Fighters & Rangers

  • MasterBlaster
  • Rogue/Ranger
  • Banta Drik Whisperer
  • Trophy Hunter
  • Mul Fighter/Psiducer
  • Mul Gladiator/Druid/Psionicist
  • Changed Brute
  • Gladiator/Seer
  • Fighter/Healer
  • Gladiator/Cleric
  • Warlord/Rogue
  • Shapeshifter-Ranger (or Druid-Fighter)
  • Athasian 'Robin Hood'

  • MasterBlaster (male half-giant/male halfling fighter combo)
    AL: neutral/neutral evil

    Shamelessly appropriated from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, the Athasian MasterBlaster, is an obnoxious half-giant/halfling combo that can appear in a variety of settings. 'Master', the halfling sitting on the half-giants shoulders, does the talking and gives the commands, while 'Blaster' uses his muscle and obeys the halfling's every word.
    Depending on the setting, the unity of Master and Blaster could have been forged during hard years in the gladiator stables, e.g. by 'Master' saving 'Blasters' life.

    How to use MasterBlaster:

  • MasterBlaster could be used as a feared slave overseer in a mine or other work setting.
  • MasterBlaster could be the leader of a slave tribe/village in the desert (and maybe rivalling an Athasian 'Aunt Entity', a former female gladiator, bard or even a malicious defiler...).
  • MasterBlaster could be a famous gladiatorial team in one of the arenas.
  • MasterBlaster could do work for someone (e.g. a trading house), intimidating people (e.g. if they fail to keep a contract).

  • STR 26/8 (Blaster/Master)
    DEX 10/12
    CON 20/10
    INT 6/17
    WIS 8/14
    CHA 8/15
    WEAPONS double axe
    ARMOUR leather armour
    NOTES both are ugly as hell, but 'Master' is
    a very charismatic leader personality

    Askani (female rogue/ranger)
    AL: chaotic neutral

    Askani comes across as your average caravan scout. Mostly human with some form of elven heritage, she stands quite tall with wavy black hair, tanned skin and strange dark blue eyes. She is happy to ride on whatever mount through whatever terrain, accompanied by her constant companion, Jhar, a rasclinn.
    What not many people know is that Askani has a younger sister she once brought to a Villichi convent in the Ringing Mountains. While Askani is not a Villichi herself, she grew to like the Villichi after her initial suspicions when she had contact with them. An older Villichi recognised Askanis affinity and curiosity and asked her if she would regularly come and visit them with the latest news from the outside world. She would get rewarded for this.
    With time, Askani became a mixture of undercover messenger, news person, and occasionally spy and thief for the Villichi. The Villichi who deals with her, rewards her well and assists her in the development of her physical and mental talents. Askani suspects that the other Villichi are not fully aware of their elder's dealings with her. But Askani does not mind - she knows that what she does will keep her sister safe.

    How to use Askani:
  • The PCs are travelling with Askani, and she sometimes does things that are outside her responsibilities as a scout...
  • Askani is milking the PCs for news.
  • Askani tries to free a Villichi or steal something the Villichi need and seeks the PCs help. She promises them a reward.
  • The PCs notice that Askani is carefully navigating the caravan/party around a specific area (Villichi area).

  • STR 14
    DEX 17
    CON 16
    INT 15
    WIS 14
    CHA 14
    WEAPONS Short Bow, Short Sword, Dagger, Knife,
    magic folding quarterstaff (present from Villichi mentor)
    ARMOUR Torso (hide armour)
    NOTES Askani has a very high perception and intution.

    Banta Drik Whisperer (male human fighter)
    AL: neutral

    While most people suspect that he is either a half-giant or a mul or a combination of both (half-giant and dwarf?), Banta is actually human. He is extremely tall and bulky, dwarfing all other humans he has encountered so far. His impressive figure gets him easily hired as a fighter of all sorts: mercenary, pitfighter, bodyguard, bouncer. If need be, he also guards caravans, but he does not like riding or walking for long hours (he suffers from motion sickness, finds mounts uncomfortable and he hasn't got a very high constitution). He has a soft spot for mekillots and driks though and will come over to pet them whenever he gets the chance. This has earned him the nickname 'Drik Whisperer'. Although it was meant as a mockery, Banta has proudly taken on this name and has started introducing himself with it.
    Banta is not particularly bright. He does not intend to get himself into trouble, but he often just ends up offending somebody by accident or walks innnocently into the wrong kind of meeting. Also, he is not a terribly adept fighter. He never had to be, always just using his bulk to shove people around when they got too close. People who know him are amazed that he is still alive, also considering that he is quite trustful and kind. The reason for this is that Banta is just damn lucky!
    Banta has a clean-shaven head and face and brown eyes. He wears half-long trousers with a wide belt and sandals.
    Banta has a slight obsession with cleanliness and will invest any money he earns first of all in public baths and a clean shave.

    How to use Banta:

  • The PCs might come across him either in the street, in the public baths, at the barber's or at the caravan market (this is where he usually looks for jobs).
  • The PCs rescue Banta out of a dangerous situation, and he offers his help in gratitude.
  • Banta rescues the PCs out of a dangerous situation, maybe even unintentionally.
  • The PCs witness Banta calm and enraged lizard (e.g. war lizard or heavy goods lizard).
  • The PC's target (be it a house or a nobleman) is guarded by Banta.
  • The PC's encounter Banta in a pit fight.

  • STR 25
    DEX 9
    CON 10
    INT 7
    WIS 6
    CHA 12
    WEAPONS whatever people who hire him give him
    ARMOUR whatever he can get

    Khal (male half-elf rogue/ranger)

    AL: neutral evil (or you can play him as lawful evil)

    Khal works as a 'trophy hunter'. He hunts for body parts from the dead, the undead and the living. He is in the service of important people who need these things for whatever purposes. Khal does not care. He does his job, he does it well and he gets paid for it, and one day he might die doing it. That's life...
    Khal is a quiet man. People doubt he has any emotions. He gives monosyllabic answers, hardly anyone knows him or knows anything about him and nobody has any idea of what he does with all the money he earns...
    Khal is a half-elf who looks almost human. It is rather his dexterity and indurance that gives him away than pointy ears. His skin is scarred and sun-tanned and his hair and beard that cover his expressionless face are a greying black. Khal has very basic equipment and clothes (usually just a grey loin cloth) and usually moves about on foot.

    How to use Khal:

  • Khal could be after the same creature that the PCs are hunting. He would never try to kill the PCs or put obvious obstacles in their way. He would just try to be faster or try to obtain the body parts after they have killed the thing.
  • Khal might be after a good-aligned magical beast. He would try to kill it while the PCs might protect it. If it's a very powerful/intelligent being it might be able to throw Khal into conflict about killing it by confronting him with his past (make that one up).
  • The PCs have been hired to kill undead in a certain region. When they get there they find all the undead 'dead' with missing bodyparts. Their employer wants to know what the hell happened there!
  • The PCs employer/the VA wants the PCs to stop Khal from getting a certain body part to Galeth or a Sorcererking/-queen.

  • STR 17
    DEX 22
    CON 24
    INT 17
    WIS 18
    CHA 14
    WEAPONS magical dagger
    ARMOUR -

    Akaash (Male mul gladiator/psiducer)
    AL: neutral evil

    Raised in the slave pits of Ur Draxa, Akaash was subjected to a particularly vicious training. He was extremely talented, clever and cruel against anybody he could afford to be - not only physically but verbally. Due to his good looks and provocative flirting he soon drew the attention of male noble Ur Draxans. After a while he found himself a pampered toy and only went into the arena for pure pleasure. He also found that he could manipulate his lovers. Akaash did not have to learn about intrigues and how to be successful with them - he was already a master... and which templar believes that it is a mul to be capable of constructing such an elaborate network of lies and betrayal...
    Eventually he got bored. The downfall of Ur Draxa came at the right time. He had the perfect opportunity to kill people without getting punished and to get away with their possessions.
    The first thing Akaash did was to invest in his talents as a psionicist. He had already enjoyed his telepathic wild talents so much... He is currently seducing handsome nobles on the road - also as a way to collate information - until he has decided how far he can go...
    Akaash is an exceptionally good-looking mul. He always wears black eyeliner to accentuate his grey eyes and has a couple of snake-like black tattoos, one of them across his chest. He had the slave markings psionically removed, afterwards killing the person who removed them. Akaash prefers to wear as little clothing as possible, but what he wears is of the finest quality and either black, grey or dark silver. Akaash likes to wear jewellery, especially ear jewellery. At least once a day he takes drugs which is one of the few times during the day he is vulnerable...
    Akaash can be charming, but his manner always feels cold. He is very attentive and makes frequent use of his telepathic abilities.

    How to use Akaash:

  • If the PCs have a bard among them he might ask the bard for drugs. Akaash does not like paying for them and will try to use psionics or offer to give sexual favours in return.
  • If the PCs look as if they've got something important to hide he will observe them and try to engage them in a conversation. He might go as far as trying to rummage through their possessions in their room if they have gone out.
  • Akaash might openly flirt with a male PC in public, even if he is in the presence of his current lover. He will seek to embarrass the PC just for fun...
  • Akaash might be bored and ask an interesting male PC for a "friendly fight". He would give the PC a hard time and play with him, but not harm him.
  • Akaash has a keen interest in bard weapons and especially life-shaped grafts. He is very curious about them and will approach the PCs if they have any - or information about them.

  • STR 17
    DEX 19
    CON 18
    INT 19
    WIS 14
    CHA 21
    WEAPONS long daggers, wrist razors,
    ARMOUR magic bracelets +4 each (+8 total)
    NOTES Akaash likes to use poison. He also carries a poison ring. He also has a keen interest in life-shaped grafts.

    Jabeel (Male mul druid/gladiator/psionicist)
    AL: neutral good

    When Jabeel escaped from the slave pits he had, for the first time, the space to think about what he wanted to do. He also wanted to know his place in the world. He wandered what he was: natural or unnatural. Did he have the right to live? Was he an abomination?
    As it happened he met a druid in the tavern of a bandit village. The druid found it interesting for a mul to ask such a question. The next day when Jabeel was sober the two engaged in a philosophical conversation about nature. Jabeel was fascinated. He kept on asking the druid questions and the druid sometimes answered questions, sometimes he left the answers for Jabeel to find out.
    In the end Jabeel wanted to know so much that the druid decided to offer the mul mentorship.
    Since that time Jabeel has become a devoted druid. He has found his place as part of nature and will do anything to protect it.
    Jabeel is a calm and pensive character. He is likely to confuse people with traditonal expectations regarding muls. He has changed his tattoos of ownership to animal tattoos which cover most of his body. He wears a light dark brown cloak, carries an agafari staff and is accompanied by a boneclaw baazrag.

    How to use Jabeel:

  • If there is a higher level psionicist in the party and if the party is of neutral or good alignment, Jabeel might ask the PC(s) in question if he could train with him/her for the time they are staying. Jabeel also likes to know what is happening in the cities and other regions.
  • Jabeel might help the PCs when they are in need.
  • Jabeel might ask the PCs for help. He is helping the Veiled Alliance to smuggle some mul babies out of a city. He has established a community in the wilderness where they can be raised.
  • If a mul in the party is interested in becoming a druid he might sense that and approach the mul in question.

  • STR 19
    DEX 17
    CON 19
    INT 17
    WIS 16
    CHA 20
    WEAPONS agafari staff, bone dagger
    ARMOUR -
    NOTES Jabeel is very confident regarding his abilities in combat. He prefers to fight without weapons even if the opponent is using them.

    Yakhaar (female changed brute)
    AL: neutral (good)

    Yakhaar was born to human parents with speckled yellow eyes, very pale skin and thick white hair. When she developed a cover of fluffy white hair all over her body she was sold to a freak show at 3 years of age.

    Yakhaar suffered years of humiliation and abuse and neither her emotional nor intellectual needs were ever attended to. Occasionally she would fall into rages, and the more she raged she could notice that people were scared of her.

    When her wild talents got too difficult to control with the collars the show people used, they decided to get rid of her and sell her to the arena of a trading post. As her new owners did not know how to handle her, she managed to escape during her first match. Luckily the trading post was located near a mountain range so she was able to seek shelter and survive more easily than in the merciless desert.

    Yakhaar is of medium height and muscular. Her only aims in life is to stay free and to survive on her own. Her only possessions are the armour and weapons she took with her when she fled.

    How to use Yakhaar:

  • If the PCs enter an area where Yakhaar currently lives they draw her attention on them. She will observe them in order to determine what they want or just to know where they are so they don't surprise her.
  • Yakhaar likes to think of herself as only seeing to her own needs. Sometimes, however, she will take pity on people who have trouble surviving. If she has enough for herself she will place food & water in the people's way and then sneak away to observe them again.
  • Yakhaar will always assist the hunted or cruelly treated if the victim is not of evil alignment.

  • STR 16
    DEX 18
    CON 19
    INT 15
    WIS 16
    CHA 19
    WEAPONS Boneaxe, spear, (choose gladiator weapon)
    ARMOUR (choose gladiator armour)
    NOTES Ykhaar has a very intense gaze and several strong wild talents.

    Daucas (Female seer/gladiator)

    AL: chaotic neutral

    Daucas is a tall human woman with long black hair and deep blue eyes. Her body is lean, but muscular and there is nothing soft about her looks. Nobody knows where Daucas came from or where she received her training, but suddenly she appeared for a match at the arena of Urik and when she left, the Pit of Black Death dripped with the blood of her enemies.

    Daucas is driven by something and, again, nobody knows what. Some say, it is revenge for a lost loved one who was killed in the arena, some say, it is to make up for something else that was done to her. Others think it is just blood-thirst or plain madness. Maybe all of them are right... All people know is that she sometimes says very strange things that do not seem to make sense to anybody. But sometimes they do - after a time...

    When Daucas does not fight, she wanders seemingly aimlessly through the desert and mountains.

    How to use Daucas:
    Daucas can be used in a variety of ways depending on her background and way of thinking. You can play Daucas as an unpredictable mad-woman, a visionnary with a purpose or the victim of violence whose only way to cope with what was done to her is to inflict pain and death herself. Here are some ideas:

  • Daucas is scarred from her upbringing in the Eldaarich gladiator stables. Neither the training nor her ability as a seer made it particularly easy for her. That she managed to escape is partly a miracle and partly due to her incredible abilities as both a gladiator and a seer. Now the agents of Daskinor are on her track, but she intends to survive... The PCs can meet Daucas when she is confronted by Daskinor's templars in disguise. Although she is a tough fighter, she might need the PCs' help...
  • Daucas is an offworlder who was driven slighly insane by an alignment change. Option 1: Once the champion of an abyssal lord, Daucas came across a powerful holy sword from the plane of Elysium. Never being able to resist power and prestige, Daucas drew the sword and immediately fell into convulsions. After a while the convulsions ended and Daucas felt very strange. The first thing she did was to run amok in Sigil. She was stopped by an old thri-kreen psionicist who managed to clam her down. The thri-kreen once had to flee from the pressure of the Order and knew what it meant not to fit in. He wanted to give her a chance and gave her a key to Athas. He showed her how to find balance in mediation and told her about the cleansing powers of the Athasian sun. Whenever she felt her balance slip away she was to go to the arenas to calm herself down again. Option 2: Daucas was once a paladin who became a prisoner in the Abyss. Not only did people undertake experiments on her, but also the plane itself started to affect her alignment... Daucas might be in search for a healer/priest. She knows that elemental priests do not care about the right aligments so she hopes that they have got the right spells to cure her. If the PCs have a priest among them she will ask him/her for help.
  • Daucas is the daughter of a famous gladiator. Daucas was born when he retired. From an early age on Daucas had very violent dreams. Because her father was worried about the survival of his fragile daughter he gave her some training. The family had a little bit of land and lived a happy life until a brutal raid by some people her father knew from his time as a gladiator. Everybody on the land was killed. Daucas was raped and left for dead. She was found by a friend of her father who told her that there was something strange in her father's past... Through her visions, Daucas knows the faces of the people behind the deed and now she is seeking revenge... Daucas is looking for information on certain people. She will either hire the PCs for some job or the other. Or she might be after the PCs because they un-knowingly work for one of the guys she's trying to kill.
  • STR 17 (psi-mutation)
    DEX 19
    CON 18
    INT 16
    WIS 16
    CHA 19
    WEAPONS various gladiatorial weapons
    ARMOUR varies
    NOTES Daucas was born with a mutation. She is much stronger than she looks. Think Vulcans... ; )

    Akhara (female mul healer/fighter)
    AL: lawful good

    Akhara had the luck not to have to grow up in the gladiatorial slave pits. Right after birth, she and a few other mul babies were abducted by the Veiled Alliance of Raam. The abduction was undertaken for several reasons: firstly, mul babies are extremely valuable and it is a major sabotage to remove some of these potential super-gladiators. Secondly, the Veiled Alliance wanted to demonstrate that they can just walk in and take what they want and vanish unharmed. Thirdly, some philantropic members wanted to prove that muls do not necessarily have to be brutes - that their behaviour is not genetic but learned.

    Akhara grew up just outside Raam with a human water cleric who was forced to have a mul girl herself when she was still a slave. The girl was taken away from here after she barely survived birth, and after she was freed she never found her again.

    From an early age on Akhara learnt a deep respect for all life. Her mother did not particularly encourage her to become a water cleric since she wanted Akhara to find her own way. Instead she taught her the basics of healing. Soon it became clear that Akhara wanted to become a healer. She became the apprentice with a healer from the Veiled Alliance in Tyr. The healer lived inside the city walls and for the first time, Akhara had to face the irritating city life and prejudices. However, there was one prejudice that came as an advantage: everybody assumed that Akhara grew up among gladiators and therefore must be extremely dangerous. To encourage this view, Akhara dresses herself as "dangerous-looking" as possible - so that she is left in peace by robbers, street urchins etc. Akhara has just begun to pick up some fighting skills. At the moment she just pretends...

    For a mul, Akhara has a very strange humour, indeed. It results partly from the fact that she cannot identify with most other muls and that she nevertheless encounters the common prejudices against muls. Also, the feels somewhat guilty about the fact that she was allowed to grow up in freedom, while others of her race grew and still grow up in slavery. Akhara feels uneasy in the company of other muls and she always makes sinister allusions regarding herself in relation to mul stereotypes and slavery.

    When not pretending to be a fierce gladiator, Akhara simply wears a wide robe. She has warm brown eyes and is a very calm and sensible person. Her aim is to serve the Veiled Alliance as a healer and advisor. During her apprentice-ship in Tyr she also came to admire the Veiled Alliance members of the Tyr council. She hopes that other cities are going to become like Tyr. She would like to help transform Raam into a better place.

    How to use Akhara:
    At some point Akhara will travel through Athas either with caravans or with other parties. If she travels with the PCs, they might get into a situation where they are attacked and to the PCs' surprise, Akhara just about knows which way round she has to hold a sword...

  • Akhara could be the PCs new contact from the Veiled Alliance. They may find her behaviour very odd.
  • Akhara went back to Raam after Abalach-Re's death. She asks the PCs for help since she needs some protection in the anarchic city. If she does not know the PCs she will probably find another reason why she needs their help to maintain her illusion.
  • Akhara has a deep hatred for a particular warlord in Raam. She has an idea how to defeat him and asks the PCs for help. They can keep most of the warlord's treasure. Akhara just needs the house and some money to found some sort of hospital.
  • STR 16 (not trained!)
    DEX 14
    CON 15
    INT 14
    WIS 15
    CHA 14
    WEAPONS bone dagger, obsidian knife (for cutting herbs...)
    ARMOUR thick clothing
    NOTES Akhara is a fairly good actor. If she wasn't she wouldn't survive long as the pacifist that she is...

    Chu-maa (Female gladiator/air cleric/psionicist)

    AL: (chaotic) neutral

    Chu-maa was/is one of the most feared gladiators of Athas. Born to a human gladiator and an elven servant (both slaves) she was abandoned by her mother at an early age since she did not conceive the child voluntarily. She was raised in the gladiator stables of Nibenay together with other children in order to be trained as a gladiator herself.
    Chu-maa proved extremely talented, but that did not prevent her from experiencing the violence of older, more experienced gladiators. Her sensual appearance attracted a lot of the wrong kind of people and made her practice even more fanatically. She was relieved when she discovered that she was psionically gifted which gave her a chance to escape the cruelty inflicted on her.
    Part of Chu-maa's training also consisted of acrobatics and Nibenese sabre-dancing since the Nibenese audience demands more than raw fighting. This discipline seemed the most natural to her. She felt extremely at ease with moving through the air. She never felt fear. But what she was beginning to feel was the call of her element.
    The little time she had at night or in between fights, Chu-maa used to immerse herself in her element. It was a source of peace and strength for her. Because her wish for contact was so strong, the element embraced her without her being initiated by an elder cleric. This way Chu-maa became one of the most dreaded fighters in the arena.
    However, all her triumphs did not grant her what she longed: freedom. She was too impatient to wait for the fight that would release her from debt. Instead, mostly due to a planning mistake, she became responsible for one of the bloodiest escapes of Athas. This only added to her reputation and the myth around her persona. To date, she has managed to remain free. King Nibenay has still not decided if he wants her back, dead, or free. Like many people who have witnessed one of her fights, he has become enchanted with the gladiator.
    How to use Chu-maa:
    Chu-maa is still on the run. Finally outside the arena, she is not sure what to do with her life apart from becoming an air cleric. She does not think that she will be accepted or even welcomed among "proper" earth clerics. So she wanders through remote places of Athas trying to survive with the little survival skills she has.

  • The PCs come across Chu-maa when she is almost starving. There are the following options depending on how the DM want to play Chu-maa. 1. Chu-maa asks the PCs for food, offering her services as a guard. 2. Chu-maa tries to kill the PCs and/or rob them of their food/water. 3. One of the PCs is an air cleric. Chu-maa recognises him/her as an air cleric and ask the PCs for the permission to travel with them. She offers her help in exchange for food or the teaching of survival skills.
  • Chu-maa helps the PCs when they are attacked by (monsters, slavers...).
  • Chu-maa mistakes the PCs for agents of Nibenay and attacks them.
  • The PCs witness Chu-maa fight in the desert and recognise her style.
  • Nibenay (in disguise) sends the PCs after Chu-maa.
  • The PCs lost a friend in the bloodbath caused by Chu-maa's escape. They want revenge. How will they react when they face Chu-maa?

  • STR 17
    DEX 19
    CON 18
    INT 15
    WIS 15
    CHA 18
    WEAPONS light (sharp...)weapons
    ARMOUR light armour
    NOTES Chu-maa is a typical loner. She is not very
    talkative and has problems in social situations.
    She dresses in whatever she can get hold of
    and regularly shaves the sides of her head with her dagger.
    Chu-maa can neither read nor write.

    Areem (male rogue)
    AL: chaotic evil

    Areem is the only son of a Raamite nobleman and a slave woman. Despite being an illegitimate child he was accepted by his father as an heir. Areem turned out to be a very beautiful child and soon learned how to use his charms. As a result he was hardly ever refused a wish. He even got to chose his own tutors. His father did not mind as long as he was performing his duties as a young noble.
    Unfortunately for his servants, Areem not only developed cunning and inventiveness, but also a distinctive sadistic streak. With the years this sadism has been refined to near perfection.
    During the anarchy in Raam after Abalach-Re's death the house of Areem's family was raided and his father and most of the servants slain (some of the got abducted). Despite the losses, Areem managed to defend the house with some of the loyal guardsmen and a few of his friends. Other guardsmen had decided to side with the raiders out of hatred for Areem.
    Although he almost lost everything, Areem derived a pleasant stimulation from the event. He enjoyed leading the men and he realised that he would enjoy taking other peoples possessions and territory even more. That was the day he decided to become a warlord instead of just a minor noble.
    So far, Areem has managed to attract a considerable number of dubious people, mostly men with similarly perverted interests such as rape, torture, defiling magic. And despite a great many internal intrigues he is getting more powerful every week...

    How to use Areem:
    Areem is a villain who can become very nasty, but who also has enough weaknesses for the PCs to trap or weaken him.

  • The PCs are the next victims of one of his raids/intimidation practices.
  • A friend begs the PCs for help against Areem who is threatening to claim the territory they are living on.
  • A PC or friend of a PCs was kidnapped by Akeems men and is now subject to his inventiveness. The (remaining) PCs will not have a lot of time to get him/her out.
  • The PCs are evil themselves and are offered to join Areems men. If they are of evil alignment, they could also be rivals.
  • After Areem has not had much luck with territory protected by a powerful alliance of (e.g. clerics, preservers, psionicists, traders), he is now trying to use his charms on another group of people in order to make them go against them.

  • STR 15
    DEX 14
    CON 15
    INT 15
    WIS 12
    CHA 17
    WEAPONS impressive bulky weapons such as a big
    two-handed sword or more evil looking weapons such
    as the ones used by gladiators or torturers (chains, whip etc.)
    ARMOUR black breast plate, cod piece
    NOTES Areem is a very (physically) attractive man in his 20s.
    He sometimes uses his attractiveness to fool people.
    Areem prefers black clothing.
    He is extremely vain.

    Talana Imhali (female shape-shifter ranger or druid/fighter)

    AL: neutral good (or chaotic good)

    Talana Imhali is the daughter of two templars. She would have become a templar, too, if she had not hated templar life from the beginning.
    As a child and teenager, Talana had to cope with overly ambitious parents. The two templars were never satified with her daughter's achievements, since she was just an average pupil. They worried about her career and their reputation.
    At the templar school, there happened to be a cook who spied for the the Veiled Alliance. He often saw Talana looking miserable and playing with her food. So he decided to cheer her up by telling her stories about Athas. Talana began to like him.
    The cook knew he could not stay here for ever, but he did not want this nice girl to end up as a templar (although he thought that the templars needed some nicer people in their ranks). He began to tell her about adventuring. One day, the cook was found dead.
    When Talana grew older, she got more and more in trouble with her parents. They had an argument almost every day. One night, her parents threatened to marry her to the son of another templar couple. Talana knew him and could not stand him. Since she was not sure if her parents were serious about this matter, she decided to run off just in case they were serious. She took a sword, armour and some money and escaped that night.
    Suddenly Talana found herself confronted with "real life". She had to sustain herself somehow and survive. Her solution was the following: She cut her thick black hair extremely short, put on mens' clothes and signed up as a caravan guard. (She pretended to have experience and managed to convince her employers that she was a capable guard.)
    Surprisingly, the first trip was rather uneventful. It gave her the opportunity to learn a lot from the other guards. On her second job, her caravan was raided by slavers and she ended up being caught.
    When some guards tried to rape her, Talana suddenly transformed into a kirre and killed four slavers. She ran away into the desert where, after two days, she was eventually stopped by the druid Leah. The druid managed to calm her down and sent her to sleep. During her sleep, Talana transformed back into human form. For a few months Talana stayed with the druid and learned about her special gift and how to control it.
    Talana was fascinated by the woman's views and lifestyle. For a while she kept on working as a caravan guard, but it drew her back to the druid's territory.

    Option 1: She decided to become a druid as well and after a while, explore Athas and help people both as a fighter and a druid.
    Option 2: She decided to wander through Athas and find herself.

    Talana is always accompanied by a male kirre/lion/wild cat that she found when it was still little. Talana has short black hair, intense black eyes and fairly pale skin that she always hides under a layer of practical black clothing. After years of solitude and constant danger, Talana has become an experienced survivor and a deadly fighter. She has taken over a number of characteristics from her animal alter ego and animal companion which make her seem very eccentric. She has the habit of sleeping huddled close to her lion/kirre/wildcat for warmth.

    How to use Talana:

  • Talana frees some slaves (PCs) in kirre-form.
  • The PC help Talana who got into trouble because of her metal/templar sword.
  • The PCs misbehave in an oasis and Talana gives them the option to either leave the oasis or get beaten up and thrown out by her (and her lion/other shapeshifters in the oasis/ the druid).
  • Her parents' "employer" is looking for Talana. He/she can watch her via the sword and first used it to spy on her and wherever she went. Now he/she wants her services in exchange for her life...
  • In a camp Talana has picked a fight with a guard who hasseled a female servant or caravan passenger. She is inciting the PCs to bet with the guards that she is winning the fight. If Talana wins (and she will) she demands boldly, but charming to be invited for a drink or a meal by the PCs.

    STR 15
    DEX 15
    CON 18
    INT 14
    WIS 18
    CHA 17
    WEAPONS metal sword, steel knife, (claws)
    ARMOUR black kank leather
    NOTES can shapeshift into a kirre

    Calidus (male fighter)
    AL: chaotic good

    Calidus is a noble acting a bit like Robin Hood. Ever since he joined the gladiators of Tyr his parents thought him "beyond help".

    Calidus always saw himself as an adventurer. He loved risk - be it in the arena, at the gaming table or with his father's best friend's wife.
    One day he had enough of the arena life and decided to look for his friend, an escaped slave and fellow gladiator and at the same time see a bit of the country. Meanwhile his friend had become the leader of a slave tribe which Calidus managed to find out.

    When he arrived he immediately fell in love with the beautiful half-elf preserver of the community and decided to stay for a while. Calidus has now become a member of the tribe as well as his parents heir after their death. He uses the noble estate as a base for distributing stolen goods from caravans, but also as a supply for the tribe which now does not have to worry about their existence, but can provide others with food and clothes. Calidus has recently become the father of a daughter.

    How the PCs could meet Calidus:

  • The PCs are to guide the caravan Calidus attacks.
  • Enemies kidnap Calidus' wife and daughter. They want Calidus to stop, give them back their goods and some money for the additional damage he has caused them. Furthermore they want to force him to betray his tribe to them so they can be put into prison or worse.
  • Calidus needs help for an especially tricky robbery. The PCs encounter him and some of his men in the desert where he asks them to join.
  • Someone is stealing goods from his warehouse/the tribe has a mole/somebody does not give the goods to the poor but to another merchant house.
  • STR 16
    DEX 16
    CON 16
    INT 17
    WIS 14
    CHA 18
    WEAPONS long-sword
    ARMOUR light armour
    NOTES married to half-elf preserver Liyanna