2: undead on the other side of the guarded lands, 3: a difficult terrain with hardly any water, 4: animals in mating season, 5: animals intent on fiercely protecing their young, 6: dangerous people outside the guarded lands, 7: people looking for them, 8: fields of wild magic;
6 - warns the PCs not to use any magic and not to attack any creatures on his/her terrain

45 - The PCs have broken an ancient law talking in the area of an ancient cemetary or walking over dead etc. and a meorty appears.

46 - The PCs witness a ruvoka punishing a powerful defiler.

47 - Dwarves.
1 - The PCs come across a dwarven settlement.
2 - The PCs meet a dwarf on the way to find a worthy psionics mentor.
3 - The PCs meet a party of dwarves who are seeking revenge for an atrocity committed in their village.
4 - The PCs witness a fight between dwarves and (roll monster on MC encounter table).

48 - The PCs find a badly wounded druid on the ground. He/she is nearly dead as he/she sacrificed her lifeforce to protect the land when a powerful defiler cast spells.

49 - The PCs see large tracks. They can only be nightmare beast tracks...

50 - Noble.
1 - The PCs encounter a noble with several followers. The noble is in fact a pretender (1d6 1-2: "Robin Hood", 3-4 profit-seeking, 5-6 assassin).
2 - The noble is wanted in his/her city state for a crime against the Sorcerermonarch (1d6 1-2: crime involving murder, torture or rape, 3-4 money related crime, 5-6 the noble helped the Veiled Alliance)
3 - The noble is bored an looking for excitement and interesting people for his gladiator stalls,
4 - The noble was bored and ventured out. Now he/she has trouble holing his/her own in the desert/sea of silt/mountains...
5 - The noble is a famous person from one of the city states who is attending to some personal business,
6 - the noble is a defiler looking for artefacts,
7 - the noble is looking for trophies,
8 - the noble is chasing kidnappers of a family member or murderer(s) of a family member,
9 - the noble is chasing a personal foe or renegade family member,
10 - the noble is working for a Sorcererking/-queen, maybe even on the same task as the PCs...

51 - Half-elf.
1- The PCs meet a half-elf disguised as a human. He is wounded. The half-elf moved to a village where he made people think he was human. He fell in love with a woman who found out he was a half-elf. unfortunately her brother also found out and summoned a mob to drive the half-elf out and possibly kill him. He barely escaped.
2 - The PCs meet an eccentric half-elf ranger who is accompanied by a tari. The half-elf once saved the tari's life when a group of headhunters killed his pack.
3 - The PCs find a half-elven baby in the middle of the wilderness. It must just have been put there...
4 - The PCs meet a young half-elf who has ventured out to find and prove himself. He acts harder than he is.
5 - The half-elf isn't a half-elf but an undead creature of similar appearance.
6 - The half-elf can't speak as his/her tongue is cut out.

52 - Halfling.
1- The PCs encounter a group of halfling warriors who are out on a quest to find spell components for an important ritual. They have a young air cleric among them.
2 - The PCs encounter a small group of halflings who are chased by members of their tribe (including one of the infamous seer/rangers...) because they have conspired against their evil chieftain.
3 - The PCs meet a group of halflings which looks different from the halflings they've seen before (depending on which type of halflings the characters have not encountered yet)
4 - The PCs meet a halfling couple who has just escaped slavery. they haven't got any equipment or water.
5 - the PCs witness how a group of halflings takes revenge on slavers
6 - a group of starving halflings makes an attempt to convert the PCs into a meal...

53 - The PCs have unknowingly entered an area where a kaisharga resides.
1- If the PCs are powerful it is trying to kill the PCs through pawns. If not, it is just driving them off through illusions or spells.
2 - The kaisharga is mad or bored and is playing with the PCs. I is also sending the PCs strange dreams or visions.
3 - the kaisharga is having fun trying to make the PCs commit suicide or kill each other.
4 - the kaisharga is trying to steal magic items or gems from the PCs (or other things it needs for a ritual)

54 - Tareks.
1- A party of tareks is furious. Somebody has killed their shaman (= earth cleric) and they want revenge (and a new earth cleric if possible). They are looking for the people who have killed him. They either want information from the PCs or are so enraged that they are attacking anything in their way...
2 - the PCs meet a tarek couple. They are escaped slave gladiators. They are not sure if they want to go back to their tribe after what happened.
3 - The PCs witness a band of tareks chasing a preserver.
4 - A party of tareks suspects the PCs to be magic users. They want to chase them off their territory. IF the PCs are not in an area where tareks could possibly live, take any other wild people extremely suspicious of magic.

55 - Mul.
1 - The PCs witness how a mul is being attacked by headhunters. The mul is an escaped gladiator. The mul is an extremely good fighter, but has no chance against the psionicist who is with the headhunters.
2 - The PCs are attacked by a band of wild muls.
3 - The PCs meet an escaped mul. He has not yet decided what to do and has a hard time getting used to the wilderness.
4 - The PCs meet a mul accompanying a Brown Elf psionicist. The mul is the Brown Elf's apprentice. They try to engage in a conversation with the PCs as they want to know information about the direction the PCs are coming from.

56 - Belgoi. The PCs are approached by belgoi who want to trade. This can be weapons, medicine or information. The traders are 1d4
1-2: genuine,
3-4: part of a trap for the PCs.

57 - Cult.
1 - The PCs walk into a ritual conducted by a cult who wants to summon an evil entity from the Planes.
2 - The PCs are invited by some people to camp with them. They are cultists who intend to use the PCs as a sacrifice to a forgotten god.
3 - The PCs meet a party sent by the Veiled Alliance. They are looking for children who have gone missing in the nearest city state. The children were all born to gifted parents (wizards & psionicists). In fact the children were kidnapped by a strange cult who wants the children to grow into their community and ideology. They want fanatically loyal people.
4 - A cult aims to kidnap the PCs in order to mindwipe and manipulate them.
5 - Cultists ask the PCs if they are interested in joining their cult.
6 - The PCs find remains of a gruesome ritual.
7 - The PCs witness a small army of templars wipe out a pacifist cult.
8 - A person comes running towards the PCs. It is a man/woman running away from a group of people who are all clothed in the same attire. The man/woman used to belong to the cult, but now wants to quit... The other cultists are trying to kill her. It is the DM's choice how powerful the man/woman is and how high he/she was in the cult's hierarchy...

58 - Psionicist.
1 - a psionocus spies on the PCs. But who sent it?
2 - The PCs meet a suffering psionicist with a psionic parasite. Obviously the parasite is interested in spreading...
3 - the PCs meet a psionicist who cannot block out other people's thoughts. That's why he/she lives in the wilderness. He/she tries to get away from the PCs.
4 - the PCs witness a duel between two high level psionicists. One is a member of the Order, the other one a psionicist who does not want to join their ranks. Roll the dice for the alignment of the non-Order psionicist (1d4 1: lawful evil, 2: lawful neutral, 3: lawful good, 4: other).

59 - Half-giant.
1 - The players encounter a weird bunch of actors and musicians accompanied by a half-giant. The group somehow convinced the half-giant to travel with them as a bodyguard. The group also does some illegal business and information broking the half-giant is oblivious of.
2 - The PCs encounter a schizophrene half-giant whose personality is split between two extreme alignments: lawful good and chaotic evil. The prevalent personality is the lawful good one. The chaotic evil side shows up suddenly and fatally...
3 - The PCs are attacked by a small band of half-giant raiders. One of them is a psychic warrior.
4 - The PCs encounter a lonely half-giant who claims to have lost the rest of his party. He is trying to hook up with the PCs. The half-giant is manipulated by an emeny of the PCs. He unwittingly spies upon the PCs.

60 - Life-shaped items.
1 - The PCs encounter a halfling who is enclosed in a horrid veiny life-shaped bodysuit. It forces him/her to attack the PCs.
2 - The PCs find a skeletion with a life-shaped necklace. It is a parasite (See PAoA).
3 - The PCs come across a strange trader who offers the PCs life-shaped healing patches and replacement organs...
4 - The PCs see a rhul-thaun halfling fight a scorpion with a life-shaped wrist-razor style weapon.
5 - The PCs find a dead rhul-thaun halfling with a life-shaped wrist-razor style weapon.
6 - The PCs meet a life-shaper who had to flee from the rhul-thaun lands as he/she discovered some evil secrets.

61 - Madman/-woman.
1 - The PCs encounter a psionicist who, after a psionic combat, was stripped of his powers and driven insane.
2 - The Pcs encounter a mad templar who was driven insane by her ruler as a punishment.
3 - The PCs encounter a mad templar who was driven insane by what an undead creature did with her fellow templars
4 - the PCs encounter a mad prophet (roll the dice to determine how much of what he/she is saying is true).
5 - The person is not mad but an off-worlder who does not speak any Athasian language
6 - A madwoman runs towards the PCs, tears her filthy clothes off and runs past the Pcs into the desert shouting something like "i can see it!!!"

62 - Wraith
1 - The PC find a skeleton of a woman bearing an elaborate metal scimitar. It happens to be taken over by a wraith which has no intention to become active until much later...
2 - The PC find a suit of armour which suddenly becomes animated...
3 - The PCs find a single corpse lying in on the ground. While the PCs are examining the corpse a wraith is trying to take over the most charismatic PC near it.
4 - Somebody is trying to scare the PCs off a water source or other important site by creating the illusion of a wraith.

63 - Elves.
1 - The PCs see a tribe of elves run across the horizon.
2 - The PCs see a group of elves chased by thri-kreen in the distance.
3 - The PCs encounter an elf carrying a bunch of scalps. He took revenge for an insult to his clan.
4 - The Pcs encounter a young elven runner. His running is past of an adulthood rite and he must not be disturbed in his task.

64 - The PCs find the exhausted victim of a dune runner curled up in the sand.

65 - Tari.
1 - A nomadic tribe of wasteland tari is appearing on the horizon. The tari carry their possessions and children on wheeled wooden frames.
2 - A group of tari is trying to capture and inix for use a a beast of burden. The group will never make is without the help of the PCs.
3 - The PCs see a group of tari which is trying to pull tribe members out of quicksand with the help of a rope tied to an inix.
4 - The PCs encounter a wandering tribe of tari. The guys have some information they are willing to trade in for food.

66 - Tul'k.
1 - The PC meet a young tul'k. He/she was exiled from the clan for not being conceived by the leader.
2 - The PC see a band of tul'ks examining some corpses they came across for jewellery. The PCs might mistake them for the murderers.
3 - The PCs are attacked by starving tul'ks. They are only fighting to get away with the food. They are trying not to kill the PCs.
4 - The PCs encounter a small band of tul'ks who are chased by slavers.

67 - A tiny asteroid thuds down in front of the PCs.

68 - An outcast gith is offering the PCs his services as a scout.

69 - Jozhals are trying to get near the PCs to see if they have got any magic items.

70 - The PCs encounter a party that has captured a slig for somebody who wants to do experiments on sligs.

71 - The PCs see 2 ssurrans coming in their direction. They might think they are part of a larger tribe of ssurrans, but really they are just two scouts for a merchant caravan.

72 - Kreen.
1 - The PCs encounter a kreen who has just started his wandering phase. He/she has either hardly any experience with other race or has never met specimen of other races before.
2 - The PCs find a thri-kreen elemental priest who has died of old age. (1d10 1: magma, 2 rain, 3-4 earth 5-6 sun, 7-8 air, 9:water, 10:fire)
3 - The PCs encounter members of the Kiltektet pack(see Thri-kreen of Athas)
4 - The PCs are spied upon by a Zik Trin
5 - The PCs encounter a rare pack of Thri-Kreen artists.
6 - The PCs encounter a female Thri-kreen druid accompanied by a Jalath'gak.

73 - Pakubrazi.
1 - The PCs encounter the victim of a pakubrazi taint.
2 - The PCs find a bard who died during a fight with a dune reaper. There are vials of pakubrazi blood scattered around. Some are broken.
3 - The PCs encounter a pakubrazi in disguise. It has taken on the shape of (whatever the predominant race of the PCs is).
4 - The PCs come across a water source. Once they have drunk they notice an aftertaste. Could be blodd. Then they realise that there is a dead pakubrazi in the water...

74 - Hunting party.
1 - The Pcs encounter a hunting party from a nearby settlement. If the PCs are interested in hunting they may join the party - but only if they agree that the majority of the meat goes to the village.
2 - The PCs encounter a noble who is looking for some good trophies to impress other nobles.
3 - A dangerous beast is running towards the PCs. It is chased by a hunting party.
4 - An intelligent creature is chased by a hunting party and is asking the PCs psionically for help.

75 - Roc.
1 - A mounted roc is flying above the PCs, but eventually flying away if the group looks too hard. Otherwise it attacks.
2 - The PCs find a wounded roc with a dead roc rider.
3 - The PCs bump into people who have built a roc trap and are now waiting for a roc. They are annoyed that the PCs are causing a disturbance.
4 - The PCs witness how a woman attempts to mount a captured rock in order to tame it.

76 - A thinking zombie bears a hatred against adventurers, especially greedy treasure seekers. It will give those immoral adventurers a lesson...

77 - The Pcs feel strong psionic powers being used. It is a psionic entity trying to possess one of the PCs.

78 - The PCs come across a strange plant with strange fruit hanging from it.
1 - The plant is protected by a druid. He is growing the fruit to make him resistant against defiling magic.
2 - The plant is a mutant variant of the zombie plant. It does not turn the victim into a zombie. The victim just falls in love with the plant and "really wants to stay with it".
3 - The "fruit" are little nests for a blood-thirsty insect - which happens to be producing an edible anti-septic paste...
4 - The fruit is poisonous (DM's choice of poison type...).

79 - The PCs come across a stone which suddenly starts talking to the PCs - psionically. It asks the PCs to carry them to a specific person in a specific place (the direction the PCs are going?) so that it can deliver a message. Unfortunately its carrier was carried off by a roc...

80 - The PCs hear strange music in the distance. They are not able to determine a source. The music is a shadow of the past. The PCs might come across some disappearing instruments in the sand or other effects freak the PCs out...

81 - The PCs meet friends on the road.

82 - The PCs come across a strange tavern. IT is run by folks of different races. The PCs are offered food & drink, entertainment & accomodation. What the PCs don't know but might suspect is that the tavern is an illusion run by undead. A powerful kaisharga maintains and moves the illusion to appropriate places. And no, it is NOT called the "Titty Twister" in case you wondered...:P Actually, it's the "Traveller's Rest"... he he

83 - The PCs encounter a group of slavers who ask the PCs for water. Will they give it to a slaver???

84 - The PC notice that plants are beginning to wither around them and then they feel the pull of defiling magic.
1 - A druid is fighting with a defiler. The druid is going to sacrifice part of his/her life energy for the land. He/she might need help defeating the defiler.
2 - The defiler is fighting another defiler. The have been chasing each other across the wilderness. The reason is a woman.
3 - A young defiler is "just practicing".
4 - A defiler is defending him-/herself against a spider cactus or other nasty plant.

85 - Army. The PCs see an army of some sort passing by.
1 - It is not an army but a herd of driks or mekillots.
2 - It is a very large band of slavers.
3 - It is an army of ex-slaves, e.g. Sortar's Army from "Slave Tribes".
4 - It is a large armoured force protecting a caravan
5 - It is an army of templars from one city state
6 - It is an army of templars from different city states.
7 - It is a party of Villichi
8 - It is an army of ghosts
9 - It is a hallucination.
10 - It is the Black Sand Raiders.

86 - Enviroment.
1 - The colour of the ground changes.
2 - The temperature changes for no apparent reason.
3 - A strange phenomenon occurs in the sky.
4 - The sand is drifting across the ground in little whirls but not storm is approaching.
5 - There is suddently a huge circle of ash on the ground.
6 - The ground is blood-soaked for no apparent reason.

87 - The PCs come across a scene of initiation. Feel free to determine the success of it...
1 - of a druid
2 - of an elemental cleric
3 - of a pterran psionicist/warrior/druid
4 - of a defiler
5 - of a preserver
- of a strange cult

88 - Sacrifice.
1 - The PCs are wanted as a sacrifice by Ssurrans.
2 - The PCs come across a scene of ritual killing. It is a small slave tribe led by a psychopathic psionicist.
3 - The PCs find a man/woman drained of blood surrounded by ash. Someone needed the blood to power an evil spell.
4 - The PCs come across a valuable magic item. It is the subject to a mild curse. If the PCs want to use the item they have to make a sacrifice of some sort.

89 - Pages of a book or opened scrolls come flying towards the PCs. They are from a caravan that was either raided or had a "leak" somewhere...
1 - The pages are from an encoded spellbook.
2 - The pages are from a merchant's accountant.
3 - The pages are sheet music.
4 - The pages are maps.
5 - The pages are from a diary.
6 - The pages are obscene drawings.

90 - The PCs find a templar medallion in the sand.

91 - Duel
1 - high level defiler/preserver
2 - over tribal leadership (primitive race e.g. tul'k)
3 - over tribal leadership (slave tribe)
4 - high level druid/defiler

92 - Elements.
1 - The PCs see traces of a powerful elemental being summoned.
2 - The PCs witness an elemental in action.
3 - The PCs witness an elemental cleric being punished by his element for too many mistakes.
4 - The Pcs see a trace of a manifestation of a spirit of the land.

93 - The PCs come across a hidden training camp of elite warriors.
1 - It is fanatic ex-slaves
2 - It seems to be ex-slaves but it is secretly supported by druids.
3 - It is run by Dregoth to "promote" his cult.
4 - It is run by racist fanatics wanting to wipe out a certain race, e.g. the thri-kreen.
5 - It is Shadow elves.
6 - It is run by a Sorcerermonarch and features lots of magically altered mutants.

94 - The PCs are led into an underground labyrinth by a bored undead who intends to test his/her recently constructed dungeon out... (you can re-roll if this option is too much work :D)

95 - The PCs meet a friend or ex-companion on the road who they believed dead. The friend is a thinking zombie who feels the urge to kill its former buddies.

96 - The PCs meet an evil outsider e.g. a kython, vaath, lamia, rutterkin, bar-lgura, mane, babau, shadow demon... all for the "what on earth was that???" effect.

97 - The PCs meet a good-natured outsider. This can be a desert centaur, shapeshifter, Aasimar, a good- or neutral-aligned tiefling, a wemic (hey, that would give someone a shock, he he...), a baal (see the Races section) etc.

98 - The spririt of the land is sending one or more PCs a vision.

99 - The PCs meet a pyreen disguised as a low level druid.

100 - The PCs witness a random appearance of the Dragon. It might be a hallucination...