Using Daskinors paranoia as resistance

Since the Veiled Alliance got destroyed as a consequence of Daskinor's paranoia, a new strategy has been followed by the remaining hidden preservers. They have formed a pact with the druids in the area to try to direct Daskinor's paranoia for their own ends. They do not think that Daskinor would direct the paranoia against himself, but they are hoping that they can direct his delusion towards believing that defilers have formed a conspiracy against him and that their defiling is destroying his city state. They are carefully planting evidence. This proves very difficult, as they do not want to defile themselves or sacrifice their own lives in the process. This is difficult, as they cannot denounce defilers very easily: often, the illegal defilers and preservers know of one another's identity and are blackmailing each other. Instead, the preservers try to work with whatever Daskinor's templars do outside their normal duties. But even this is getting difficult to do, as the constant threat of being discovered by defilers is looming above them.

Eldaarich and mutations

Due to centuries of inbreeding, Eldaarich is infamous for mutations, hereditary diseases and a generally smaller and more sickly population. Population growth in Eldaarich is negative, partly because of infertility, but also because of high infant death rates or killings by either the parents or the templars. Daskinor, in his current mental state, does not understand this phenomenon and sees it both as a curse - and as an effect that psionics have on the population (it creates mutations).
Mutations and diseases are particularly rampant in Daskinor's enemies. As they are few, they try to keep the resistance alive by producing the next generation of preservers, psionicists etc themselves. Now that the preservers are in contact with druids, however, they are considering getting access to potential 'mating partners' from the outside world. If there wasn't the fear of the unknown...