• The Mimir
  • The Well & Harp

  • The Mimir

    The Mimir is an Inn in Sigil frequented mostly by planewalkers. Its owner and staff are well travelled and can give advice even to the more experienced travellers. The inn is decorated with defunct artefacts in the shape of metal skulls. Some of these metal skulls are only partially defunct and still utter a mixture of wisdom and madness. Some of the customers value them for morsels of obscure information while others see them as pure entertainment. It is not known who the owner of the inn is.

    It is also important to note that The Mimir is also home to a variety of portals.

    The Well & Harp

    The Well & Harp is an inn catering primarily to centaurs. The inn also welcomes other visitors who enjoy centaur culture. Initially, the inn has no seats, so bipeds had to stand around and ensure they are not accidentally trampled by drunk quadrupeds. This has recently been changed, so gravity challenged bipeds can sit down for their meals in one area (the food is rather excellent). Every night, centaur bards (and/or drunk customers) fill the interior with songs or loudly delivered stories.

    Bizarrely, the inn is currently run by the alu-fiend T'Zandri (chaotic good, rogue/psion), a protege of the inn's owner Zandros (no, the two are not related, but he does like similarity of their names), who is currently away on business in the Planes. All of the regulars know T'Zandri and make her deliver a centaur song or poem at least once a night. T'Zandri also has a reputation for disappearing with young male centaurs.
    The inn is increasingly popular with planewalkers who seek refuge from the insanity of The Mimir.