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Dark Sun - Wizards of The Coast

The Burnt World of Athas
The Official Dark Sun Website. Hosts the official pre-4e timeline and publishes its own supplements and articles.

The Dark Sun mailing list
To join please send "SUBSCRIBE DARK-SUN-L" (in the textbody, not in the subject line) to
The mailing list is a bit quiet nowadays as people prefer to use the message boards:

The Wizards of the Coast Dark Sun Message Board

The Obsidian Portal (features several Dark Sun Campaign Diaries)

The Silt Skimmer Page
Bilingual French-Canadian site hosting a variety of material.

The Athasian Cartographer
A wealth of brilliant maps.

The City of Silt
Everything you ever wanted to know about Balic.

Dark Sun Brazil

UNDEAD PAGES (not alive, but still walking...)

Crimson Shadows

Rays of Life and Death (has a great Random Athasian Name Generator!)

The Dark Sun Academy

INSPIRATION for Dark Sun Campaigns

Brotherhood of the Wolf conversions

Octavia E. Butler

Fading Suns

Tribe 8



Dark Sun Art
Terese Nielsen


These netbooks are collected from around the web, mostly from deleted GeoCities pages. I acknowledged the authors wherever possible. If you are one of the authors and would like me to take your work off this website, please contact me via the website or the DS mailing list/boards.

  • The Deadlands of Athas (1997) (doc) by Gerald Arthur Lewis
  • Athasian Ecology (1998) (pdf) by Teos Abadia & Gerald Arthur Lewis
  • Dark Sun Netbook (1997) (pdf) by Darknight (A.Y. Polliotti) and John M. Martz
  • The Crimson Sphere (2004) (pdf), Dark Sun/Spelljammer cross-over by Adam Miller (Night Druid)
  • Inner Sanctum Adventures (pdf) by Teos Abadia and Brax
  • A World Beyond Tyr (pdf) by Ral of Tyr