Adventures & Adventure Hooks

  • New full length adventure 'Greetings from the Grey' (Pdf) available for download.

  • The PCs are approached by an unusual group of druids who are in charge of a large defiled area of land. In addition to the hardship these druids and their protected lands are already facing, a growing evil is spreading from the centre of these lands turning everything into unlife. The PCs find out that the evil has old ties to the city of Gulg, and is reaching for it, and especially its queen. How are the PCs going to handle the delayed aftermath of an ancient feud?

  • Here is an edited version of Freedom's first ever DS adventure, 'The Hunt'. It can be downloaded as a pdf here.

    "The Hunt" is loosely based on the novel "Wild Seed" by Octavia Butler. It can be tailored to a variety of levels and DMing-styles and can be played at all stages of the Athasian timeline

    The PCs come across the small, fairly isolated village of Taamak. The village's inhabitants are terrified because of a series of mysterious deaths and the abduction of a girl which was supposed to be delivered to the Villichi next summer. Of course the villagers fear the wrath of the Villichi as well as the return of the deadly "spirit". If the PCs agree to hunt the kidnapper they soon realise that many strange things are going on in the place called Athas...

    Adventure Hooks

  • Hostile Takeover. Someone is manipulating VA preservers so that they use destructive magical powers in public spaces. Usually the charm wears off so that the preservers can escape, but the damage is done. The PCs are asked to find out who is manipulating those people and why. This could be a defiler who wants to ruin the reputation of the VA and in addition enjoys to see how the preservers suffer from his abuse.

  • Shadow Fury. The Shadow elves always face internal quarrels with one clan leader plotting against the other. The current clan war is escalating, with families using their assassination skills on one another. During one assassination attempt, a dying Shadow assassin just about managed to teleoport their husband/wife and/or children away. They show up in the PC's camp. The family members could be assassins themselves (they do get trained young!) and want revenge, or they are terrified and just want to go into hiding. The PCs might involuntarily become involved in Shadow intrigues.

  • Unreal Estate. The PCs discover an undercity (or even an undercity beneath an undercity such as Undertyr). At first it looks like this undercity is just used by streetkids as a living and sleeping space - they actually seem to be in the process of building an entire streetkid city. The problem is that the undercity also houses the headquarters of a guild of assassins who do not like the idea of having to move. They will first try to scare the children away, but could end up killing all of them. The PCs could either befriend the children (they can be useful information gatherers, too) and then notice the strange goings-on (e.g. a mysterious 'undead' going after the kids). Or they are in the middle of exploring the undercity, when they notice some strange things going on (people dressing up as zombies or undead, for instance).

  • Mission Impossible. Oronis asks the PCs to make Veiled Alliance inroads into Eldaarich. The PCs are either from Kurn or outsiders. In either case, they have to take on the assignment, because otherwise Oronis would have to kill them (or wipe the memory from their minds?).

  • The Enemy of My Enemy. Apart from the Order (and the brotherhood), two other factions have formed on Athas: the Circle, an association of powerful lawful evil psionicists and the Resistance, an association of high level lawful good psionicists. Both organisations have in common that they do not agree with the code of the Order. Naturally, the order seeks to destroy both organisations and weaves a net of intrigue so that the two groups destroy each other.

  • Words & Sorcery. The PCs have to retrieve an artefact from Yaramuke for the Veiled Alliance. Not only do several people try to hinder them, but they also discover some Athasian history about the Champions by discovering Sielba's diary.

  • Dead Important. The PCs are handed some 'hot' documents by the Veiled Alliance. Everyone who has been in possession of them, so far, has died. The documents were smuggled out of a Sorceremonarch's palace and detail future plans against a rival.

  • Mole-mole problems. The PCs are either on a mission to warn Veiled Alliance members of imminent discovery, or they are templars trying to warn their own agents withint the Veil of imminent discovery. Or maybe both things are going on at the same time?

  • Stand or deliver. A girl with Villichi gift was raised by Nibenay in order to eventually steal an artefact for his metamorphosis from them (the Keys of Wisdom and a spell tapestry). After the theft, the girl has to get back to Nibenay, but is hunted by the Villichi. She may take the PCs hostage or ask them to take the artefacts to Nibenay.

  • Golden Retrieval. A house used by the Veiled Alliance has been invaded by templars. The PCs are asked to rescue some documents, artefact or people.

  • Swamp Loggers. The PCs (are asked to) undertake some research into the mutated flora and fauna in the swamp at the bottom of the Jagged Cliffs. They are hindered in their quest by some rhul-thaun lifeshapers who are trying to continue Rajaat's experiments in a secret 'laboratory' in the swamp. The PCs may also attract hostility from Pyreen Regglids or Bvanen, who each are concerned about knowledge getting into the wrong hands or their territory disturbed.

  • Double Trouble. The PCs are asked to escort a high-level member of the Alliance. During the mission, the PCs receive mixed messages about the person. Is s/he a double agent, or is someone trying to make them believe that s/he is?

  • Flirting with Danger. The Veiled Alliance is contacted by a concubine (male or female) of a Sorcerermonarch that she has important information for them. Is this a trap? And, if not, what is s/he getting out of it?

  • Recruitment Drive. The Mind Lords of Saraghar are looking for successors, because they feel their sanity is leaving them. The PCs get caught up in their efforts

  • Killing With Kindness. The PCs are asked to help the Alliance in Raam. They have a chance to gain more control over the city through a deal with one of the noble houses. That noble house has offered to found social welfare institutions, in order to eventually have both the Veiled Alliance and the poor masses on their side when they are ready for challenging Abalach-Re.

  • Welcome to Athas. A newly exiled people is looking for a new home and sends a scouting party too see if Athas is a possibility. The PCs meet them when they have just gotten into trouble again.

  • Remote Control. A powerful shaman or is manipulating powerful people (maybe even Sourcerermonarchs) in subtle, but effective ways. He is trying to instigate a war between Gulg and Nibenay, since he got kicked out of Gulg and seeks to destroy the Oba.

  • Birdflu. The PCs arrive at a village where most people are dying from a mysterious disease. The PCs find out that the illness started to spread after aarakocra visited the village for trade. It is likely that the villagers have an aarakocra disease, for which the aarakocra might have a remedy. They must find them, before the disease spreads or they themselves get sick.

  • Urban Flight. The PCs are sent out to find and map a new trade route. They are helped in their geographic expedition by ancient maps. During their mission, the PCs notice that an entire city is missing - not from the map, but from the area. At first they distrust the map, but then they start finding evidence that there once was a large settlement. During their search for clues they find out (through intelligent undead perhaps?) that the Sorcerermonarch of that city, Halea, moved the city into the elemental planes after becoming converted to the element of earth and disagreeing with the other Sorcerers' leaching of life energy from Athas. Not being able to defeat them all, she moved her 'work' and her people to safety.

  • I'm With Stupid. A prostitute stole a magic item from a nobleman/woman. The victim needs capable people to track down the prostitue and the item - everything has to be kept secret, because s/he is already in the bad books of their family for other stupid failures. At the same time, some other family members are trying not only to find proof of that family member's stupidity, but are trying to fabricate further evidence that the person is a complete failure and not worthy of succession. They might try to use the PCs as part of that framing, which puts them into considerable danger. Alternatively, the family members might try to bribe the PCs with more money not to help the theft victim, and instead help them with creating further situations where s/he will inevitably fail or put him/herself (or the family) in danger.