The City of a Thousand Dead

"A massive city of obsidian stretches for more than a mile in every direction from its center in the eastern portion of the dead lands." -- The Wanderer's Chronicle

I am using some of Gerald Arthur Lewis stuff as well as the Wanderer's Chronicle as a background. I have no idea in what way Lewis' stuff it is official or not. In his document, the city once bore the name 'Kyron' and was one of six cities in the area. In our campaign, it is called Lugath (and I cannot remember where I got this name from...).

For Gerald Arthur Lewis' version, please refer to

Dark Sun Deadlands

I like the idea of there not only being evil undead in this area, but also independent and neutral or good aligned undead - like the undead preserver Haakar in 'Valley of Dust and Fire'. So in our campaign, we have the two parties waging a bizarre kind of war against each other. This war has mutated in various ways over the ages. At first it resembled a street-level guerrilla fight. Later it became slower and more 'sophisticated' with intrigue on both sides. Now and then, however, the war swings back to more violent means.

One of the people in this war is Amaar. Amaar was a psion and preserver, and a mentor in one of the local academies. Before the disaster he was a laid-back and not terribly political person. Surprisingly, the chance did not affect his personality very much. Unlike many who became insane, he became even calmer, and over time turned into an important advisor and strategist.

The Undead Avagnion
Another character we thought possible was an undead avagnion. After all, the Wanderer's Chronicle mentions a 'huge undead creature' beneath the city. In our campaign, the people of this city not only had a plan to weaken Rajaat and his Champions, but also the means to. The city was home to a sophisticated preserver and psionics academy and also people engaged in metamorphosis research. There had been experiments and one person had begun to advance as an avagnion.
The people of the city were surprised, however, by the sudden influx of obsidian: they had not expected Rajaat to go to such lengths. However, some preparation was done to fight undeath which then paid off. At least those who had undertaken precautions remained in control of their mind. The next few years were spent in shock over the extent of Rajaat's insanity and the fight with his unvoluntary minions - the undead citizens of Lugath and the surrounding area who could not be saved. But when the war ended, those who had not become insane, wondered if the restrictions of their undead bodies would allow them to pursue a restoration of Athas - or at least the land they could not save from being flooded with obsidian...

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