City Encounters

This table can be used or altered for:
Oasis, Fort, Village

To determine encounters, roll a d100, then use the dice stated.

1 - Fire
1d6: 1: burning person 2: on a plant (tree, bush, cactus...) 3: on a building 4: open fire, e.g. campfire 5: person with torch running towards the group 6: magical fire (in the air, fire script on the wall)

2 - Duel
Who? 1d8: 1: 2 defilers 2: warriors 3: psionicists 4:nobles 5:preservers 6:catfight 7: thief/victim 8:bards
Reason? 1d10: 1: treachery 2: lover 3: honour (major) 4: honour (minor) 5: mistake 6: murder 7:revenge 8:feud

3 - Fight
Who? 1d20 1:guards 2:slave 3:gladiators 4:entertainers 5:templars 6:monsters 7:animals 8:men 9:women 10:bards 11:templars 12:adventurers 13:druid 14: streetkid 15:trader 16:magical being (e.g. elemental) 17: nobles 18: Veiled Alliance 19: craftsmen 20:clerics
Reason (optional): 1d10: 1:major crime 2:just for fun 3: love 4:ego 5: escape 6:mistake 7:drunkeness 8:long-standing feud 9:race (see race table) 10:thievery

4 - incoming caravan
1d4 mainly 1:humans 2:elves 3:spies from the Veiled Alliance 4:slave tribe

5 - public execution
1d20: 1:child 2:man 3:woman 4: thief 6:preserver 7:defiler 8:psionicist 9:Veiled Alliance 10:healer (who failed or help escapist) 11:noble/templar 12:druid 13:cleric 14:bard 15:unusual race 16: several people (sect, adventurers or roll again) 17: gladiator 18: cook 19: eleganta 20: other

6 - jammed streets because of:
1d12: 1:festival 2:funeral 3:entertainers 4:special market 5:race 6:roadworks 7:one of the above 8:escape 9:explosion 10:something in the sky 11:special games 12:wedding

7 - Important event:
1d6 1:sabotage 2:festival 3:trial 4:famous gladiator visits 5:state visit 6:disease

8 - PCS bump into
1d6 1:drunken 2:friendly 3:already angry 4:mad 5:frightened 6:wounded 7:naked 8: jolly 9:gifted 10:...
1d8 1:half-giant 2:aarakocra 3:thri-kreen 4:halfling 5:dwarf 6:human 7:half-elf 8:mul Sex:1d4: 1-2:male 3-4:female

9 - Pcs are questionned about ... 1d8: 1: magic 2: slave escape 3:murder 4:person they know 5:by mistake 6:the best price for a magic item/weapon/food/accomodation/map/etc. 7:a different City state 8:their sexual preferences

10 - Razzia
Reason 1d4: 1:drugs 2:Veiled Alliance 3: magic 4: spies
Where: 1d4: 1:inn 2: private house 3:underground 4:market stalls

11 - Pcs are provoked to
1d4: 1:fight 2:say something dangerous 3:use magic/psionics 4:steal
to have a reason to get them into slavery

12 - People are looking for an escaped slave (this slave might have information about
1d4 1: an attempt on someone's life 2:political intrigues 3:razzias 4:spies 5:what the other side knows 6:dark secrets of his/her master)

13 - Sabotage by 1d4 1:the Veiled Alliance 2:slaves 3:evil preying creatures 4:bard/thief/jealous lover
14 - Kidnapping attempt
1d4: 1: noble (woman, child, man) 2:child (to be sold into slavery) 3:future wife of somebody influential 4:famous personality 5:druid 6:defiler (kidnapping by the VA for questioning)

15 - Funeral
1d4: templar/noble 2:poor people 3:elves 4:other

16 - Wild animal (see tables in MC)

17 - Veiled Alliance meeting

18 - mysterious note

19 - Mage (d100: 67% Defiler, 33% Preserver) tries to steal a magic item from the PC

20 - Somebody is looking for 1d4: 1:an assassin to kill a rival 2:somebody to sabotage a rival's project 3:a kidnapper 4:a person to humiliate a rival

21 - Expedition
1d4: 1:explorer 2:trader 3:druid 4:preserver 5:defiler 6:psionicist needs Pcs for an expedition

22 - Druid, Seer, Cleric (d100: 50% druid, 50% cleric à (d100): 1-25: Earth, 26-50: Fire, 51-75: Water, 76-00: Air ) had visions about the Pcs and is approching them

23 - Hiding
1d4 1:Slave 2:Thief 3:fellow adventurer 4:preserver 5:friend 6:other templar 7:druid 8:bard 9:cleric 10:murderer
is hiding from templars

24 - Psionicist: Pcs notice psionicist teleporting near them
1d4 He/She 1:is on the run 2:has made a mistake 3:wants to warn the PCs 4:is completely mad 5:needs help 6:is following somebody else 7:is following the PCs 8:lives there

25 - PCs watch templar
1d8 1:take a bribe 1:force a woman to kiss him and drag her into a dark alley receive some form of message from somebody 4:kill somebody 5:casting an illusion spell on herself 6:lie unconscious in the street 7:drink too much 8:insult his employer...

26 - PCs notice people disguised as templars

27 - PCs face illness:
1d6: 1: skin disease 2:lepratic 3:mutation 4:lice 5:children's disease 6:major disease 7:wounds won't heal 8:magically engineered

28 - PCs are insulted by
1d8 1:other adventurers 2:a racist 3:a noble 4:a madman 5:a drunkard 6:a templar 7:an entertainer 8:somebody wanting to provoke a fight

29 - PCs mistake Sorcererking's/-queen's agents for
1d8 1:burglars 2:thieves 3:beggars 4:VA 5:clerics 6:friends 7:traders 8:smugglers

30 - PC is said to have committed a crime

31 - PCs are blackmailed by somebody for something they have done in the past

32 - PC is mistaken for/recognised as a
1d6 1:thief 2:defiler 3:preserver 4:wanted criminal 5:defiler 6:famous personality

33 - Friend needs help
1d8 1:won't succeed in a duel 2:needs money, because he is being blackmailed 3:fell in love with somebody he/she can't have 4:his/her familiy is ill 5:a friend is imprisoned 6:wants to get somebody out of slavery 7:needs guardinans/spies for a caravan to... 8:needs rare spell components

34 - Marriage proposal
1d8: 1:somebody comes up to the PC and asks him/her if he/she would pose with the NPC as a married couple 2:somebody wants to marry the PC to get out of the place/slavery/poverty 3:a girl is offered the PCs for marriage - against money 4:somebody believes in love on the first sight 5:somebody needs to get married to receive a large sum of money from his/her parents testament 6:the person proposing is drunk 7:person is making a joke 8:person is controlled and is asking the wrong person/is controlled by a friend with a bizarre sense of humour

35 - A 1d6 1:naive 2:mysterious 3:dubious 4:crazy 5:magically gifted 6:desperate
1d8 1:half-giant 2:aarakocra 3:thri-kreen 4:halfling 5:dwarf 6:human 7:half-elf 8:mul
is looking for a
1d4 1:adventure group 2:friend 3:contact 4:place to hide

36 - PCs receive unexpected donation/present from somebody they don't know
It is 1d4 1:for something they have done 2:for something they are to do 3:to get rid of some cursed items 4:given them by mistake

37 - Child tries to steal the PCs
1d4 1:purse 2:dagger 3:bag of herbs 4:magic item

38 - Somebody in disguise is trying to trick the Pcs

1d4 1:a rival 2:a certain area the PCs know very well 3:the VA 4:a disappeared family member

40 - The Veiled Alliance
1d8 1:is after a traitor 2:is approaching the PCs 3:needs help from the PCs 4:wants to get rid of the PCs (false information about them or evil double agent cell leader) 5:is looking for information on a certain topic 6:is looking for a missing member 7:is defending themselves against templars 8:is spreading rumors about a defiler in town

41 - Beggar/Seer has strange (1-2:true/3-4:false) information for the Pcs about 1d4 1:a place 2:a person (1d4 1:friend 2:VIP 3:enemy 4:nobody they know) 3:an important event 4:the PCs themselves

42 - Thievery 1d8 1:The PCs notice somebody breaking into a house 2:The PCs encounter a famous thief 3:The Pcs are robbed 4:The PCs come across something like a secret thieves' guild 5:The PCs notice a thief stealing something from a person in the streets 6:A thief wants help/muscle from the PCs 7:templars are looking for a thief 8:PC is mistaken for a thief

43 - Mission (see different table - still to come. Use adventure hooks if you want...)

44 - PCs hear rumours about a special arena spectacle. It has to do with
1d6 1:rare monsters 2:a famous gladiaotr 3:women 4:a new game 5:a contest where everybody can take part in 6:a psionic mutation (e.g.shapeshifter)

45 - PCs watch theatre play
1d4: 1:drama 2:comedy 3:mucial 4:other
(d100 to determine quality of the play. Piece may contain hidden political criticism. Play out audience reactions. Beware of pick-pockets...)

46 - Elves are looking for a missing tribe member.

47 - Brown elf
1d4 1:had a vision about the Pcs 2:is on a mission to... 3:is warning the PCs about an area they intend to travel to 4:sits down next to the PCs

48 - PCs meet famous gladiator
1d6 1:in disguise, working for the VA 2:in a brothel 3:on a caravan 4:looking for people to do something for him 5:in a tavern 6:playing games of luck

49 - PCs notice druid in animal form

50 - PCs meet disguised Undead

51 - PCs watch elves taking blood revenge

52 - PCs notice particularly cruel slave guard

53 - PCs recognise a slave at an auction who is
1d4 1:a powerful preserver or psionicist from the Veiled Alliance 2:a defiler/psionicist trying to infiltrate the Alliance on the Sorcererking/-queen's behalf 3:an old friend who obviously got into trouble/has powerful enemies 4:incredibly charismatic and is therefore attracting their attention

54 - PCs spot
1d4 1:a magic item 2:a steel weapon 3:a life-shaped item 4:a rare herb
on a stand

55 - PCs see a
1d6 1:trader 2:inn-keeper 3:slave 4:free citizen 5:aristocrat 6:templar
making the "veil" sign

56 - The PCs witness an assassination attempt

57 - The PCs meet very a very important personality

58 - A festival takes place.

59 - Pcs are used as diversion.

60 - Alliance member approaches Pcs with an important document bearing evidence against 1d4: 1:a friend 2:a fellow PC 3:a famous VA leader 4:a new contact

61 - The PCs have an encounter with a strange prophet

62 - The PCs meet a madman

63 - meet person under drug influence
1d4 1:the person was forced to take drugs by the templars. They have questionned him about the VA. The person could escape 2:The person is an addict 3:The person was poisoned and will die/go blind without help 4:A thief put the drugs in the NPCs drink so he/she could rob the NPC more easily

64 - The PCs meet a suffering victim of an experiment of 1d8 1:Pristine Tower 2:a defiler 3:a necromancer 4:life-shapers 5:an evil psionicist 6:bard (drug testing) 7:a preserver apprentice 8:a Sorcererking/-queen

65 - A Merchant desperately needs money and sells items for very little money.

66 - 1d6 a 1:merchant 2:galdiator 3:dubious elf 4:Alliance member 5:preserver/defiler 6:DMs choice
tries to buy a 1d6 1:well crafted weapon 2:a rare herb 3:a magic item 4:an unusual map 5:information 6:DMs choice
off a PC

67 - The PCs meet a New Race being
1d6 1-2: male 3-4 female 5-6 can't determine...

68 - The PCs encounter somebody chased by 1d6 1:templars 2:kidnappers 3:merchants 4:bodyguards 5:elves 6:other
trying to get 1d6 1:a stolen item 2:street kids 3:an unfaithful lover 4:a murderer 5:a magic-user 6:a person

69 - A drunken person insults or attacks PCs.

70 - Teh PCs meet (dubious) fortune-teller.
71 - The PCs prevent rape of a 1d6 1:man 2:woman 3:slave-girl 4:bard 5:famous personality 5:preserver 6:other

72 - PCs notice hidden (secret) entrance

73 - The PCs meet adventurer showing off his knowledge of
1d4 1:unknown areas 2:women 3:a place that the Pcs are interested in 4:basically nothing...

74 - A mysterious woman curses the PCs

75 - The PCs spot
1d6 1:disguised Villichi 2:mul druid 3:escaping slave 4:member of the Veiled Alliance 5:servant 6:other
1d4 1:behaving strangely 2:performing a ritual 3:helping somebody disguise 4:bearing a strange item/tatoo

76 - The PCs witness the escape of a slave

77 - The PCs feel
1d8: 1:some form of energy being summoned 2:sick 3:extremely depressed 4:happy for no reasonas 5:that they are followed by an animal 6:confused 7:as if something bad is going to happen in a moment 8:a dagger in their back

78 - A PC notices a
1d4 1:friend 2:relative 3:tribe member 4:other among working slaves

79 - The PCs meet group of adventurers who
1d6 1:have lost 1d4 companions on their last mission 2:have discovered new ruins and are very reluctant to talk about it 3:are possessed by an evil entity 4:behave very strangely 5:seem to hide something heavy in their middle 6:are disguised as women/men

80 - The PCs find an orphan baby in a blanket. It seems
1d10 1:to need medical help 2:to have a special gift 3:a strange mutation 4:to be an ordinary baby 5:to bear a strange mark 6:be a half-elf 7:be of a race completely unknown to the PCs 8:as if the blanket was taken from a nobleman's house 9:to be a villichi 10:to be ...

81 - Workers are repairing a building after a fight between the Alliance and templars

82 - The PC hear a strange "priest" talk about
1d 1:gods 2:a new age 3:a new religion 4:quasi-elements5:Dregoth 6: the Messenger 7:enlighting the masses 8:a Blue Age halfling invasion... (;-)

83 - The PCs watch people transporting something in a very secretive manner (magic artefact)

84 - Somebody is arrested for
1d4 1:predicting the fall of all Sorcererkings 2:insulting the king/queen 3:predicting another catastrophy 4:predicting an invasion or war

85 - Templars brutally end a minor slave/Alliance revolt

86 - The PCs hear rumors about
1d8 1:the Sorcererking being a dragon - but human before 2:the Pristine Tower 3:a treasure in... 4:a tunnel-system undergoing all of Athas from the Blue Age 5:a slave-tribe owning an iron-mine (wrong) 6:dangerous life-shaped weapons 7:a new Sorcererking
8:a conspiracy consisting of (1d8 1:nobles 2:psionicists 3:evil magic-users 4:evil elves 5:druids and elemental priests 6:ex-slaves 7:street kids 8:bards)

87 - Pcs are hired to pose as
1d8 1:pleasure slaves 2:government officials/templars 3:mutants 4: an aristocrats fiancé, so that he/she can inherit his/her fathers possessions 5:famous gladiators 6:a couple

88 - PCs encounter a prostitute. He/she is
1d10 1:a real prostitute 2:a thief 3:a spy 4:a beginner 5:extremely ugly 6:extremely talented 7:carrying a dangerous disease 8:a cleric 9:a psionicist 10:New Race 11:too young 12:too old 13:an old friend/love 14:the love of your life 15:a serial killer 16:a drug addict 17:a bored noble 18:very expensive 19:the same sex 20:a Sorcererking or -queen in disguise looking for adventure (only joking)

89 - The PCs find a twisted corpse with an extremely disturbing expression in his/her eyes

90 - The PCs notice an unusual
1d6 1:guard 2:animal 3:beggar 4:gladiator 5:vegetable 6:person

91 - The PCs come across a couple of forged documents
1d6 1:on the street 2:hidden in a gap in the wall 3:in a dubious shop 4:in a bag given to them by a stranger, a contact or a friend 5:in their meal 6:on them

92 - The PCs hear rumours about
1d10 1:ruins 2:an oasis 3:a village 4:a city-state 5:a place in ... 6:a settlement in the "Deadlands" 7:a new form of magic 8: a new race 9:a new material 10:an opponent of the Sorcererkings
they have never heard of

93 - The PCs are invited by
1d10 1:a friend 2:an evil slave hunter 3:a noble 4:a contact 4:a mysterious man or woman 5:a talking animal (spell of a preserver, druid or thief with wild talent) 6:a person who owes them a favour 7:a mad dwarf 8:a drunken templar 9:a party of adventurers 10:a singer and dancer to her performance tonight

94 - the PCs discover a secret entrance to
1d10 1:an underground lake 2:a tavern 3:a shop 4:caverns 5:a headquarter of the Veiled Alliance 6:an off-licence 7:a strange laboratory 8:a tomb with lots of Undead 9: an ancient theatre 10:the palace

95 - The PCs meet a street kid who is
1d10 running away from 1:templars 2:a screaming old woman with a stick 3:a poor preserver whose purse with money for magic ingredients was stolen 4:a furious half-giant
5:trying to steal their valuables 6:offering him/herself as a guide 7:insulting them 8:accusing them of a crime 9:mistaking the PCs for a criminal 10:begging them for food, money or water

96 - The PCs are asked about news from
1d18 1:another city-state 2:a village 3:an oasis 4:an area they know very well 5:somebody 6:VA HQ
1d8: 1:by a member of the Veil 2:a templar 3:a beggar 4:a strange man or woman 5:a slave 6:a madman 7:an elf 8:a trader

97 - The PCs smell 1d4 1:strange gas coming out of a secret laboratory for magical research 2:fire 3:death 4:cinnamon or similar which in this case has to be the side effect of a spell

98 - The PCs are given a mysterious present from
1d6: the Sourcererking/-queen they have offended or helped 2:a friend 3:an enemy 4:a contact 5:a templar how is in love or wants a mor physical relationship with one of the PCs 6:a sage

99 - The PCs witness a Cathexis

100 - The PCs meet Sorcererking/-queen in disguise