Psionic Characters

  • Psychic Warrior
  • Psychic Warrior
  • Veiled Alliance Leader
  • Mul Druid/Psionicist/Gladiator
  • Alliance Special Agent
  • Alliance Preserver

  • Ashaa (female psychic warrior)
    AL: lawful neutral

    Ashaa grew up as a street kid in Raam. Because she was a strong, tall and fast, she quickly grew into the role of a gang leader. Although she has a reputation for being difficult and not very clever, she is well liked because of her fairness and protective nature.
    Ashaa is a tall, lanky elf with dark skin, black hair and dark purple eyes. She has a surprisingly dark voice, which is partly due to an illness she had as a child, which still affects her constitution. Nevertheless, she tries to make use of her psychic abilities and become a psychic warrior, no matter how slow her progress is. She is training with a former jaszt whenever she has managed to acquire enough money for a lesson.
    Ashaa secretly admires gladiators. She aspires to their discipline and control and, she has to admit, she also likes their often colourful and ostentatious attire. She does not like some of the nasty things they do, though.

    STR 15
    DEX 22
    CON 10
    INT 8
    WIS 7
    CHA 17
    WEAPONS two blades
    ARMOUR -
    NOTES -

    Othana (female psychic warrior)

    AL: lawful neutral

    Othana sees herself as a soldier. She likes law and order and has an unshakeable belief in justice. She knows that most people won't see any justice on Athas, but she will do her best. At the moment she has been given this opportunity her city, Tyr.
    Othana is a woman of few words and often comes across as grumpy and not very approachable. She tries to enforce this image to conceal that she is quite a gentle, sensitive person.
    Othana has long dark hair (that is starting to show the odd gray streak) and dark gray eyes. She likes to dress in black and is always seen with two things: her very un-Athasian looking blades and a bird-of-prey that she has nursed back to health a few years back and that does not leave her side. For this she needed the help of a druid who she is now friends with.

    STR 17
    DEX 19
    CON 17
    INT 17
    WIS 15
    CHA 18
    WEAPONS two blades
    ARMOUR -
    NOTES -

    Mayadra (female psionicist)
    AL: lawful good

    Mayadra is a leader of the Veiled Alliance. She was born with a special gift that she has secretly developed over the years with her mentor, the psionicist Charon of Urik.
    Mayadra was born to two psionicists of the Veiled Alliance. Already at birth it was apparent that she possessed a special gift. Mayadra was born with intense dark purple eyes.
    It turned out that Mayadra can easily pull psionic energy from people, even those who just have a latent gift. It seems to work a bit like a cathexis. She does not even have to see or be near the people.
    As Mayadra is of lawful good alignment, she does not want to abuse her powers. Still, she would like to use it to rid Athas of Sorcerermonarchs (or later Dregoth?). For this moment, she has been preparing all her life. She is 63 now, but has still doubts and fears. The Veil is now putting a lot of pressure upon her.

    How to use Mayadra:

  • Depending on a DMs campaign, this NPC could be the centre of an adventure or campaign, the campaign either ending with Mayadra being successful or dramatically unsuccessful. Maybe she is captured by Dregoth or a Sorcerermonarch who of course want to make use of their ability. Also, she will be hunted by the Order.

    STR 12
    DEX 20
    CON 19
    INT 17
    WIS 19
    CHA 22
    WEAPONS magic dagger (silver/+4)
    ARMOUR -
    NOTES extremely talented psionicist with the ability to quickly gather PSP from other people

    Jabeel Male mul druid/gladiator/psionicist
    AL: neutral good

    When Jabeel escaped from the slave pits he had, for the first time, the space to think about what he wanted to do. He also wanted to know his place in the world. He wandered what he was: natural or unnatural. Did he have the right to live? Was he an abomination?
    As it happened he met a druid in the tavern of a bandit village. The druid found it interesting for a mul to ask such a question. The next day when Jabeel was sober the two engaged in a philosophical conversation about nature. Jabeel was fascinated. He kept on asking the druid questions and the druid sometimes answered questions, sometimes he left the answers for Jabeel to find out.
    In the end Jabeel wanted to know so much that the druid decided to offer the mul mentorship.
    Since that time Jabeel has become a devoted druid. He has found his place as part of nature and will do anything to protect it.
    Jabeel is a calm and pensive character. He is likely to confuse people with traditonal expectations regarding muls. He has changed his tattoos of ownership to animal tattoos which cover most of his body. He wears a light dark brown cloak, carries an agafari staff and is accompanied by a boneclaw baazrag.

    How to use Jabeel:

  • If there is a higher level psionicist in the party and if the party is of neutral or good alignment, Jabeel might ask the PC(s) in question if he could train with him/her for the time they are staying. Jabeel also likes to know what is happening in the cities and other regions.
  • Jabeel might help the PCs when they are in need.
  • Jabeel might ask the PCs for help. He is helping the Veiled Alliance to smuggle some mul babies out of a city. He has established a community in the wilderness where they can be raised.
  • If a mul in the party is interested in becoming a druid he might sense that and approach the mul in question.
  • STR 19
    DEX 17
    CON 19
    INT 17
    WIS 16
    CHA 20
    WEAPONS agafari staff, bone dagger
    ARMOUR -
    NOTES Jabeel is very confident regarding his abilities in combat. He prefers to fight without weapons even if the opponent is using them.

    Stel (male fighter/psionicist/preserver)
    AL: lawful good

    Stel is the son of a dwarven psionicist and an elven preserver. As a result he looks like a cross between a half-elf and a mul. He can pass as either of them.
    Although he was born to loving understanding parents and in isolation from others, he has been in a severe identity crisis for most of his life.
    That began to change when Nibenay's Veiled Alliance sent the charismatic half-elf Tiora to his parents for tuition. The two outsiders were fascinated by each other at once and after a long period of misunderstandings and inhibitions the two started an intense relationship.
    But still, Stel's inner quarrels remained. He decided to leave Tiora and his family for a while and set out into the desert where he came upon agents of the Veil.
    Stel ended up working for the Veiled Alliance in Nibenay, Tioras birthplace. Because of his immense talent and cunning, he slowly became the Alliance's "special agent".
    In Nibenay, a feeling stronger than his unease with himself developed: his love for Tiora. Whenever he had the time, he visited her at his parent's isolated hut in the mountains. Soon, Tiora was ready to go back to Nibenay herself. Although, she is a capable psionicist/preserver, Stel is in constant fear of her and would do anything to protect her, including sacrificing his own life.

    How to use Stel:

  • Stel could be used to get the PCs out of a difficult situation - if they are working for the Veiled Alliance.
  • Stel could hire the PCs to help/find Tiora.
  • Stel often works in disguise. The PCs might even think he is one of their enemies.
  • The Alliance begs the PCs to get their "best agent" out of imprisonment - hopefully before he reveals secrets.
  • Stel's cell leader could try to get Stel and Tiora apart, because the relationship poses too high a risk.
  • Tiora gets manipulated by Nibenay to function as a spy for him. The VA finds out and Tiora is in danger to get killed. Stel is trying to prevent this.

    STR 17
    DEX 17
    CON 17
    INT 16
    WIS 15
    CHA 19
    WEAPONS daggers, metal scimitar, obsidian shuriken
    ARMOUR enchanted leather
    NOTES immune to mind-reading

    Tiora Ka'lai (female psionicist/preserver/healer)
    AL: lawful good

    Tiora is a calm, dark-skinned half-elf with warm black eyes. She wears her thick dark hair in a plait and is always clothed in brown, black or purple robes.
    Tiora's parents were part of a slave tribe. Her father, a human ex-gladiator, and her mother, an elven Earth-cleric/psionicist, had agreed to help the tribe survive in the hostile region they had chosen to settle in.
    Since the tribe did not solely want to depend on agri-culture, they often raided passing caravans. Eventually they raided an important caravan of the Shadowking and the whole tribe was wiped out as a result. Tiora was saved by an earth-elemental conjured by her mother and brought to a fellow (human Earth) cleric in Nibenay.
    Tiora grew up in Nibenay in the home of a preserver of the Veiled Alliance masking as a healer. This way she became aware of magic and the difficult life preservers lived.
    With mixed feelings her guardian observed that Tiora displayed a talent for magic herself (as well as a talent for psionics). Tiora also became eager to learn. So her guardian decided to send her to Stel's parents for tutelage in addition to the tutelage she could give. (see Stel Torren)
    Being a true Nibenese, Tiora is an accomplished dancer and musician. She also has the typical mysterious aura that outsiders associate with the people of Nibenay.

    How to use Tiora:

  • Tiora could be the centre of an adventure. She was spotted by the Shadowking at a festival. Captivated by her dancing, he decided to make her one of his wives...
  • Tiora hires the PCs to help Stel who the Alliance has lost contact with. She wants to know if he is in danger.
  • Tiora could be the PCs Veiled Alliance contact in Nibenay. She is also a healer.
  • The PCs are hired by the VA to smuggle Tiora from the mountains into the City of Nibenay.
  • Tiora hires the PCs to observe somebody. She will be in disguise as she expects the PCs to be caught and "scanned". Tiora suspects somebody in her cell to be a spy of the Shadowking.

    STR 13
    DEX 19
    CON 16
    INT 15
    WIS 16
    CHA 19
    WEAPONS bone knife, magic obsidian dagger
    ARMOUR mag. bracelets +2
    NOTES her spells leave a faint scent of musk