The Old City of Kurn is a mixture of ancient elven and human building style. New Kurn, in our campaign, looks very colourful and somewhat organic (I use Gaudi designs to illustrate it for my players). This is partly intentional, partly out of necessity. It is not easy to build a whole city in secrecy, so the use of clay and rubble is a far more quiet process than the bashing about of wood, bricks or stone. Also, no large (and therefore visible) disappearances of forest occur. This way of building is appreciated by the druids who support Oronis' endeavour. Citizens of New Kurn are given training to build their own homes. The homes are not very high, so that they can more easily be concealed among the vegetation (usually with added illusions). Some are themselves covered with vegetation.
New Kurn is not always quiet and 'invisible', however. Oronis tries to shield New Kurn as well as possible, so that his citizens can lead a life that is as normal and happy as possible. For this, he has to allow music and normal city noises and activities.

Oronis first sought the help of the druids when he realized his terrible mistake of becoming a defiler. At first, the druids thought that he wanted to trick them out of their hiding places. It took a long time until Oronis managed to contact them. After they supported him in his quest to become an avagnion, they supported him with the project of New Kurn. Some druids also work as eyes and ears for the former Champion. In return, they demand from Oronis that he devotes as much time and energy as possible to restoring the land.