Clerics, Druids & Shamans

  • Spider Druid
  • Druid/Bard
  • Half-Giant Earth Cleric
  • Air Genasi
  • Elven Earth-cleric
  • Shapeshifter Ranger/ Druid-Fighter
  • Wild Druid
  • Druid Extremist
  • Halfling/Aarakocra Air cleric
  • Shapeshifter Druid
  • Shapeshifter Druid/Psychic Warrior
  • Mul Druid/Psionicist/Gladiator
  • Hivemaster
  • Ymar
    (male human shapeshifter druid/hivemaster)
    AL: true neutral

    The only survivor of an attack on a caravan, Ymar was taken in by an old druidess who was in the last stages of her druid metamorphosis. Because she was so involved in her metamorphosis, she took care of the boy through the giant spiders who lived on her protected grounds. The boy quickly grew to see these spiders as his new family, and decided to stay and protect them. As he grew older, Ymar was able to shapeshift into spider-form and, as a sign of kinship, spends a great deal of time fully or partially shapeshifted. His most common appearance is a grey-skinned human body with a spider face.
    Ymar sleeps in a cocoon-type net. If he has visitors, they will also be given shelter in cocoons.

    How to use Ymar:

  • Ymar will assist victims of attack in his area if they are of good or neutral alignment and equip them with food, water and, if need be, mounts so that they can make it back to civilisation. Anyone he helps must promise not to hurt any spiders ever (unless perhaps in self-defence). Ymar will also hide people on the run from slavers and assist parties trying to free slaves, if need be with the assistance of a spider hunting pack.
  • Ymar will try and kill any defilers on his grounds with arrows dipped in spider venom. If the party is more powerful, his spiders will assist him. If the party is really powerful, he will call for the aid of other druids or the PCs!
  • If a slave tribe settles down in the area, Ymar will be interested in assisting them in return for respect for the environment and protection of the land. If the tribe refuses or wreaks havoc, Ymar will make their life very difficult. He also feuds with spider-eating halflings.
  • Because of his outlandish appearance and behaviour, Ymar might be mistaken for a 'bad guy'.

  • STR 14
    DEX 17
    CON 18
    INT 12
    WIS 18
    CHA between 2 - 8
    (depending on current shapeshifted form)
    WEAPONS Ymar is an excellent archer and very proficient
    with blow pipes. He also uses Greater Magic Fang
    in combination with spider poison, and sometimes
    grows patches of urticating hair
    ARMOUR Ymar does not wear armour, but sometimes
    modifies his skin through shapeshiftig or
    druidic magic

    (female human druid/bard)
    AL: neutral good

    Her name meaning 'snake bird' or 'bird snake', Yaa'riva is the daughter of a snake druid and a roc shaman. A druid herself, Yaa'riva is also a bard and plays different types of flute expertly. She also sings.
    Yaa'riva likes to dress in bright, shiny colours, especially bright red, gold and green. Unsurprisingly, her animal companions are a chameleon and a hummingbird - and not a feathered snake as her parents had expected.
    Although Yaa'riva comes across as very direct and carefree, she can also be very serious and take responsibility for people, flora and fauna. She likes to keep this side hidden - it could become very dangerous for her if the wrong person found out who she is hiding in her (and other druids') guarded lands...
    Yaa'riva likes to travel and likes to perform. She also has a weakness for shopping, especially when it comes to jewellery and outrageous clothes. She partly uses this as a cover-up to immerse herself in the latest shopkeeper's gossip. This way, Yaa'riva has found out about many things that go on in the city and outside. Many times has she made use of this information and helped people such as preservers from the Veiled Alliance - not that she is too keen on wizards in general though...

    How to use Yaa'riva:

  • The PCs might encounter Yaa'riva on a market. They might catch her passing information on to a trader, who really is a member of the Veiled Alliance. Alternatively they might notice that she is questioning a trader skilfully - or maybe even the PCs!
  • Yaa'riva might spontaneously hide the PCs if they are on the run from city guards or other evil people.
  • The PCs are in a tavern where Yaa'riva sings. They might wonder why the bard is having animal companions...

  • STR 14
    DEX 19
    CON 15
    INT 17
    WIS 18
    CHA 20
    WEAPONS dagger with non-lethal poison, blow pipe
    ARMOUR magic feather and snakeskin breastplate
    NOTES Yaa'riva also carries a number of bardic devices on her. She likes their cleverness,
    but only owns bardic tools that don't result in unnecessary cruelty.
    There is one exception: she has emergency poison teeth with very lethal poison
    which she will only use if somebody very evil and powerful is about to kill her.

    Olek of the Ringing Mountains
    AL: lawful neutral

    Olek grew up in a small outpost near the Ringing Mountains. His clan's task was to build and maintain the stone defences and buildings of the city. But most of the time, they had to quarry and deliver blocks of stone from the mountains. In the years before Olek became a cleric, he used to ponder the mountain, and one day he felt the mountain spoke to him. He had to abandon his task and go further up into the mountains. When he came back, he knew that the mountain needed to be paid respect and not just be cut down. So he taught the people at the outpost how to respect the mountain - much to the confusion of the people in charge who had thought that he had deserted. And after all, he was just a half-giant. A half-giant teaching humans how to respect a mountain?
    The day came when he knew he had to leave the outpost. More important things were waiting for him. One night he was gone.
    Olek is somebody who just appears in places. Usually he does not say much. If he does, he speaks for the mountain. Sometimes he needs to trade things. He will pay in metal ore (!) or valuable stones. Then he will disappear again, wandering the mountains.
    Olek has long curly brown hair that is tied together at the back and grey eyes. Most of the time he wears a tunic held together with a simple piece of rope.
    How to use Olek:

  • Olek might approach the PCs for a deal.
  • Somebody wants to pay the PCs to find or even capture the mysterious half-giant cleric of the Ringing Mountains. That person is hoping to extract knowledge about the whereabouts of certain metals/gems from him.
  • Olek rescues the PCs in the mountains or warns them about some raaig etc.
  • Olek trades a strange stone, glass or metal artefakt.

  • STR 28
    DEX 14
    CON 28
    INT 10
    WIS 20
    CHA 18
    WEAPONS Olek will always fight with the power of the elements, if possible. He does not own any weapons.
    ARMOUR -
    NOTES Olek does not carry valuables on him, unless he has made a deal.

    Yiraan (Air Genasi)

    (female air cleric/fighter)
    AL: neutral good

    "Daughter of the Wind" is not only Yiraans name, but also her origin. Her mother is a dedicated air cleric. Maybe her mother was a little too ambitious, because at some point in life she chose a relationship of the more intimate kind with a certain representative of her element. The result was Yiraan.
    Yiraan, now at the beginning of her 30s, is an experienced air cleric herself. After her apprenticeship with her mother's trusted friend, Aseraan the Wise, an old air cleric and skilled fighter, she travelled Athas for quite a few years helping people along the way.
    Yiraan appears as a rather tall skinny fair-skinned woman with long black and white-blue hair. Her eyes are the colour of white alabaster which is mostly due to the fact that she is blind. Yiraan sees with her remaining senses.
    Often, Yiraan is mistaken for easy prey. Yirann lets most people live to tell what happened to them when they tried to fight "this blind air cleric woman". With Yiraan's skills, almost everything in her hands turns into a weapon - which makes it even more embarrassing for her victims...
    Yiraan prefers to dress in light colours such as light blue, beige and grey. When meeting other people she usually wears a hood, veil or a turban with a net-like face-cloth. Sometimes uses a magic ring that creates an illusion around her.
    How to use Yiraan:
    Yiraan likes her independence more than anything else. She will occasionally provide help, but will not bind herself to anything lasting.

  • The PCs are in the middle of a horrible sandstorm. Yiraan is helping them out a little...
  • The PCs are in a fight with (e.g.) slave traders who would like them as their latest "buy one get one free". The slave traders are at least 2times the number of the PCs and they are "pros". So it is looking really bad for the PCs. Suddenly there are these strange turbulences in the air...
  • The PCs have committed some crime against Yiraans element and now have to get to know the intensity of an air cleric's wrath...

  • STR 13
    DEX 19
    CON 17
    INT 16
    WIS 16
    CHA 17
    WEAPONS magic quarterstaff, shuriken, two shortswords,
    air slings, rope etc.
    ARMOUR magic feather necklace
    NOTES Yiraan has a few "personalised" weapons, meaning she invented them herself.
    He favourite weapon consists of thin near invisible ropes which she swings
    through the air with both hands. Depending on how she uses them they can either
    disarm, catch, wound or kill a person.


    (female earth-cleric)
    AL: chaotic neutral

    From a very early age on, Urikaa new she was to be a brown elf. She felt that the constraints of nomadic tribal life kept her from her true vocation: that of an Earth cleric. Urikaa left the tribe as soon as she could and underwent rigorous instruction by an old elven earth-cleric. During her initiation, Urikaa felt the anger of her element against the Sorcerers who had defiled the land. This anger made a powerful impression on her and in the end became her driving force.
    In fact, Urikaa, despite being a cleric, is the true leader of the druid army, something that Kryon (see below) is unaware of. She actually uses him as a cover for her actions. With her there are a number of Elder druids who secretly plot against the Sorcerermonarchs and offenders. In their ruthlessness some of the druids are not much better than their sworn enemies.
    How to use Urikaa:
    Urikaa can be used both as a villain and a hero. She is more of a shadow force in the background than an active NPCs. Being an earth-cleric, nobody would think her a leader of druids anyway.

  • The PCs come across Urikaa's land (like a druid she has chosen a zone she protects) and notice some very strange protective mechanisms. Should they manage to find Urikaa, she feigns ignorance.
  • The PCs are part of Kryon's druid army and notice that one of the "soldiers" is secretly communicating with somebody through messengers (he is one of Urikaa's spies).
  • Nibenay believes that there is more to the druid army than meets the eye. He employs the PCs to investigate... he maybe even uses blackmail against them so that they do as he commands.
  • Urikaa has spies everywhere. The PCs might notice spies in the Veiled Alliance or a psionics academy etc.

  • STR 12
    DEX 16
    CON 16
    INT 14
    WIS 18
    CHA 16
    WEAPONS quarterstaff with hidden obsidian blades +3
    ARMOUR necklace +4
    NOTES To the outside Urikaa appears as a benevolent,
    slightly eccentric earth-cleric.
    Her character ranges from benevolent to passionate to sinister.

    Talana Imhali

    (female shape-shifter ranger or druid/fighter)
    AL: neutral good (or chaotic good)

    Talana Imhali is the daughter of two templars. She would have become a templar, too, if she had not hated templar life from the beginning.
    As a child and teenager, Talana had to cope with overly ambitious parents. The two templars were never satified with her daughter's achievements, since she was just an average pupil. They worried about her career and their reputation.
    At the templar school, there happened to be a cook who spied for the the Veiled Alliance. He often saw Talana looking miserable and playing with her food. So he decided to cheer her up by telling her stories about Athas. Talana began to like him.
    The cook knew he could not stay here for ever, but he did not want this nice girl to end up as a templar (although he thought that the templars needed some nicer people in their ranks). He began to tell her about adventuring. One day, the cook was found dead.
    When Talana grew older, she got more and more in trouble with her parents. They had an argument almost every day. One night, her parents threatened to marry her to the son of another templar couple. Talana knew him and could not stand him. Since she was not sure if her parents were serious about this matter, she decided to run off just in case they were serious. She took a sword, armour and some money and escaped that night.
    Suddenly Talana found herself confronted with "real life". She had to sustain herself somehow and survive. Her solution was the following: She cut her thick black hair extremely short, put on mens' clothes and signed up as a caravan guard. (She pretended to have experience and managed to convince her employers that she was a capable guard.)
    Surprisingly, the first trip was rather uneventful. It gave her the opportunity to learn a lot from the other guards. On her second job, her caravan was raided by slavers and she ended up being caught.
    When some guards tried to rape her, Talana suddenly transformed into a kirre and killed four slavers. She ran away into the desert where, after two days, she was eventually stopped by the druid Leah. The druid managed to calm her down and sent her to sleep. During her sleep, Talana transformed back into human form. For a few months Talana stayed with the druid and learned about her special gift and how to control it.
    Talana was fascinated by the woman's views and lifestyle. For a while she kept on working as a caravan guard, but it drew her back to the druid's territory.

    Option 1: She decided to become a druid as well and after a while, explore Athas and help people both as a fighter and a druid.
    Option 2: She decided to wander through Athas and find herself.

    Talana is always accompanied by a male kirre/lion/wild cat that she found when it was still little. Talana has short black hair, intense black eyes and fairly pale skin that she always hides under a layer of practical black clothing. After years of solitude and constant danger, Talana has become an experienced survivor and a deadly fighter. She has taken over a number of characteristics from her animal alter ego and animal companion which make her seem very eccentric. She has the habit of sleeping huddled close to her lion/kirre/wildcat for warmth.

    How to use Talana:

  • Talana frees some slaves (PCs) in kirre-form.
  • The PC help Talana who got into trouble because of her metal/templar sword.
  • The PCs misbehave in an oasis and Talana gives them the option to either leave the oasis or get beaten up and thrown out by her (and her lion/other shapeshifters in the oasis/ the druid).
  • Her parents' "employer" is looking for Talana. He/she can watch her via the sword and first used it to spy on her and wherever she went. Now he/she wants her services in exchange for her life...
  • In a camp Talana has picked a fight with a guard who hasseled a female servant or caravan passenger. She is inciting the PCs to bet with the guards that she is winning the fight. If Talana wins (and she will) she demands boldly, but charming to be invited for a drink or a meal by the PCs.

    STR 15
    DEX 15
    CON 18
    INT 14
    WIS 18
    CHA 17
    WEAPONS metal sword, steel knife, (claws)
    ARMOUR black kank leather
    NOTES can shapeshift into a kirre

    Kimaya (female Druid)

    AL: chaotic good

    Kimaya grew up as an orphan in an oasis. Her parents were nobles travelling with a caravan that was attacked by a slave tribe. While her mother died during the first rounds of the attack, her father managed to bring the baby into safety - with several arrows in his back. He died in the oasis leaving the girl under the protection of a druid spirit which had manifested itself in an old tree. The oasis was closed up by the druid shortly after that incident.

    Kimaya has never seen another person nor spoken to one. She appears rather animal and is also accompanied by at least one. She can communicate with most animals and will fiercely protect them and her home.

    How the PCs could meet Kimaya:

  • The PCs were attacked near the oasis and are close to starving/severely wounded. Kimaya notices them and takes them into the oasis to care for them.
  • The oasis is discovered by a defiler or exterminator. The PCs receive a psionic call for help.

  • STR 11
    DEX 17
    CON 18
    INT 14
    WIS 18 (nature)
    CHA 17
    WEAPONS short spear (agifari)
    ARMOUR -
    NOTES Kimaya is protected by the animals,
    plants and the druid of the oasis.

    Kryon (male druid (avenger)/psionicist)
    AL:chaotic neutral

    Kryon's father Uris was a noble from Raam who, after the death of his wife, fell in love with a druid called Dhala. When his father was assassinated and he and his mother were forbidden to stay on his estate and take care of the other children. Dhala had to leave Kryons two half-siblings, in Raam while she raised her son Kryon to become a druid in a hidden oasis.
    Kryon has a complicated personality. Since his initiation Kryon is not able to feel or show strong emotions apart from some violent outbursts of anger/passion. He sees himself as an animal and often behaves like one. He is exceptionally intelligent and is able to behave like a noble, however, he prefers to be sharp and rude. He despises non-druids. In his eyes they are decadent and not worthy to lift themselves above nature as they think they do with what remains of their so-called civilisation.
    Unlike his gentle mother he tends towards violent behavior, especially when it helps him to achieve his goals.
    Kryon has an unnaturally pale skin which only seems to consists of scars. His eyes are coal-black like his almost knee-long hair. He is quite tall and very sinewy. The look in his eyes ranges from calm over stinging to blatantly mad.
    How the PCs could meet Kryon:

  • Kryon is the leader or could be one of the major actors of the Druid army. He is not the most powerful druid in this army, but could be a formal leader who receives his orders from powerful spirits and Druid elders. However he often acts against their will and is regularly punished. Only his high charisma and cunning prevents the druids from replacing his as a leader.
    When the players meet him they find him amongst other druids who perform a ritual to help the exploited forest near Nibenay. Kryon reacts very violently if he discovers the PCs.
  • Kryon learns about his siblings. He discovers that they both have the gift to be a druid although Kryon was of the opinion that the gift had come only from his mother. He wants to convert them to become druids - by all means.
    Rhayad is a psionicist/fighter and his elder sister Sataya has empathic abilities. After their father's death they were hidden and raised by an old healer named Mykera who also faked their deaths. Mykera also happend to be a member of the Veiled Alliance in Raam.
    Rhayad and Sataya now live under different names in a small house in Raam. Rhayad, a very introverted person, works as an advisor, psionic mentor and mercenary. He avoids violence whenever he can and occasionally helps the Veiled Alliance.
    Sataya has a very weak constitution and is permanently ill.
    Both would never join Kryon.
  • Kryon has learned of an especially gifted "female" (druid, psionicist, player?) and wants to "mate" with her to produce powerful offspring for the Druid Army.
  • The PCs see Kryon perform a ritual during which he cuts himself and uses his blood to power a spell. The PCs find out that Kryon uses these sacrifices to make druidic spells more powerful, but also discover that his sacrifices "burn him out".

    STR 17
    DEX 18
    CON 18
    INT 21
    WIS 22
    CHA 19 (!)
    WEAPONS magic agifari quarterstaff
    also works as a "wand of life"
    ARMOUR (psionics: stoneskin or shield)
    NOTES Kryon is an extremely dangerous
    opponent. He is unpredictable and
    cunning. Also, he has the backing
    of powerful nature spirits.

    Tosh Nakaanak (male halfling air cleric)
    AL: neutral good

    Tosh was so horribly disfigured at birth that his rhul-thaun family decided to put him where he belonged: into the swamp. The baby was thrown from the cliffs, but miraculously survived as it fell onto a ledge where its screams attracted a passing-by aarakocra. Not knowing what to do baby, the aarakocra picked up the strange-looking bruised baby and flew with it to his tribe to have it healed. As none of the aarakocra had a clue where to take the baby (no relations were established between the rhul-thaun and the aarakocra) they decided to raise it as a member of their tribe (after much debating), the Cliff Gliders.

    Tosh received a lot of affection from the tribe. They took him on flights and later even "acquired" a rhul-thaun glider for him (modified by the tribe's air cleric) so he could venture out on his own.

    Already as a child, after he proved his worth during the silt-drake hunt (aarakocra have different life spans so they just sent him on a "coming of age" ritual as a child, because they thought he was mature enough), Tosh decided that the way he wanted to serve his tribe was in becoming an air-cleric. The tribe approved of his decision, especially the air cleric who had always liked the little halfling anyway and knew that he could become the most aarakocra air cleric ever through his longer lifespan. The tribe also wondered if they could use Tosh as some sort of diplomat to make contact with other races, but then decided against it since it did not only attract danger to Tosh, but also made the tribe more vulnerable.

    Tosh speaks aarakocra and broken, heavily accented trade language. His tribe name is Nakaanak (little master), Tosh is some form of cover name that he chose in the presence of outsiders. Despite his uneasy feelings towards the rhul-thaun Tosh is curious about their culture. He is also curious about other cultures like some of his tribe-mates. As aarakocra have a shorter life-span than halflings, a number of aarakocra who very very close to Tosh have died in a fairly short span of time which has made Tosh very sad. Especially the death of Laraako the air cleric hit Tosh very hard. As Larakoo had another capable apprentice Tosh decided to wander Athas for a few years and return to his tribe with accumulated wisdom, presents… and maybe a mate.

    How to use Tosh:

  • Tosh could appear as a negotiator between his tribe and the party of PCs.
  • The PCs could meet Tosh on his travels. He could help them when they are in danger. The PCs should find this good-natured halfling-aarakocra very strange and confusing.
  • The PCs are rhul-thaun or other halflings. Tosh is very clumsy at finding out about their culture/way of life.

  • STR 6
    DEX 17
    CON 10
    INT 18
    WIS 18
    CHA 19
    Appearance 4
    WEAPONS cleric staff
    ARMOUR none
    NOTES Tosh only speaks aarakocra and broken, heavily accented trade language.


    (female half-elf shapeshifter druid)
    AL: neutral good

    Yah looks as if nature could not really decide whether to make her male or female and at the last instant decided for the latter option. She is very skinny, her torso looks more like that of a boy than that of a woman. She often does not bother to wear a top because people think she is a man anyway and she herself is not too fussy about clothes. Outside the city states she is just wearing two long loincloths which look a bit like a skirt. Inside the city states she usually wears a thin sleeveless gauze top with lots of holes in it and a cloak to conceal her "lizard skin" which is in random patches all over her body. Her hair is in rather long white dreadlocks and contrasts her tattooed suntanned skin and her bright eyes: one the colour of orange, one the colour of lime green. Yah wears what could be describes as agafari multi-purpose jewellery around her neck and through her ears. She sometimes uses the necklaces to tie her hair up or as a proper tool. Into the jewellery are integrated a number of animal teeth and other objects of animal or plant origin.
    Yah grew up as a streetkid, but after escaping a slave caravan from Raam to Draj she met a druid (who noticed shapeshifter traits in her) and became his apprentice.
    Yah believes strongly in the druid army and hope that they exist to rid Athas of the defilers. She performs tasks for other druids and is accompanied by a gorak.

    How to use Yah:

  • If Yah is near the PCs when they are fighting a defiler or undead, she will join the combat.
  • Yah occasionally works as a scout. In the early morning (or late at night) the PCs might find her performing her rituals.
  • If one of the PCs is a druid she might be a messenger or was sent to support the group.
  • Yah might need help from the PCs to defeat a more powerful defiler or undead.

  • STR 9
    DEX 14
    CON 13
    INT 13
    WIS 14
    CHA 17
    WEAPONS Javelin, Singing Sticks, Knife
    ARMOUR -
    NOTES Wild Talent: sensitivity to observation, Exotic Weapon proficiency

    The Shaper

    (male human shapeshifter druid/psychic warrior)
    AL: neutral (can also be played as neutral evil)

    The Shaper is a mysterious druid who has an affinity for snakes. He appears as a tall, muscular, pale-skinned human with snake-like features. He is always seen with a dark grey hooded cape and wide dark-grey trousers. At a closer look his skin resembles snake-skin in the colours of white and pale green. The Shaper has dark yellow crocodile-like eyes and no body hair at all.
    The Shaper hardly speaks, but when he speaks, his voice is a dark hiss. Nobody knows what goals the Shaper pursues. Only elder druids know where his barren guarded lands are.
    How to use The Shaper:
    The Shaper can either be played as a neutral or a neutral evil druid. He is very cruel towards defilers and templars.

  • If you have the Druid Army integrated into your campaign, you may have the Shaper as one of the Commanders. The PCs could hear screams coming from a house, tent or a place in an oasis and find the Shaper torturing a templar for information.
  • The Shaper could save the PCs' lives. He might demand something in return.
  • If the PCs are of neutral or good alignment he might present them with a shapeshifter baby or some other mutated baby/child and order the PCs to find an appropriate family for it.
  • The Shaper might be testing a PC/the PCs if they are suitable for a mission he needs to send them on.
  • The Shaper has a weakness that some enemies seek to use against him. Twenty years ago, the woman he loved died defending her village on his guarded lands from defilers/templars. One of the few survivors was their daughter Anaaki, a very reptilian looking girl (AL: lawful good). The Shaper would give his own life to save that of his daughter, because he believes that she is a better person that he is.
    Anaaki (ranger/psion) lives in a remote community of druids and monks in the mountains. She is extremely shy, but very curious.

  • STR 17 (natural: mutation)
    DEX 16
    CON 21
    INT 19
    WIS 22
    CHA 24
    WEAPONS The Shaper designs his own weapons. He prefers poisonous, edged or "hooked" weapons. He has somebody who produces extremely sharp hardened glass blades for him. His weapons as well as his skill with them always look intimidating.
    ARMOUR The Shaper relies on his natural armour class (snake-skin) or on spells/psionics
    NOTES The Shaper is at least 17th level

    Jabeel (male mul druid/gladiator/psionicist)
    AL: neutral good

    When Jabeel escaped from the slave pits he had, for the first time, the space to think about what he wanted to do. He also wanted to know his place in the world. He wandered what he was: natural or unnatural. Did he have the right to live? Was he an abomination?
    As it happened he met a druid in the tavern of a bandit village. The druid found it interesting for a mul to ask such a question. The next day when Jabeel was sober the two engaged in a philosophical conversation about nature. Jabeel was fascinated. He kept on asking the druid questions and the druid sometimes answered questions, sometimes he left the answers for Jabeel to find out.
    In the end Jabeel wanted to know so much that the druid decided to offer the mul mentorship.
    Since that time Jabeel has become a devoted druid. He has found his place as part of nature and will do anything to protect it.
    Jabeel is a calm and pensive character. He is likely to confuse people with traditonal expectations regarding muls. He has changed his tattoos of ownership to animal tattoos which cover most of his body. He wears a light dark brown cloak, carries an agafari staff and is accompanied by a boneclaw baazrag.

    How to use Jabeel:

  • If there is a higher level psionicist in the party and if the party is of neutral or good alignment, Jabeel might ask the PC(s) in question if he could train with him/her for the time they are staying. Jabeel also likes to know what is happening in the cities and other regions.
  • Jabeel might help the PCs when they are in need.
  • Jabeel might ask the PCs for help. He is helping the Veiled Alliance to smuggle some mul babies out of a city. He has established a community in the wilderness where they can be raised.
  • If a mul in the party is interested in becoming a druid he might sense that and approach the mul in question.

  • STR 19
    DEX 17
    CON 19
    INT 17
    WIS 16
    CHA 20
    WEAPONS agafari staff, bone dagger
    ARMOUR -
    NOTES Jabeel is very confident regarding his abilities in combat. He prefers to fight without weapons even if the opponent is using them.

    Ureeka (female half-elf hivemaster druid)
    AL: neutral evil

    The daughter of an elven slave and a human overseer Urika grew up like so many other unwanted slave children in Nibenay. Always quiet, always humiliated, Ureeka lost herself in watching the trails of ants on the sands while working. She found a strange sense of comradeship in them. Abused from an early age she felt herself more and more drawn to company as far removed from humanoid as possible. At the age of 11 Ureeka got pregnant from one of the overseers and tried to get rid of the baby (and maybe end her own life) by letting herself sting by a scorpion. Ureeka survived the poison, the baby didn't. After that incident she tried to scar and mutilate herself to become unattractive.

    At the age of sixteen, Ureeka was brought outside the city with other slaves to accompany a defiler as cannonfodder. A powerful druid had caused trouble and it was decided that he was to be hunted down. The area the druid lived in provided little life-force and slaves are easier and cheaper to come by than anything else. The plan did not work. The party was surprised and everybody was killed by poisonous insects - everybody apart from Ureeka. The man who sent the insects was the halfling C'al. He watched Ureeka as she was writhing under the influence of the poison, but refused to die. He also saw that she was comfortable watching the insects crawling over his skin. He made some of them crawl over her skin and she did not seem repulsed either. After a time of consideration over her race, C'al decided he had found his apprentice.

    Ureeka liked C'al from the first time their eyes met. There was no lust, no human emotion, but still, his black eyes seemed warm to her. She spent two years learning at his side, a memory that she deeply cherishes. When C'al was sought out by a more powerful party and was betrayed by a former halfling apprentice who was jealous of Ureeka, she tried to defend him till the last moment. Together, they managed to kill everybody, but C'al died from the aftereffects trying to protect his hive.

    Losing C'al drove Ureeka mad. She hunted down his former apprentice and killed him in a gruesome way. After that the only thing that seemed to make sense to her was to continue C'al's work and patiently kill enemies e.g. sabotage the schemes of the Shadowking and his defilers.

    Ureeka is a skinny 6 ft. tall woman with pale grey dirty skin, black eyes and messy long black hair. She dresses more like a shaman than a druid. The wears partial body coverings made from shedded skin/chitin and other insect related materials. She usually wears these patches over her right thigh and her left arm. Around the neck she wears dark spiky chains that seem to be alive. To protect herself she wears a staff and a glove similar to a wrist razor made from insect parts and skin. The razors are covered in poison.
    Urika has a deep hatred for templars, defilers, slavers and racist halflings. She is intelligent, but fanatic and insane.

    How to use Ureeka:

  • Ureeka could aid the PCs in a fight against templars/defilers or try to kill the PCs if they are templars/defilers themselves...
  • Ureeka could spy on the PCs if they are in her guarded lands.
  • The PCs could witness an attack on templars or defilers led by her.
  • The PCs might get involved in her scheming, especially if one of the PCs is a druid.
  • The PCs might have the mission to find out what she is up to or to arrest/kill her...

  • STR 12
    DEX 14
    CON 17
    INT 17
    WIS 14
    CHA 19
    WEAPONS staff, poisonous razors (see above)
    ARMOUR chitin patches
    NOTES -