• The Lady of Pain (Outsider)
  • Jiran (tiefling oracle)
  • Laetitia (Sensate factol)
  • The Lady of Pain (Outsider)
  • Marvent (planar trader)
  • Amun (head of The Bureau)
  • Anari (alu-fiend agent)
  • T'zandri (alu-fiend Inn Keeper)
  • Khashani (half-goddess druid)
  • Rhaya (half-goddess warlord)
  • Thandi (eladrin outcast and far realm researcher)
  • Lilith (succubus engineer)
  • Malcanthet (Queen of the Succubi)
  • Parac (incubus gate town governor)
  • Tal (succubus administrator)
  • Yael (succubus mage)
  • Ashir (ex-God Doomguard factol)
  • Halea (epic earth cleric/psionicist)

  • The Lady of Pain (Outsider)
    AL: lawful neutral

    In our campaign, the Lady of Pain is an Outsider dissident who was banished from the Far Realm. She ended up as the ruler of Sigil. She uses the Sensates as a secret service. Through her Outsider abilities, she has been able to secure the City with powerful wards. At the same time, her Outsider identity and personal history makes the city vulnerable to Outsider attacks. The Lady will defend Sigil from Outsiders as much as she will defend it from any other powerful influences (Gods, fiends etc).

    How to use Outsider theme:
  • The players may notice Outsider magic/psionics in the wards around Sigil, e.g. during the 'Die Vecna Die!' adventure.
  • The players might come across the wreck of a ship in which the Lady arrived in the multiverse and might learn some of the Lady's past.
  • Outsiders are trying to attack the Multiverse by creating a rift. The Lady might send the players on a quest to either close the rift or help her fight the Outsiders.
  • The players witness a fight between the Lady and Outsiders and notice similarities in their supernatural abilities.

  • Jiran (female tiefling)
    AL: lawful good

    Jiran is an enigma. Born to unknown parents and handed by the god Loki to the Cynosure refugee circus on Pandemonium, her Gehenna-born foster parents quickly recognised her ability to see somebody's past and future. They started travelling around the Planes with the girl in order to make money from her gift. Because they were a superstitious lot, they believed that Jiran's ability to see someone's future would diminish as she got older. So they paid a wizard to keep her in a continuous child-state.

    In our campaign, Jiran got rescued by a PC, Kayana, who had the spell removed. As a result, Jiran now ages in metamorphic stages, like a normal tiefling. That means that she ages in bursts, remaining in one constant stage for years, and suddenly jumping to the next development stage (e.g. from child to teenager, from teenager to adult) within hours. These transformations are usually quite painful. During these transformations, Jiran also drastically changes her appearance. As a small child, Jiran had dark green skin, short horns, a tail, black nails and smelled of smoke. With every stage she starts to look more elven. That is, because her real parents are a renegade Eladrin (see Thandi below) and an obyrith. There is also some 'outsider' DNA involved (from the Far Realm). Jiran's gift has not diminished with aging.

    Jiran sometimes has trouble with what she sees in people's past or futures. But over time, she has learned to live with it. Because she knows how a person 'ticks', she is usually good at approaching anybody and converse with them. She uses this ability to protect herself and others, as well as to help the person in question. Jiran has long, black hair that is so dark that it almost looks like it is swallowing the light around her. Jiran is colour-blind and has a passion for strangely-flavoured foods. Her taste in music is similarly strange. She loves dissonant music. Most of all, however, she loves volcanoes. People around her joke that she must be part smoke genasi.

    How to use Jiran:
  • You can play Jiran either when she is a small child and needs rescuing from her parents (who are neutral-evil), or when Jiran is older and has managed to escape her parents.
  • The PCs could come across her parents' cart or hear rumours about Jiran, when Jiran's parents are stationed near the PCs. If they decide to rescue her, the parents might be hunting them for quite a while.
  • The PCs might be near Jiran when she collapses and starts a new section of her metamorphosis.
  • Some more powerful beings might be interested in Jiran - the PCs might need to protect or rescue her.

  • Laetitia (female immortal human wizard/psionicist)
    AL: lawful neutral

    Laetitia is the current Sensate factol. She gives the outside impression that she is a superficial self-centred hedonist. Many people think that her main occupation is the orchestration of elaborate Sensate events. However, Laetitia uses these events not just for her pleasure, but to obtain information. After all, the Sensates are not what they seem (Sigil's secret service!). Laetitia also closely collaborates with The Bureau in Sigil. In private, Laetitia is still style-conscious, but a lot more introvert and serious.

    Laetitia lives in the Lady's Ward. She originally hails from Athas, where she was a student of Rajaat's. When she realised his monstrous plans, she tried to convince the other champions to abandon their mentor, but she failed. She eventually ended up in Sigil through her new mentor Halea (see below). Laetitia specialises in time related magic, which is why the Bureau occasionally requests her services. She has adopted one of her students, Khashani - the daughter of an evil god turned druid - and also her nephew Arys, an equally talented time mage. Her closest friend and colleague is the succubus Teznin.

    Laetitia has black eyes and black hair that is cut into a bob (think flapper). She always wears extremely stylish dresses and matching jewellery. Her wealth comes from trading luxury goods in the Planes, some of which she uses to fund various small art spaces and charities across Sigil. She also finances the teaching in the orphanage and asks the orphanage to send her talented children for tutelage in return.

    How to use Laetitia:
  • The PCs might discover that Laetitia is not just a rich socialite.
  • The PCs might work at Laetitia's playhouse.
  • The PCs might be hired to obtain something from Laetitia's house. Laetitia's security is so good that the PCs will not notice the real security and instead will notice some average magical alarms. If the PCs just steal valuables, Laetitia will let the PCs get away with them, in order to conceal her real power. If the PCs look as if they are stealing something of importance, she will not let them get away with it.

  • Teznin (female demon)
    AL: lawful neutral

    This is our campaign's version of Fall-from Grace. Teznin is a succubus with Obyrith blood who was sold into slavery on Baator by her mother, the succubus Red Shroud. Teznin's wings are neither succubus nor angel wings, but are covered in silvery-grey feathers, referencing those of her grandfather Pazuzu. She has short silver hair and silver eyes. Teznin works as a spy for both Laetitia and Malcanthet. Malcanthet ensured that Teznin was freed from torture and released, even if she never let her know. Teznin has a Cold War going on with Red Shroud, though her end goal is to free the multiverse from her violent 'mother'.

    How to use Teznin:
  • Teznin might hire the players as spies or saboteurs, especially regarding action against Red Shroud.
  • Teznin is an active Sensate member - the players might encounter her at a Sensate ball or festival. She may not be evil, but she is still a succubus!
  • Teznin uses her 'intellectual brothel' as part of her secret service activities. One of the players may be useful for Teznin, as they would be the perfect match for a 'client'. The player may get hired to 'converse' with a client, which may require role-play.
  • The players may get caught up in an attack by Red Shroud on Teznin, or vice versa. Will the PCs prevent an attack on Teznin, regardless of which of the two they are working for? Will they fail? Will they draw Red Shroud or Teznin's wrath?

  • Marvent (male immortal human)
    AL: lawful neutral (appears: neutral evil)

    Marvent seems like a typical Sigil business man. He appears to have his hands in all sorts of operations, and seems to get a kick out of particularly risky deals.

    In truth, Marvent works for The Bureau. To the outside, he nurses his secretive, domineering personality, in order to get close to the powerful and unscrupulous . This extends to his relationships with Sigil's female VIPs. There are not many people who know the real Marvent. One of those is the Sensate factol Laetitia. Another is his patron, the goddess Waukeen, who regularly enjoys his negotiations.

    How to use Marvent:
  • The PCs might encounter Marvent through doing business with him. They will experience him as a combination of well-spoken genius and complete (especially misogynist) asshole.
  • The PCs might have the order from one of Marvent's enemies to find evidence that their boss can use against him. They might find out that he has two personalities.
  • The PCs might know Marvent and are helping to perfect his image.

  • Amun (male Aasimar)
    AL: lawful neutral

    Amun is the current leader or 'Secretary' of The Bureau. He appears to be in his late thirties, but is rumoured to be at least twenty times older. He has short blond hair and slightly sad golden eyes. Amun can be described as calm, thoughtful person and intensely charismatic. In his youth, Amun had some very dark and violent experiences as a 'plaything' of an abyssal lord. This experience has left him scarred and taken away his belief in the good. At the same time, it has awoken an intensely masochistic side in his private life, which he discreetly explores with any gender.

    How to use Amun:
  • The players might encounter Amun at Teznin's establishment.
  • Amun might hire the players for a Bureau mission, because he cannot use any known agents.
  • The PCs might work for the abyssal lord who still likes to taunt Amun.

  • Anari (female tenarimar)
    AL: neutral good

    Anari is the offspring of an Mount Celestia noble and an ambitious succubus who is known as an extremely talented sorcerer. She grew up with her mother Yael who had used Anari's naive paladin father Caelum as a donor. Anari's mother quickly realised that her daughter would probably never turn into the promising dark magician she was hoping to raise.
    Anari eventually ran away from home and managed to find her shocked father. She was as 'impressed' with him as with her mother. As a paladin, he completely did not know how to cope with a half-demon child - or how to tell his family.
    He ended up sending Anari to something like a 'boarding school' in a remote temple, hoping that his family would never find out. His aasimar friend Amun took care of her, but eventually withdrew, because he was worried about succumbing to her half-succubus aura.
    Frustrated that the evil people could not deal with her personality, and the good and neutral people could not deal with her sexuality, Anari set out adventuring by herself. Initially shy and searching, she quickly became more feisty and mischievous. She currently works for the Bureau, while endlessly teasing Amun about his sexual repression. Anari is an Indep.

    How to use Anari:
  • Anari might be flirting with the PCs to gather information about a recent place or adventure.
  • The family of Anari's dad finds out about the 'fiend child' and try to kill her. Anari asks the PCs to hide her during a chase.
  • The PCs could have met Anari when she was younger and tried to find her father.

  • T'zandri (female alu-fiend - sort of)
    AL: chaotic good

    T'zandri is the child of a succubus and a fiend. Her mother ended up being cursed by the fiend and ended up bearing an alu-fiend of chaotic good alignment. As a revenge, she sent the child under his name to a boarding school in Baator to ruin his reputation.
    At the boarding school she ended up sharing a room with another lower plane misfit, Khashani, who was the non-evil daughter of an evil god. The two became friends and sorted out some alternative education. After all, the library had extensive literature on all sorts of topics. While Khashani researched druidry, T'zandri was more interested in the quirks of the Planes. The two also shared a common taste for centaur culture (and males).
    After leaving school, T'zandri started travelling the planes (as a rogue) and ended up working in a Sigil inn (pub and boarding house) whose ancient centaur owner became her mentor. The inn is a notorious brokering place in Sigil where people exchange information and hire adventurers. It also functions as a sort of post office for many.
    T'zandri is very quick-witted and quick-tongued. She knows how to handle anyone from a market trader to a violent customer. Her sense of humour frequently raises eyebrows. T'zandri does not dress like an alufiend, preferring more practical clothes such as brown leather trousers and white tunics that she buys from Arborean traders. She is, of course, and Indep.

    How to use T'zandri:
  • T'zandri knows quite a bit about the Planes, especially the Lower Planes, Arborea and the Beastlands.
  • T'zandri might amuse the PCs when she is asked to perform at the Well & Harp.

  • Khashani (half-goddess)
    AL: lawful neutral

    Khashani is one of the twin daughters of an evil god and one of his priestesses. To the great dismay of her parents, Khashani took more to the profession of her maternal grandmother, a druid. Already as a child, she acquired an animal companion in the form of a black wolf. She also tended to disappear quite a lot into the forest near the remote monastery where she grew up. To separate Khashani from her wolf and the forest, she was sent to boarding school in Baator.
    At the boarding school, Khashani was befriended by T'zandri, a fellow 'misfit', which made the compulsory stay in Baator more bearable. As the school was intended for baatezu nobles, at least the breadth of education wasn't too bad. Khashani particularly enjoyed the literature guest lectures given by a former archon who appreciated Khashani's wit and dark humour. After a session of steamy poetry reading, Khashani became his 'protege' and had more liberties in putting her timetable together.
    Instead of returning to her home prime after leaving school, Khashani became the apprentice of Sigil wizard/psionicist Laetitia. The wizard recognised her druidic predisposition and found an appropriate mentor for her. Currently, Khashani is being trained as a wizard, psionicist, bard and druid, with an emphasis on the latter. She has long silver hair, black eyes and extremely pale skin. She prefers to wear black robes or capes that obscure her body's features.

    How to use Khashani:
  • Khashani can be an informant for the PCs. She frequently visits the Well & Harp, which is currently run by her friend T'Zandri (Khashani also loves centaur culture). Sometimes, she can be found in other inns in Sigil as she enjoys a pint.
  • The PCs witness one of Khashani's renditions of centaur poetry at the Well & Harp and wonder about her sanity.
  • Khashani might hire the PCs to get some unusual spell ingredients for her from the Beastlands.

  • Rhaya (half-goddess)
    AL: chaotic neutral

    Rhaya is the other of the twin dauthers of an evil god and one of his priestesses. Only that her 'father' does not know that his brother, banned from the pantheon for his extreme chaotic evil transgressions, is Rhaya's real father. Initially, Rhaya was the most obnoxious, violent child and teenager ever to have graces the surface of her world. She also refused any education. Soon, the evil priests who fostered her could no longer contain her or cover up her deeds, so she had to flee into the Planes. There, she suffered from culture shock, especially the fact, that there were lots more powerful people. Rhaya could longer get away with her excessive violence and also had to answer to her real father, who also hid in the planes. In a fit of fury, she attempted a warlock ritual without preparation, which nearly killed her. Instead, however, it transformed her.
    Not being able to handle the forces that were flooding into her, she had to let the forces 'rewrite' her. This completely changed her personality, although it did not erase her memories. Rhaya is now gravitating towards neutrality. She has acquired a renegade eladrin mentor, Thandi, and is slowly building a relationship of trust with her sister Khashani. She is constantly 'on edge', because various people are hunting her for revenge. She is trying to stay clear of her father who is trying to recruit her for the Doomguard.
    Like Khashani, Rhaya is tall, lanky and has long silver hair and black eyes. She currently dresses like a mercenary. She always seems a little uncomfortable in her body.

    How to use Rhaya:
  • The PCs have had a run-in with Rhaya before her transformation, and notice her in the distance. They might want revenge, but find a completely different person.
  • The PCs are hired to punish Rhaya for something stupid that she has done in the planes before her transformation.
  • The PCS are hired by Rhaya's father Ashir (chaotic evil, often switches genders or appears as hermaphrodite) to spy on his/her daughter after her transformation. He especially wants information on her mysterious mentor, Thandi.

  • Thandi (female Eladrin)
    AL: chaotic good

    Thandi is a every old eladrin. She was the first to establish contact with the obyrith. When Thandi refused to side against the obyrith in the War of Law and Chaos, she was expelled from eladrin society. She went into exile, protected by the obyrith Pazuzu.
    Thandi sees herself as an explorer, researcher and diplomat. She rejects all warfare and prefers to understand 'enemies' instead. Since the discovery of the Far Realm, Thandi has directed her research at containing the danger, but also to further a greater understanding of this unknowable area. She tries to keep an eye on anyone coming from or accessing the Far Realm. This includes the Doomguard, who have been experimenting with the Far Realm. In the past, Thandi has used Doomguard facilities for her own research, so she can investigate them quite well.
    Thandi is exceptionally charismatic, but usually only flaunts this strategically, to persuade people to surrender information. She otherwise prefers to be low-key, in order not to attract attention. She has a weakness for expensive fabrics, however, always wearing the finest moonspider silks and real gold and silver brocades. Thandi has dark skin, elaborately braided and tied back black hair, and dark brown eyes.
    Thandi owns an intelligent organic space ship (think Spelljammer meet Babylon 5) with which she explores the border with the Far Realm.

    How to use Thandi:
  • Thandi hires the PCs as spies at the Doomguard who have been conducting dodgy experiments with the Far Realm.
  • Thandi hires the PCs to retrieve artefacts from the realm of the dead mind flayer God Maanzecorian. For this, the PCs need to travel to Gehenna and fend of other parties with similar interests...
  • Thandiis working on experiments with Outsider DNA. She needs the PCs to retrieve some DNA material, or she might need them as test subjects.

  • Lilith (female demon)
    AL: chaotic good

    Lilith is the daughter of Malcanthet and the Baator-based succubus Parac. Malcanthet manipulated Lilith in her womb so she wouldn't turn out evil and compete with her. This was successful, and Lilith turned out even stranger than anticipated. She is a total nerd who mostly talks about technology and spelljammer/space ships. Even worse, she hangs out with Modrons and a strange mix of nerdy indeps.
    Lilith had short black hair that is often partially shaved off and/or dyed different colours. She is obviously a succubus who needs to feed, but also just liked to hang out and nerd out. She tries to make the transition between these two states as smoothly as possible, which can be rather amusing for onlookers rather than victims.
    Because Malcanthet is neither interested in parenting, nor in listening to her daughter go on and on about technology, she has paid Anari to raise and train her. Since succubi grow up fast, this is not so much of a problem. Lilith has also attracted the tutelage of Teznin who is aware of the danger coming from Red Shroud. Red Shroud once drove the only child Malcanthet ever cared about (her daughter Niobe whom she had with a lawful good priestess). Teznin was close with Niobe, and wants to prevent Lilith from meeting the same fate. Thus Teznin is teaching Lilith the necessary survival and combat skills.

    How to use Lilith:
  • Red Shroud wants to mess with Lilith and potentially use her against Malcanthet - or simply enjoy killing her. She hires the players to travel with her.
  • The players might encounter Lilith at a market in Sigil, haggling over a modron artefact.
  • Teznin might hire the players to protect Lilith without her becoming aware of it. Not an easy feat!

  • Yael (female succubus)
    AL: lawful evil

    Yael (also known as Dark Phoenix) is an unusual succubus. She is obsessed with ancient magic and the Far Realm. Making the most of her Baatezu discipline, she elegantly combines intensive periods of magical research with evil scheming. Yael has conducted extremely risky experiments, which have involved the obyrith Pale Night, for instance. She also supplied Thandi with DNA for her experiments against a payment in ancient tomes and artefacts.

    Once, Yael 'rescued' the queen of the succubi from a trap that she had set for Pale Night. Malcanthet was grateful for the rescue, but suspected that Yael had not 'accidentally being in the area' as she had claimed. She continues to keep an eye on Yael. Yael actually supports Malcanthet, because she is allowing her to work in peace. At the same time, she is open to other alliances, as long as she can advance her research.
    After her disappointment with her daughter Anari, Yael has now managed to recruit Stella, the eldest daughter of Anari's father as a student. Stella has become disillusioned with Mount Celestia and their involvement in the Blood War. She knows that Yael is a Baatezu, but she knows that Yael is the best mentor for her skills. She disapproves of Yael's ethics, but she also wants to know more about the evil realms. She is not really attracted to evil, but rather has a scientific curiosity about it. Stella is very intrigued by her half-sister Anari and tries to befriend her.

    How to use Yael:
  • Stella's mother or father asks the PCs to investigate their daughter's new mentor.
  • The PCs come across Yael's dubious experiments with either obyriths or the Far Realm. Maybe they are hired by Malcanthet as spies.

  • Malcanthet (female succubus)
    AL: chaotic evil

    Malcanthet is the Queen of the Succubi. What distinguishes her from all other succubi is that she does not actually give a shit about the title or about ruling people. Malcanthet used to be an ambitious Baatezu who sought to govern Baator together with Asmodeus - she basically ran Baator's secret service. When Asmodeus betrayed her, she went into the Abyss to create her own realm. The Abyss changed her, but she never aspired to become a higher being or Goddess. What Malcanthet actually wants is her own plane, so that she gains greater independence from stupid demon powerplay and other sort of demonic dick swinging. She wants her own plane to gain greater independence from plane influences. For this reason, she has been studying the Raven Queen and her abilities. She is planning on getting her hands on something that the Raven Queen might want - and might want to exchange for a custom plane!

    For now, Malcanthet has forget a number of unusual alliances, both to protect herself from competitors such as Red Shroud, but also because she does not really trust anyone evil. Basically, she has hired a lot of smart people of any alliance. A side effect, however, has been a gradual sliding of her realm out of the Abyss. Perhaps she does not need the Raven Queen's help after all? Or more than ever?
    In our campaign, Malcanthet is very similar in feel to Gail from Sin City.

    How to use Malcanthet:
  • Malcanthet hires the PCs to retrieve something for or from the Raven Queen. The PCs may need to do some research on the Raven Queen first, which may reveal some interesting stories, perhaps even related to dead friends or family of the PCs themselves.
  • Malcanthet hires the PCs as spies on Baator, with something relating to Asmodeus. She is still angry at him and tries to sabotage his latest plans.
  • The PC either notice that Malcanthet has been surrounding herself/making deals with lawful and good people, or that her city appears to be sliding out of the Abyss.
  • Malcanthet hires the PCs to find information on a chaotic good person. The PCs initially assume it's to destroy or damage that person, but it's to forge an alliance.

  • Parac (incubus)
    AL: lawful evil

    Parac is an incubus and current ruler of Ribcage. He deeply hates other incubi who he regards as weak and unambitious. He envies the power of succubi and is trying to outdo them. At the same time, Parac respects the most powerful (and more sane) succubi has a playful rivalry with Malcanthet. Malcanthet eventually asks him during her breeding cycle to father a child with her, but under the condition that the child is not evil - at least not by birth.
    Parac cuts an imposing figure - tall, muscular with giant wings. He has short black hair and black piercing eyes and prefers to wear tight black leather clothing. He is incredibly vain, so he is always groomed well. Although he is arrogant, he rarely underestimates people.

    How to use Parac:
  • Parac hires the PCs to find information against a rival, trade partner or succubus.
  • Parac hires the PCs to find a magic tome through which he hopes to increase his abilities and power.

  • Tal (female succubus)
    AL: lawful neutral

    Tal is Malcanthet's second-in-command and administrator of her city Shendilavri. Originally, Tal joined Malcanthet's administration as a spy from Mount Celestia. Her curiosity soon brought her not only closer to the Queen of Succubi, but also to experiments with hedonism. Eventually, Tal was cast out from Mount Celestia, because she refused to work against Malcanthet any longer - Tal was disgusted with Mount Celestias fuelling of the Blood War. As punishment, Tal was turned into a real succubus. This came as a huge shock, but Malcanthet, who had known she was a spy for some time, had anticipated somehting like this (and manipulated her as well). She managed to track the traumatised Tal down, and talked to her for a long time. Tal eventually joined Malcanthet for good.
    Tal is a tall, androgynous person with short black hair and vibrant black eyes. She always dresses in black. Tal is exceptionally curious and also exceptionally loyal to Malcanthet. In contrast to Malcanthet, however, she has quite a strong sense of ethics. She is trying to alleviate (involuntary) suffering in Shendilavri.

    How to use Tal:
  • Tal saves the PCs when they run into trouble in the abyss.
  • The PCs meet Tal during negotiations with Malcanthet.
  • Tal and the PCs are hunting the same demon lord who is planning on advancing to a higher being. They are both trying to sabotage the ritual - in Tal's case, because the demon lord would use his powers against Malcanthet.

  • Ashir (genderfluid ex-god)
    AL: chaotic neutral evil

    A long long time ago, Ashir and his twin brother Khan (Q'an) were almost ordinary drow, only that they were a bit more 'intense' (read: psychopath) than others. Their outrageous behaviour eventually landed them in Harbinger House where they transformed into twin gods, only not for the drow realm. Initially the two brothers got on well enough, with Ashir taking care of chaotic evil, and his brother of lawful evil. Khan eventually started to disprove of Ashir's excesses and ended up kicking him out of the pantheon with the help of the neutral and good deities.
    Initially, Ashir sought to merely seek revenge and take over his brother's position. However, in the planes, where he settled, he became more monastic, meditating on the nature of elemental chaos. He moved to Pandemonium and joined the Doomguard with the aim of becoming their factol.
    As a firm believer in chaos and instability, Ashir prefers to appear in public as a gender and race ambigious person. He is very charismatic, if a little insane. He loves to philosophise about chaos or the multiverse in general.

    How to use Ashir:
  • Ashir hires the PCs to spy on his daughter Rhaya or on other doomguard members who are in the way of his ascent to factol.
  • The PCs are hired to spy on Ashir by other Doomguard members to find out whether this ambitious newbie is consistent with their aims.

  • Halea (epic earth cleric/psionicist)
    AL: lawful neutral

    Many decades ago, Halea was the ruler of a city on Athas that was threatened by Rajaat and his Champions. When the resistance failed, Halea decided to take a drastic step, in consultation with the city's inhabitants. She moved the entire city onto the boundary between the elemental planes of earth and air. Over time, the inhabitants morphed to more closely match their new environment, so it is not possible to move the city back so easily. Halea does not mind if the city stays in her place of worship as long as people feel at home. In the meantime, the Floating City has become an important trade hub in the Planes.

    Halea appears as a middle-aged dark-skinned woman with a bald head. She likes wearing simple, but beautifully woven cleric robes. Halea is very wise and charismatic. In contrast with many earth clerics, she enjoys conversation, perhaps, because she is also still a politician, although most of the city's affairs are dealt with by an elected council. She has a number of students across all levels, and also makes sure to develop her own skills. She particularly enjoys forming new primes, which she sometimes leaves to further develop on their own, or sometimes as new homes for refugees.

    How to use Halea:
  • The PCs have to rescue and entire people whose world is in the process of being destroyed. They hear about Halea.
  • Halea has heard about a rare tome on terraforming and asks the PCs to investigate.
  • The PCs visit The Floating City and its friendly, genasi-like inhabitants who don't quite fit with elemental stereotypes.