Some DMs will have decided not to have Azetuk as Sorcererking, others will have gone for this idea and still others will have gone for this idea, but implemented it in a different way. Whatever your decision, I am working with Draj as a place where killings in the name of the regent will involve some kind of sinister combination of blood magic which converts a persons life energy and psionic energy into something that is usable to power spells - or possibly transformation.

Psionic Refugees/The House of the Mind
People with psionic powers will be more in danger of being killed in the sacrifices in any scenario. If the House of the Mind has been destroyed, they will have no visible psionicists to turn to. If the House of the Mind has not been destroyed - how far can its tutors intervene in the 'culling' of psionicists? Who is their leader? If it is an evil psionicist, he/she might want to continue or transform the rituals to power his/her own powers. If it is a good-aligned psionicist, he/she may want to stop the killings and/or help the victims.
One idea would be that if the House of the Mind and the Templars work together in supporting Azetuk, the teachers of the House of the Mind learn of this bloodmagic. In the Dungeon DM's guide, a splintergroup of templars would have learned of this bloodmagic and used it to turn Azetuk into a Dragonking. What if the House of the Mind knew about the technique and was working on something to protect psionicists from becoming targets again? Something like a feedback effect or a benevolent parasite? If you follow the Dungeon's DMs guide - what if the psionicists were testing something when they got attacked and something survived this way... or got transformed in the process?

In our campaign, a group of druids operates in the Draj area who unite under the totem of the black jaguar, the symbol of Draj. Their leader is the actual city druid of Draj, a member of a very old noble house. He is not officially known as a druid, just as a noble with, as it appears, a fetish for anything jaguar-related. His position enables him to monitor what is going on in the city. The druid is interested in what is good for Draj, but he dislikes defiling magic and the waste of life - unless it is to prevent sorcerers from defiling the land.