Druids and the Forest
A considerable number of druids worry about the fate of the Crescent Forest. They consider housing enough druids in the surrounding lands who could Sacrifice in the event of defilement. As this would cost the lives of many valuable members of the druid community, the druids are working with wizards on a spell that would not allow the Oba or anyone else to draw from the forest and its inhabitants (although the druids would rather see the citizens of Gulg die than the forest that houses them...).
One problem poses the testing of the spell prototypes....

The Foreigners' Quarter
Somehow the mentioning of a Foreigners' Quarter in the Dungeon Magazine guide evoked an unerasable image of Mad Max's Bartertown in my mind... I don't think the Oba would tolerate a place like Bartertown in her immaculate city state, however, some elements of Bartertown I imagine will be present: a story-teller or some form of entertainment for visitors, supplied by the merchant house, some grumpy xenophobic Gulg and their tattooed slaves, maybe some actually very good food to demonstrate the superiority of Gulg products, and then some Nibenese spy detectors.... ;)
Watch this space for people and places in 'Bartertown'...