The most well-known site about Balic is Balic, the City of Silt

And here is some stuff from our campaign...

In the Dungeon Magazine's DS Guide, Andropinis returns, followed by an army of maenads. In the version, he doesn't. Well, at least not yet... I have to admit, I like the maenads. For me, they fit Athas. What does not fit for me, is how they are brought to Athas. First of all, there is suddenly lots of them. If they they have to come to Athas as off-worlders, I would rather have one individual there than a whole people. One maenad who got lost or trapped and freed or somehow else ended up on Athas and now has to survive in this world.
The other thing I would like is: maenads have always been on Athas, just outside the known lands. Or they have come to Athas relatively recently, but have settled in a little known area and have shielded themselves from the outside.
On the other hand, if the maenads come to Athas in the form of a dissatisfied army, that would leave plenty of opportunity for a campaign to help the maenads flee Athas and escape the wrath of Andropinis. Maybe they secretly align themselves with the Veiled Alliance who in return promises to find or construct them a gate?

House Wavir
In our campaign, the Veiled Alliance has made contact with House Wavir and has agreed to support them in their fight against the other trade houses. In return they want protection of preservers in the city and the outlawing of defiling magic.
A lot of Andropinis' spies are still in the VA. While some of them have established contact with Andropinis' head templar to work against House Wavir from inside the Veiled Alliance (and possibly supported by the less influential and darker trade houses), others are seizing the opportunity to get friendly with was looks to be the next government (House Wavir).